Sunday, January 15, 2006
  Ein Herzeleid...
I know it's still not my birthday yet. My family sort of celebrated it in advance as mine lands on a weekday.

Although I had Swensens for my so-called birthday celebration with my family, not really my family, just my parents. Celebrating my birthday with my famly has not been good for around 3 recurring consective years now. I, hereby, give up on the hope for a better birthday celebration with my family. Give up. [I feel like Harry Potter, celebrating birthday in sorrow... Not trying to sound emo here.]

[Looks forward to tomorrow for a better 'celebration' with my Voldie, desekrator-fiend Rei and Maytn.] Sehnsucht für ein beste Geburtstag.

Siebenzehn Jahren. Seventeen years.

Laments aside, cosmic energy strikes me once again. My birthday is the 16th. Was sitting at table 16 as well. There's more.

During the car ride, I saw a motorcycle with the plate number 9992. I said to myself, 'Alamak! Turn that number over!' Within 2 seconds, a red car zoomed past with the plate number 6663.

What is this, man?!

Then, I saw an ambulance with the numbers 333 painted on it. And, recently, I've been seeing alot of omens that somehow linked to the Number of the Beast. [Asks myself if The Antichrist really is here already.]

Anyways, I have been hopelessly hooked to indulging myself in the cacophonies of Stormblast 1996 and Midian. Extremely brilliant stuff in both that albums. I think you know this already, but I just repeat myself anyway, Dani amazed me with his deranged lyric-writing skills once again. Floored. Owned. I really need to contact him and be his daemoniac disciple. (if he even finds me worthy enough, that is.)

I look forward to Chinese New Year for the first time in history. The (pretty obvious) reasons? Money! I wanna get a proper German-English dictionary and a couple more albums and a little bit more metal shirts. I'll be contented by then.

[Random announcement randomly inserted here: I am dead set in learning german and I have tonnes of motivation to accomplish that.]

My brain is acting up again, yelling at me to stop blogging as it has thrown in the towel already.

[Heads back to the foul pit that spawned me in around 17 years ago, jabs the 'Publish Post' button and mutters some inaudible curses, then plugs into the servile earphones of mine for more metal auditory pleasures.]

With No respect or whatsoever in similar,
Furiously scribbled on 15th January 2006 A.D.
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