Tuesday, October 30, 2007
  The Gauntlet begins.
The series of battles of wits, writing might and luck shall commence tomorrow. Legions, wish me utmost luck.

PS: I'm referring it to The Diabolical A Levels, if you are oblivious.

*gathers my mental strength and prepares for War*


Saturday, October 27, 2007
  Been a while.
Since I have experienced the exhilrating sensation of good live music, especially metal. I shall head down to Fort Canning to chill around and listen (yes, I intend to save for future black/viking/folk metal gigs) to Black Sabbath, sans Ozzy though. But I heard Dio could pull off a great show nonetheless, so it's good.

Let me feel the power of metal! Too fucking long since I have had that extremely pleasant feeling of being a metalhead, ever since Slipknot anyway. But Slipknot. Meh. They are like, sigh, nevermind. Haha!

Darf, the wonderous She-Viking has took the immense courage and drive to email various reputable folk/viking bands, requesting their eminent presence here in Singapore. I hope it will turn out well, then it will be heaven. Thank you, Darf!

Other things-wise, I have nothing much happening really. Everyday is wake up, thinking what to study, procrasinate for a while, does the actual studying for half the day, and goes online. 20 odd days of that shit lifestyle and I will be done. Can't wait for freedom. Can't wait for a proper Ling flourishing video. Can't wait to read all the books I wanted. Can't wait to watch the films I wanted. Can't wait to learn proper meditation. Can't wait to go back to JC and scorn the rest of their probable future mugging miseries. Can't wait to move on in life to University. The list is endless.

Felicity, my lower secondary class, will be holding a 2 D 1 N chalet at Changi in December. Sweet Sherlock. My chance to visit the OCH and the nearby wilderness, and the changi beach too, just to relish The Mayhem Meetup Experience in 2006. Hehe. :P I shall saunter around.

I ran out of things to say, haha.
Wednesday, October 17, 2007
  Congregation, albeit shortly.
Well, well, so I have finally stopped procrasinating and messaged Matyn, an almost immoral immortal whom I have the utmost pleasure to be acquainted with since late 2005 AD, but lost touch in the middle of the yester year.

Let's examine. Matyn. What has became of his charming, at times, odd man after a year or more of silence? The answer is simple. Matyn never changes. It's the world that changes. Matyn is still fucking esoteric, terribly obsessed over the deviantly-perverse and the dexterity of the English language. No idea if he is still bent on the notion of 'goth' though. However, I am certain he mentioned it is an inappropriate word for his "extravagrant" sense of dressing. Burr. He has a cool necklace. On the pechant lies a bunch of hair, which I questioned, "I suppose those hairs are your victims'?", he merely agreed in the most non-chalant air.

To give you a more wholesome view of Matyn, I shall quote him; from a lengthy SMS chat;

"I like my victims on the harbinger of eternal regret." - Matyn.
"God has a competitor!" - Me.
"God resigned due to stiff competition." - Matyn.
"And, I heard he's (God) claustrophobic in his custom made casket." - Matyn.
"Oh, don't be discriminating. Everyone has their flaws." - Me.
"His incessant advertisements revealed his foibles. I am just tactlessly observant." - Matyn
"Oh, then that wasn't very smart of him." - Me.

Such banter brightens my day.

Thank you for your much appreciated input, Matyn. We shall meet properly again, soon. I thank you for your Marquis De Sade book, too. I bet I will have a great night reading it, that I am most certain of.


Thursday, October 11, 2007
  Relief and Anguish.
Relief because tomorrow marks the official end of my Junior College life, which invoked both great joy and a sense of surrealness. The former is obviously self-explanatory. The latter, well, time passed too fast for anyone's health, I have just began to get used to that routine and it's ending now. Just couldn't believe I survived JC, when in the very first place, I wanted to go to a Polytechnic. The JC education, albeit hellishly intensive, does imparted me with great knowledge and it has showed to me how evil can really Mathematics get. Thank you.

Fucking Finally

Anguish because in the next hurdle, and the last and final one of all - The Apocalytic Anally Annoying A Levels, will impede me in attending 2 major events. One, David Copperfield's (probably last Asia/Singapore) stage show on 2th and 3rd of November. Two, the Eleventh German Film Festival which will be held from the 1st to 11th November. How despicable! How frustrating! "Ugh", I say. I am going to watch one movie in the German Film Festival though - Grave Decisions/Wer frueher stirbt, ist langer tot, it looks highly amusing. Ack, give me a break eh? I have a week-long break between papers, which could be deemed as an market failure, as I will experience a deadweight loss. Not efficient, at all. Bleah.

On a lighter note, auf wiedersehen, SRJC, hopefully!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007
  My encounter with The Sangha!
I finally picked up the courage.

Courage to do something physical for my increasingly deepening interest in Buddhism. I approached a group of seemingly Tibetian Buddhism practitioners, whom I have seen last weekend, but didn't muster up the courage then, asking them about the local community. As much as it sounds wonderful, I realised they aren't locals and they could only refer me to their international community's website - Kadampa.org. Nonetheless, it has been a great pleasure to be able to meet the international Sangha and converse with them, albeit shortly. A side note, I have not heard such a soft, gentle and peaceable voice in a very long while. It's very absolutely refreshing an experience.

On a similar note, this was the first ever time in my life I said "Blessings." as a farewell to a group of strangers. It sure feels great to do it. Somehow, I feel different.

I came home. Checked on their website. Dang, I missed a great week-long workshop on Tantra Buddhism that taught The LamRim and The Higher Yogi Tantra methods, conducted by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. Sigh. Ah wells, it costs $255, I can't afford it anyway. Haha.

Svaha Sangha!

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Thursday, October 04, 2007
  As I take a break from studying for As.

" Abbe satta
May all beings
sabbe pana
all breathing things
sabbe bhutta
all creatures
sabbe puggala
all individuals
sabbe attabhava - pariyapanna
all personalities (all beings with mind and body)
sabbe itthoyo
may all females
sabbe purisa
all males
sabbe ariya
all noble ones (saints)
sabbe anariya
all worldlings (those yet to attain sainthood)
sabbe deva
all devas (deities)
sabbe manussa
all humans
sabbe vinipatika
all those in the four woeful planes

avera hontu
be free from enmity and dangers
abyapajjha hontu
be free from mental suffering
anigha hontu
be free from physical suffering
sukhi - attanam pariharantu
may they take care of themselves happily
Dukkha muccantu
May all being be free from suffering
Yattha-laddha-sampattito mavigacchantu
May whatever they have gained not be lost
All beings are owners of their own Kamma (Karma) "
- The Chant of Metta, an excerpt.


Thank you.
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