Wednesday, April 16, 2008
Well, it's been 3 days into the school term at my next studying destination - NYP. Not sure of what to say of it, but it's definitely a far far vast gap away from what I experienced back in JC, in terms of lecture-speed and the depth of the topic covered. For example, in anatomy and pysiology's cell structure portion, they only listed down the organelles and gave 1 liners for their functions with no detailed pictures accompanying the notes. It's, unfortunately, very brief. Sigh. But, I am slightly challenged for the Radiation Physics module, it's been more than 2 years since I thought in terms of physics, but, I see no problems so far. It's just formulae and subsituting values. =) The timetable is very staggered as well, with many breaks in between, and quite abit of early dismissals. Definitely very different from the hectic schedule I have undergone back in JC. I had sociology lecture today, the new perspective of looking at things is rather nifty, but I have to disagree on the part where people's actions are dependent on societal factors, you can't deny the fact that there are people who are strong-willed and has his own ideals. Ah wells.

Another thing that I am not used to is the sudden influx of metalheads around me in an academic environment. I used to be the isolated case study in both secondary school and JC, doing my own kvlt thing secretly. Now I see people walking around in metal shirts and boots, I feel normal suddenly, for once. Haha! I have witnessed 8 to 10 metalheads just today, one with a full gear of a Morbid Angel shirt, black pants and boots. I went, "Hmm! Nice sight!" Two people in my course are suspected metalheads because one wore an Iced Earth shirt, one wore a Megadeth shirt. I am not too sure if I want to confirm my conjecture or to expose my idenity yet. Who knows? They might just happen to own the shirts or they are posers. Thirdly, there might be a very high chance that I will be the most br00tal kvlt metalhead amongst them all... Haha!

Thou shalt not think I have conceded defeat to polytechnic, I remind you. I still very much yearn for a green light from the Universities.

Other side notes: I went to AMK Hub for lunch today, a group of American Mormons joined my table at Subway due the shortage of seats. When I saw their nametags, I went, "Oh my. Christians, and worse, Mormons!" then continued to eat. But we talked for awhile, lol.

Then I saw a dude with coins embedded in his ears. That was an ultimate David Lynch moment, I felt as though I was in the set of Blue Velvet or something. Haha. Burr weird.
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