Tuesday, December 27, 2005
  Best of 2005.
Well, well. Since I am so bored, I shall do this. Plus, the year AD 2005 is coming to its inevitable demise in less than 4 days. I would like to take this chance to list down my favourite things of 2005. So sit back and stare at the next few lines of words and then comment, 'Oh Ok. Why are you telling me this?'.

Best moment of 2005 -- Slipknot Gig at Fort Canning Park on 16th August, 8.24 pm to 10.05 pm. (Yes, I remembered the exact duration of my favourite 2005 moment. That's how much I am an maggot.)

Best Band of 2005 -- Got to be Cradle of Filth. (As someone mentioned, I'm a Cradle of Filth Whore. Dani, you rock my world!)

Best Album of 2005 -- It's a tie between Rosenrot of Rammstein and Stormblast of Dimmu Borgir. (perhaps it's because I haven't got Opeth's Ghost Reveries.)

Best DVD of 2005 -- Cradle of Filth's 'Peace Through Superior Firepower'. (The shockumentary is indeed shocking.}

Best Vocalist of 2005 -- You guessed it, Dani Filth.

Best Guitarist of 2005 -- Paul Allender. (and Richard coming in second.)

Best Bassist of 2005 -- I'm not into bass, so I don't care. lol.

Best Drummer of 2005 -- Joey Jordison. That's self explanatory.

Best Song of 2005 -- This is going to be hard. Hmm, Rosenrot? (It's catchy, nice, and sung by Till! That's good enough to qualify.)

Best discovery of 2005 -- Eating Subway.

Best food of 2005 -- 6 inch Oven Toasted Chicken Breast Pramasean Oregano bread complete with chocolate chip cookies and coke. (I'm hungry!)

Best drink of 2005 -- I gotta credit Baron Strong Brew for this, for they sponsored the Slipknot gig.

Best swear words of 2005 -- Prick. (plus my ever-useful middle finger, since the finger can't be a word.)

Best hand gesture of 2005 -- \m/! (what else?!)

Best grade of 2005 -- A2. (I suck lah!)

Best website of 2005 -- www.yousuckalot.com.

Best book I have read in 2005 -- Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice. (Can I be your fledging, Lestat?)

Best movie in 2005 -- Since 2005 is my sucky Os year, the number of movies I watched is a miserable one. I would say Downfall. (Hail the german film!)

Best Hero of 2005 -- TT Durai. (Thanks for sucking money into your wallet.)

Best Villian of 2005 -- Badman. (Batman, get it?)

Best 2 other things that happened to me -- Getting interviewed by Newpaper and Friday weekly and meeting my fiends, Rei, Merle and Fariza. <333

Best 'Most butterflies in my stomach' -- Flourish Competition at Magic Unlimited. (was nervous as hell.)

Best thing that happened (flourish-related) -- Owning Daren at Tornado cut. :P (Kidding.)

Best pals of 2005 -- Rei, Merle, Fariza, Alden (stop calling me lesbian!), Calesta (well, you still suck. Quit watching anime porn, will ya?!), Si Ping (yes, you still suck as well.), Yee Shin (Same, you suck.), Justin aka J10 and my brother.

Best Teacher of 2005 -- It's a tie between Mr Mok and Mr Neo. - votes Mr Neo one more time- Here! We've got a winner. (Thanks for his frequent chat sessions and of course, his CDs.)(Mr Mok, I do enjoy your highly mocking (all puns intended in all ways) lessons.)

Best thing in school -- My table cover! (sigh, i didn't bring it back or take a photo of it.)

Best Slash pairing -- Draco/Lucius Malfoy.

Best (I can't think of any...)

Alright, I'm sick of Best of 2005. End of post! Auf Wiedersehen!
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