Sunday, December 18, 2005
  My recent whereabouts in brevity.
Hey, my fiends. Greetings to you once again.

So, what have I been doing these few days? Hmm, I myself have no idea at all.

First of all, let's do things in a chronological manner.

Yesterday (16th Friday)

Met Kamil (aka dok from SMC) at Bugis. Daren, Justin and Siyang came as well. So just went around Bugis here and there, at Betty Ho's place, then to Shaws (the same old freaking place), then to Bugis Street. So we just flourished and walked and flourished and walked somemore. That's about it. Had a pleasurable time meeting a fellow flourisher and metalhead from Malaysia! Stay sic, kamil!

Then, to the dreadful one. 4 Integral BBQ turned out rather awesomely boring. I was so outcasted there. Firstly, there's no avid card flourisher like me. Then, there's no metalheads as well. So BOREDOM is a word that lingered around my mind most of the time there, except to think of slashy and dirty jokes out of the things around me. Merle was right, I should leave earlier. It's so godamn boring one could snore off there in 2.567 seconds if there aren't a gang of people making so much noise. And, I finally managed to piss the emo of the class off by saying MCR (aka Morons Can't Rock) sucks in the face of the emo. Yay! Hooray! I have done Annihilation of Emos by the Middle Finger (and insults) of Us plan proud! Hi 5 Fariza! ;)Finally, after eons of time has passed, they decided to head home. That's the most decent thing they have ever done there, go home. Yay!

Conclusion of the day, Metalheads should not go to beaches and parks.

Today (precisely speaking, it's yesterday) (17th Satanday)

Wheee! Outing with my Voldemort totally kick some arse! Voldemort, oh my Voldemort, you looked awesome! I heart your hand accessories so much. Nice ones. Anyways, went to have Subway lunch (yes, Rei, I got her hooked to Subway at first attempt :P) at Lido. Then went to Penny aka the much coveted holy land for all metalheads to check out some stuff and to get Live Aus Berlin for the case of my Voldemort. I believe that DVD will be awesome, well it's bloody Rammstein! Rammstein rules BIG time. Heart Rammstein.

Then, headed off to Bugis to check out the Kumon Tong. (again, I'm like the Kumon Tong ambassdor or something.) Then, I educated my Voldemort on Chinese culture stuffs and how to do the stuff (I dunno what's this called) at the temple. I've became a temporary tour guide. Hehe. Then, sat for a drink at the Hawker centre. (OMG, What the fuck are metalheads doing at hawker centres?!) Headed to Jimmy's place for a look. Daren and Mark were there, tending the shop. How I wish I can work there... Anyway, back to topic, flourished there for a while, then Sherman came along. Yay, will be burrowing his Marilyn Manson's DVD when we meet next time. Thanks a zillion, Sherman! I'm highly grateful. To my surpise, my Voldemort managed to open the box with the ten dollar note inside (with help from cheating) and to figure out the Finger Chopper prop within five minutes. Hmmm... Voldemort has lived up to his or her name, indeed. Pure magical blood, I suppose.

Next, we headed back to Orchard to meet up with Ning/Mac/Justin. Wow, it's been ages since I've met Ning or Mac. It was a great time seeing you people once again! We should meet up more often and talk (mainly cock or crap). So we were chatting or rather crapping away, blah blah blah... Dinner time! Went to tonnes of places, all packed with swarming gangs of mortals. Finally settled at Cine Foodcourt, and swallowed some rice. (Metalheads should not come to food courts, as Rei concluded some time ago) Then, Wormtail let Ning to read the kinky conversation between Wormtail and My Voldemort. I might say, we rock at roleplay. Yay! It's reviewed as Highly Kinky by Ning. Hooray! But then, I still think it's kind of nuts of me and my master to do that and for me to even printed it out. Alright, enough of that kinky talk before my Voldemort kills me with her newly acquired boots. And I got a conclusion, we need a Portkey. Transportation sucks in the Muggle way.

Soon enough, it's time for me to head back to the pit that spawned me. So here I am, in the pit or home that spawned me.

Conclusion of 17th Dec, Satanday: I need some damn sleep and meet up with my beloved fiend, Rei soon. I miss her and our deserkration plan.

Night, my fiends!
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