Monday, July 10, 2006
Didn't go school today, due to some prevailing dizziness in my head since last evening. Ugh. Irritating. Ah wells, slacking at home > being a zombie in school. =)

First thing first, I cannot wait for 1st of September! There will be a kickass magic show once again at Raffles Hotel, organised by ReDefine Magic. What makes it so appealing for me - such a sucker for all things flourishing? BONE IS PERFORMING! HIS INAUGRUAL STAGE ACT! OMGosh. I can so picture him - The Vampire Boi, doing his Furious Angel routine on the stage with some really classy background music. Awe-inducing. Respect almost instantaneously. Maximum style and eleganance. That's Bone for you. Cannot wait! Nonetheless, the other acts will be great as well, I wonder what's new on Jeremy Pei's side... Heh.

I was once again musing yesternight with my dizziness on.

If I had my own house or apartment. I would have 2 special rooms. One for my first Love: Metal. One for my second Love: Magic/Flourishes.

Metal Room (I have yet to think of a proper name, so bear with that crude one.)
Plastered with numerous band posters, band flags. One wall will be reserved for the bands who come to Singapore to sign on it. One wall will be dedicated to Cradle of Filth/Rammstein/Opeth. Another wall will be for the memory of Dead, Euronmyous, Grim, Dimebag, Quorthorn, and the other metal musicians who have passed away. Black ceiling. With a nice CD/DVD rack brim with my collection, a sign saying, 'Handle with utmost reverence.' on top of it. Of course, there will be a kickarse player to complete my frenzy. With the capabilities of playing 'Live-sounding' music. There will be a special wardrobe with all my band shirts, merchanise, boots, whatever, insert metal accessories. Another small bookshelf for the books on Metal that I can possibly find. A nice comfortable black couch. A Pearl Joey Jordison standard Drum Set to satisfy my air-drumming desires. How could a metal room be complete without booze? Yeah, there will be a mini fridge with alcohol. =) \m/

Now, my Magic/Flourish Room;
Similiarly, walls with legendary vintage magician posters, like Houdini, Lance Burton, Keller, insert more magicians. One wall will be dedicated to the flourishers, like Dan and Dave Buck, Brian Tudor, OVED etc. There will be a rack for my DVDs/Books, with a cautionary sign saying, 'If you happen to damage one of these, you shall get me 10 decks of Jerry Nuggets or bring back Houdini.' Another rack will be for my cards! Rows and columns of them, lined up. Utter beauty of the decks. There will be another sign again, saying, 'Warp or soil one of those, get me whole of Duiviver's storeroom!' Yes. Muahaha. There will be another couch and another mini fridge. Coolio.

Then, I will be completely broke, leaving no funds for my bedroom. Hooray! Lol.

10th July 2006
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