Monday, September 24, 2007
  A medley of odd things.
So, it's life after the much-anticipated preliminary exams. Somehow school feels different now, there is a general atmosphere of "Ah great, I have finished the prelims, why am I in school?!".

Ignoring that fact, me and Ren Hui met up for lunch, someone whom I hadn't met for a long while, ever since the Mitre Hotel phototaking trip back in May. Yes, we resumed our Subway diet, only to find the price of Cold Cut Trio to have risen, to $4.30. Damn it. Anyhow, we then proceeded to walk aimlessly around City Hall/Esplanade/Clarke Quay/Raffles Place area. Ren Hui introduced to me to the hobby of "tourist-waving". I must say it's a nice thing to do, if I decide to be seen as utterly odd. We then unneccessarily splurged on a tea-break at Starbucks by Singapore River (is it? I'm not too sure.), where I drank my third cup of tea for the day; one at home before school, one in school. I must stop consuming so much tea, it's drowning me. Must. Stop. Drinking. Tea. Bleargh.

Anyhow, during Biology/slack lesson today, I saw an enzyme called "Luciferase". Interesting.

And then, I was reading this interview about Dani Filth, it has been a long long while since I have been amused by the above-mentioned person, considering how uninspired he has been all this year. But this particular self-introduction reinstilled my faith in him. Here is it;

"Hell-o, my name is Dani Filth. I am the singer and lyricist for the metal band Cradle OF Filth. I live in the United Kingdom and my specialist subjects are Daleks, forbidden tantric sex and driving over the speed limit. I also have a three legged cat, my favourite colour is blood red and my ambitions are both world peace and world annihilation, depending on whether it's a Wednesday or not."

The last line especially got me. British humour for the winner! Dani, I sincerely hope I will have a good read from your Gospel of Filth occultohistoricomentary book.

Speaking about reading, I am enjoying Eco's How to travel with a salmon. He's increasingly becoming my newest favourite writer.

Alright now. I should do the YJC Maths paper. It sure feels odd without all the long days in school and tonnes of tutorials or revision shit, maybe it's a Monday thing, I can't get the hang of Mondays.
Good choice of author. :))
I suppose you are talking about Eco? If so, yes, he is.
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