Friday, April 28, 2006
I am finally back here, updating this thing, trying my least bit to keep this dank journal alive. So, what's up this few days?

To cut it short; during Chemistry practical, I weighed 0.666g of an unknown substance and became very extremely proud of myself, that made my day, really. In addition to my strange existance on this planet, I dreamt of one terrible dream. I dreamt that Afrieen of Impiety got attacked by some chinese fuck at Megatherion and I cannot bear to continue describing such a dream so as not to dampen your day ahead, but trust me, all metalheads wouldn't want such an abdominable thing to happen.

And, yes, General Elections are round the corner now and for the first time, I am feeling the drama surfacing. Getting increasingly interested in politics, I would be glad to attend a few public rallies. Every corner, every pillar, every turn, you see placards with that same old usual PAP logo and their usual clean white look. But this year, it's different, there's getting more opposition parties swarming up to contest with the Grand Dictator, PAP. Which is a very favourable sign. =) More competition = more drama. Me likes.

Somehow, I am somewhat intrigued of how is it like to live during the Hilter's regime. It would be much much much more intense with the totalitarian propaganda going on. Random and totally on impulse: Ein Volk. Ein Krieg. Ein Fuhrer. Ein Reich. [Sieg Heil!] Haha!

Plus, I simply cannot wait for Cradle of Filth's new opus, Thornography to be released unto the unsuspecting masses, and then slaying them in a frenzied bout of auditory abuse. The Thornography Holocaust will spawn on 19th September 2006, via the help from the Roadrunner Records Extermination Unit. Dani, oh my Dani, or Toni's Dani, you never cease to amaze me with your foul presence and undying wit to be violently splurged on all Cradle of Filth works. You remain at the top of my Idol Shrine, Count Filth.

Not forgetting my German boys, Rammstein, they will be releasing a new DVD featuring shows from Nimes France, their Reise Reise Tour. It would be roughly in the month of September as well. So, I'd be fairly low on cash after expulsing my money on these products which are essential to make my existance a little bit more bearable.

Alright, using the common and lamest excuse of a writer's block once again, I shall put my quill down or stop jabbing the keyboard, and exhale a sigh...

In swoon with Dani always,
28th April 2006 AD
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