Saturday, October 07, 2006
  One Voice
How dangerous can a metalhead get when she goes smiling whilst listening to a country album that focuses on a better future based on acceptance? Probably as dangerous as a choirboy.

In other, simpler terms, I am in love with Billy Gilman's One Voice as much I am in love with Manson swinging his lunchbox. =D I really liked Till I can make it on own, Oklahoma, There's a Hero and I wanna get to Ya. Ren hui, you have good taste! Hah!

Anyway, exams are over now and it doesn't make much difference. *thanks to the haze* Going out seems like a grim task. So I am here, watching Viva La Bam episodes all day long at EuuTube and flourishing.

Speaking of Viva La Bam, Don Vito has got to be the worst speaker of this century. To let you have a taste of what he sounds like, here's an excerpt, "Gimme a beer yah, garrahen waddyamean? Bam, you destoryed 8 of ma carrs, living with you is &^$#@ insane ahhhh" Yep.

Yesterday, I saw a lady with zippers for earrings. I went, "Who the fuck wears bloody zips for earrings?!" myself. After that, had dinner with my family at Fish and Co, which pretty much worsened in extremis throat condition. Ah wells. I think my voice is gone, after 1 full week of oral torture.

Speaking of torture, I had enough of waking up to see that the sky is engulfed by smoke. To see a clear sky with birds chirping is as rare as me getting Jerry Nuggets or meeting Edgar Allan Poe himself. Bleak future... We are in dsytopia, people! =(

To look at the calender is to realise that I ain't young any longer. The Queen of Diamonds is to be turning 18 in less than 3 months equals to legal access to booze, speed on the highway, and smoking a hole out of my pocket! Of three, I am only going to do the first as I have the speed phobia and I see smoking as a less classy hobby.

In extermis,
7th Oktober AD
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