Sunday, March 26, 2006
My heart is in total chaos. Adrenaline has been pumping in my veins. I can't do anything without with a disrupting thought of my poly appeal.

Jia Hao, Calven, Jacinath all got their positive replies from the polys that they appealed to already. What is mine?! Where?! Please just say a Yes, my dearest TP! I really really really really wanna get into TP. Please...

Okay, I should stop here as I am ranting non-stop and being desperate... But I really want to get into Temasek Poly!

So far, there's quite a number of people I know is in TP, there are Aaron, Alden, Jia Hao, William, Edwin, Mac, plus a whole group of Soft people. If my appeal were successful, me and William are going to start a flourish club in TP. I will be The Co-Founder! How cool is that?! Plus, in addition to the reasons of an exciting life in TP, there's a whole bunch of Soft people posted there as well. We can have TP Soft gatherings and talk about music together! OMG, Flourish and metal music together in a cool place plus the fact that you are studying what you really like only, that totally kicks some arse. I am yearning for that, so badly... Ich will dich, TP! Und Ich warte auf dich for alle Tagen!

I got a feeling that I won't get into Biomedical science, but Biotechnology, but that's fine as well, as long as I can get away from SRJC!

Please say a Yes, my dearly TP! Oh how I yearn for thee, sweet TP...

[prays as hard as a stimulated bloke that I'd get a positive response from TP on monday]

Once again, I reinforce this. I WANT TEMASEK POLYTECHNIC! I do not care anything else.

Ich will TP für alle Tagen,
26th March 2006 AD
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