Tuesday, February 07, 2006
  Fateful Friday
It has been confirmed. GCE O Level Results will be released on this very Friday, at the apocalytic time of 2.30PM.

The moment I heard the news and confirmation messages sent by ex-classmates in secondary school, I could feel my heartbeat increase tenfold and my skeletal muscles will contrict and my blood vessels will dilate, and my breathing increased as well, adrenaline was pumped into me. Haha. I still remember my biology! =)

Anyways, crapping aside, I solemnly hope that my L1R5 will be anywhere from 12 to 15, then I'm gay happy. Please... God (if there is any), be a nice bloke and not let history repeat itself like prelims. Although, I proudly proclaim that I'm a Polymer, I still secretly hope that I can make it into a JC and secure my way to an University for my dream job -- Genetics/Stem Cell researcher. Bah, I shall consult my tarot later, though I know it won't help much.

God played a cruel joke on me when he sent a realistic dream that depicted my O level results my way. I acutely remember that I gotten 19 points for L1R5, and 16 for L1R4. I remembered an absurd grade for my biology, I got a fucking B3. That's fucking no way. And, I got an A for my English. Bleah, better not trust dreams.

I could only relax myself tonight when I get to meet the Legends of Black Metal later tonight. Hellhammer, here I come! It will be a kickarse outing, that I am rather sure of. =)

And, I have just started to read George Orwell's 1984. Oceania is a terrifying place. Big Brother and The Party are even scarier. To let you, my reader-fiends, have a taste of the wrath of the Big Brother, here's a few lines:

On coins, on stamps, on the covers of books, on banners, on posters, and on the wrapping of a cigarette packet - everywhere. Always the eyes watching you and the voice enveloping you. Alseep or awake, working or eating, indoors or out of the doors, in the bath or in bed - no escape. Nothing was your your own except the few cubic centimetres inside your skull.

Very. Terrifying.

Big Brother is watching you,
7th Febuary 2006. AD.
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