Monday, February 27, 2006
  Some updates.
Greetings, my fellow scum-of-the earth readers, time for some updates regarding my foul life.

Last saturday saw a very eventful and fun day. Met someone who is extremely significant to me for lunch (she didn't eat though, she really need to eat some proper food!) at Cathay Cineleisure. Seeing nothing interesting at all in the stretch of Orchard Road, we decided to head to Penninsula aka The Metalhead Heaven for a look. Things always come in twos, there is absolutely nothing at Penninsula as well. And, Immortal 'Damned in Black' album is sold out! Darn, now I have to wait another 2 weeks for the next shipment to come. Next, we decided to head for the SMC magic outing at Esplanade. And, that was the first time I have stepped into Penninsula in 1 month plus! Am I even a metalhead?

In the midst of walking to Esplanade, we dropped by HMV for a search for Rammstein's Sehnsucht album as Heeren's HMV doesn't has it. Okay great, there's one copy left, and it's Flake on the album cover! Without futhur ado, I grabbed the album and proceeded to the cashier and successfully made myself poorer by $28.50, great isn't it? HMV is a bloody rip-off! After that, we went to MPH aka the Geekdom as Draco Granger proudly proclaimed. Nerd-ed around for a while, Draco found a novel with the title with something like 'Ritual Killers', and she/he went high and wanted to buy it, to his/her disappointment, his/her wallet doesn't agree with the decision. Embracing the feminine side, as she/he put it, by going shopping and being determined to spend all her/his money. Weird.

After which, we arrived at the Esplanade Underpass aka The Inferno In Cruel Disguise. Wow, alot of new faces that I don't know where to start introducing myself and start mingling. Whatever it is, Jedi Master JasPas Christ is sure a prominent figure as he was donning a hot pink shirt and sprayed-blue hair. Huron -- The God, as Siyang has said, was there as well, out kicking some mortal's arse(s). It is entirely great to see many familiar faces around, like Ecai, Kev H, Daren, Jeremy, Aloy, Edwin and some other I can't remember. And, Ning seems to have lost interest in magic entirely. Sigh. My jie-jie is magic and SMC is on a indefinite hiatus. People starting pouring in and out, having great fun, looking at the pros flourish and getting owned pretty badly. =P Seriously, those newbies should be more outgoing and spontenous instead of sitting there alone with a deck in their hand and stoning away. Relax, people, I'm not going to mein teil you! =) As usual, my Tornado impressed many, including God and his angels.

So it was random jamming around, talking and having great fun. JasPas suggested to film a mini flourish compilation video, so there we went filming some stuff. I did my Tornado as usual, it being my forte. To see the final outcome of the video and wanting to get owned, please feel free to click the following link: Jam Time. =D And, it's so good to have friends who are of age, JasPas bought me some alcohol. =D Hooch is a nice drink, unlike bitter beer.

After having enough of that hellish hellhole that has minimal air-conditioning, me, Daren, JasPas, Daryl and Siyang decided to head to Shaw Towers for dinner. There, Daryl told alot of lame jokes and I do not actually get them. After dinner, we hung around Castle for a while, and Daryl told even more lame jokes. Saw Daniel and Ada, wow, my first few magic friends, it was good to see them again, and see how time has past. Feeling rather worn, we decided to part our ways home.

Saw my ex-classmates, Aaron, Siping, Calesta, KaiLing, and the usual fare of whiny girls at Bugis MRT. Jesus fucking christ, they suck! It's a very stark difference between them and my magic friends and my metalhead fiends. I simply cannot stand them and their way of talking. Filthly proletariats. Eew. They urged me to show some magic, but I merely flourished abit. Hence, I'm so sticking to my magic/metal music pals. I simply cannot blend together with their frequency. Period. Enough said.

That day saw the longest time I had my hands on my cards flourishing, I flourished from 3 pm to 1 am the next morning. 10 hours! I can't feel my hands at the end of it. Nonetheless, it was all worth it for my favourite hobby, flourishing. This is totally random here, I heart flourishing and is willing to devote my life to it for the art's perfection. =D And, I do not like the term 'juggling' for flourishes. It's degradatory. I call flourishes a visual symphony.

And, I slowed down Jam Time video to count the number of turns in my Tornado cut there, there's 12 complete turns in around 2 seconds. That means my speed is 6 turns per second. =D [grinning very widely] That is Dragonforce guitar solos in the form of cards. Haha. Weird comparison. I'm a Power Card Flourisher! And, there's Black Card Flourisher, and Death Card Flourisher as well. Haha. This is getting so O.o. My ego is being stroked beyond recognition simply because of my Tornado cut which I thought isn't very amazing. Now, I know why Master JasPas says I have not started flourishing yet. The fun part is owning people and feeling 'God-like'. That's real flourishing. =P

Okay, enough of rubbishy ranting here.

Stroked Ego,
27th Feburary 2006 AD
[off to flourish even more]
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