Tuesday, October 24, 2006
Alright, today's Hari Raya, and it's a public holiday. How wonderful, isn't it? But I question myself, "Why am I indoors on a day like this?!" Especially when the haze has been eradicated, at long last, or at least, temporarily. I need to get out... Ugh.

On other things, I have been reading Friedrich Nieztsche's Ecce Homo, and I must comment that he's really a great thinker, considering he's from the pro-conservative era where thoughtcrime could get you tied up on a stick and burnt condemned as a heretic. Applaud, Herr Nieztsche.

Let me be a generous entity and provide you with an excerpt: "If I wage war on Christianity I have a right to do so, because I have never experienced anything disagreeable or frustrating from that direction - the most serious Christians have always been well disposed towards me. I myself, an opponent of Christianity de rigueur, am far from bearing a grudge against the individual for what is the fatality of millennia." pg 18.

Can I cue the listening audience for a long-overdue standing ovation for Nieztsche? =D

On related things, I think from all the ''dark'' influences in my short life of 17 years have accumlated so much that there's really no way out. The only non-related thing I have found a liking is Billy Gilman, but he has real talent. Heh. Otherwise, it will be all cold, dank, unrelenting inputs in my life; metal music, horror movies, horror novels, nihilistic philosophy. Ack, I have no idea why as well. Ah wells, I like it this way.

On other things yet again, 2 more days of school for my JC1 life! I am delighted at the prospect of resuming my vampire timezone schedule of sleeping at 3 - 4 am and waking in the noon the next day. Equally am I gleeful at the fact that I am getting rid *for good* of the irritating subject called Project Work, as it is constantly gyrating on my nerves. I so wish to maim and decapitate it in the most cruel ways ever imagined up by the human mind. Weird enough, I am not finding chinese such an abhorrent now, partially because it requires less amounts of studying, and also I find it more fulfilling with the fact that my JC chinese grade is better than my sec 4 one.

On random notes, I really wish I am in a coma or something similar. This world isn't the best place to be in. Oh hell, just let me be in a state of non-sensation for 2 weeks, I am grateful enough. Plus, I am waiting for my Subway Friends Card to fill up, of which it lacks just one more stamp. Thereafter, I could have an entirely free sandwich! Yay! Hahaha.

Oh I was checking the calender some minutes ago, it's 24th October. Which means 7 days to All Hallow's Eve or more commonly known as Halloween or Satan's rumoured Spawnday. =) Which also means I have less than 2 weeks to prepare for A Level Chinese and to unleash my speech upon the unsuspecting accessors for the Oral *wink* Presentation. Which also means 2 more months to Christmas Eve *wink again* *gifts*! And the mark of 2 years in flourishing!

I wasn't born with enough middle fingers,
24th Okt.
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