Sunday, March 05, 2006
  A new beginning.
Dearest reader-fiends of this blog, tomorrow is an important day. New school. New Beginning. New People. New place. New personality to adapt. New me, basically. So you have probably guessed, I got into a damn junior college. Yeah, got into Serangoon Junior College. Justin's my senior! =) Hello flourishing fun in school!

First thing first, I really hope there's some metalheads there, so I can at least have some 'Court Jesters' for accompanying purposes. Or better still, my sec school people or SMC people, although the latter group is more relieving to see. Sec school people = EEW. Bah, I just wish there's a better breed of people there, unlike my previous dwelling, NCHS. Damn. Proletariats.

Secondly, I am feeling a little weird that I am actually going back to school! It's been around 4 months plus since I had went to school for a real purpose, that is around 120 days. That is fucking long. I don't know if I could still tap into the 'studying' frequency, but I'll try. Sigh.

And, I am half looking forward and half dreading for tomorrow. Talk about the looking forward part first. There's finally something to do, except to read fanfictions and thinking too much, polluting my mind. I look forward to meeting new people, expanding my already wide social circle. I equally look forward to absorbing new knowledge in school, I am Jack's nerdy side. I look forward to slowly spread my name as a magician in school and getting 'famous' like what I did in NCHS. But that isn't very important, I had enough of performing after working for Fantasma.

The dreading half now. For around 120 days, I have been a total computer whore. Here's my schedule for my 'Stoner's life'.

Yes, this is my life for the past hundred days. I gotten so used to it, the computer is like fused to my soul and body. I seriously do not know how am I going to survive without this muggle thing. I think I am going to miss all the fanfictions and stuff, especially talking crap with siyang and those fanfictions. Maybe I should have a book to record out my dirty thoughts so as to keep me sane? Most of all, the waking up part. I have been sleeping around 2 or 3 am and waking at 10 or 11 am, skipping breakfast entirely, for a hundred days. Oh JasPas Christ, I have no idea how to get back to reality. =S

Bah, I am a kindergarten kid. Shoot me. Ma!!! I don't wanna go school! LOL. Kidding!

Tomorrow - A Milestone for me,
5th March 2006 AD
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