Friday, November 18, 2005
  Welcome Freedom!
Finally the Os are over!

Gone are the dull and monotonous days when I mugged my butt off. Here are the days I embrace going out as often as I like and to do whatever as I please. Ahhh such a rare feeling indeed!

Let's track back in time, back to June this very year. The stress then was already mounting, like dead bodies in a damnable pit. Slowly, foul and fecund. It was sick, befouling everyone's mood. The books are keep mugged and the papers are always hitting our faces, one stack after another, like a firing squad. We are being executed, to find ourselves drained of brain pulp and all sanity at the end of everyday. This shit continued for a good solid 6 months. We toiled. We sweated. We bled. We had our hands work for us in the most nerve wrecking papers namely SS for an notorious example, and they will ressurect again. We cracked our skulls into half for better flow of brain matter in vain to speed up absorption of information, apparently it always failed. Heck it. We or at least for the case study of me, have fell asleep studying so many times you don't have enough fingers to count with. That sense of despair that entrapped me, you lucky fuckers won't understand. That abdominable sense of despair sooner or later turned into numbness to the world. Going out or not doesn't matter any longer. Using the computer and watching TV has became a carnal sin. Life has took a puritan turn. I believe I have clocked a full hundreds of hours bent at the desk, eyes on those books, during Those Days. I shall label that damned period of time as Those Days. During Those Days, there;s only one word that awokened me everyday, you got that correct, it's STUDY either that or BOOKS.

OMG. Why am I talking about this shit?

Cos, it's time to play our hearts out! Rejoice and let your happiness diffuse at the rate of oxygen and bromine without the cover lid! Haha! Sorry, Chemistry hangover.

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