Thursday, February 02, 2006
Today saw the 'exciting' outing with my mom and the debut lesson of the Buddhism course -The Stages of the Path to Enlightenment at Kong Ming San monastery.

I think I don't need to talk alot about the 'exciting' outing with my mom. So let's talk more about the latter event of today.

First and foremost, as I was walking towards the library of the monastery, I asked myself, 'This is even real?!' But, that thought killed itself when I stepped into the library and took the folder. The sight of the serene Buddha statue just broke that barrier of surrealism and calmed myself down totally and that sense of calmness is amazing and overwhelming. Plus, I can bet you my middle finger that I am the youngest there.

The programme started as follows; the mass recital of The Heart Sutra, Refuge and Bodhichitta, Four Immeasurables and the Offering Prayer. There's many perplexing-looking terms that I have no idea of how about to go pronouncing, nonetheless, it's a rather nice feeling. That was followed by the Meditation session, and that's what I am absolutely proud of. I stayed completely, and I mean, totally completely, still both psychically, mentally and spiritually for whole 15 minutes. That's a feat for us, city dwellers. I look forward to that. It's extremely peaceful and tranquil. And, in the middle of that meditation, I felt a bond between me and the Buddha statue. The statue is, as if, shining like a lone beacon, spreading love and wisdom far and wide. Ah! I heart you, Buddha for your eminence and knowledge that is so brilliant and helpful to people like us, who are equally competent of attaining Enlightenment. =)

Enough of declaration of love for Buddhism.

This first lesson is more like an detailed introduction for Buddhism. I have known the basic concepts of it, thus this is easy for me to absorb. And, one downside, can the instructor talk faster and with more live? I am going to fall into a coma if she speaks like that. Hello? I am a teenager...

That's about it for my debut encounter in attending a course in a monastery. =)

Bleah, work tomorrow. [performing mode activated]

With love and respect for Buddhism,
2nd Febuary 2006 AD.

Auf Wiedersehen!
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