Tuesday, March 21, 2006
At this point of time, I am really very spurred and driven in all aspects. Reasons being, I just watched a whole tonne of flourish videos and getting really inspired to work even harder on my flourishes. Secondly, I was flinging my head off like a pendulum sped up at a 100 periods whilst watching Live Aus Berlin, singing along with Herr Lindemann and getting a good workout. Metal music NEVER fail to revitalise and ressurect me.

Next, Dan and Dave just announced they will be embarking on a project to shoot 2, yes, 2 DVDs this year. Yes! I am so getting them, especially for the flourish one!

This was what Kevin said in the forums:


One on magic and one on... ace prods? You guys sure have a shitload that really inspired me in that area.

I wonder what they'll be called...

"Hooked on Dan and Dave"

"Dan and Dave do Dallas"

"Pasteboard Playground"

"What the Buck!?"

"Sybling Rivalry"

"The Good, the Bad, and the Buck Brothers"

"Lock, Stock, and Two Open Faros"

"TROTSTCSA- The Rest Of The Stuff That Chris Sucks At"

Nah. Probably none of those.



Anyways, to witness the sheer skillzorz of The Buck Twins, click Spring Jam on the left sidebar. But this time, it will be more impactful as The Buck Twins would have improved dunno-how-many-folds ever since the release of The System.

On a more serious note, the class sorting result is out today and I got into 1S03, which was my first choice, which is Maths, Chemistry, Biology, and H1 Economics. My class is female-dominated, with 15 females and only a handful of 5 males. Aww poor guys... [pats on the guys' shoulders] Bah, anyways, I still want to get into Temasek Poly! I want TP! I want TP! TP, please give me a reply soon, so I can quit going to That Sad Place. Just say Yes, I'd be tremendously grateful! Bitte.... bitte...

If it were really some awful news of my appeal failing, I will have to face The Midget for my Economics.... which is not to any of my advantages. I hate The Midget, 'cause her arms are so short. Okay, bad reason to hate a person for, but, I still loathe her.


I crashed H1 History lecture today and it was damn cool, at least better than The Midget. They talked about The Cold War. Me, being the History noob, sat and got thoroughly mesmerized by the lecturer. Okay I am weird, I actually favour History! Yes I do, I just never had the chance to do it... And why did I stupidly go choose Economics because the majority is? Shucks. That sucks. Back to the mesmerizing lecture, although I knew nothing about The Cold War except that Stalin is on USSR's side and Churchill is the British representation and that Roessevolte is teh big daddy in Amerika, I learnt something more about the Polish people during World War 2 and seriously, Ich liebe History! The lecturer showed us clips from The Pianist on the scenes where Der Nazis captured and killed the Jews and all that Holocaust related stuff. As I have watched the movie before, I knew what was going to happen and I was grinning wide as The English Canal when Der Nazis pulled the triggers and blood was spilled on ground like spilled milk.

Damn! History ist Gut!

There is always a vague blur of time when my imagination fails me... I shall stop here.

Listening to Buck Dich LOUD in mein Zimmer,
21st March 2006 AD
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