Thursday, November 17, 2005
  I'm a Happy Maggot once again.
Wheee! Thanks Mr Neo once again for getting me Live 9.0!

God damn it. That Live CD blew me away! I was trying hard to hear which song belongs to which country's gig, my conclusion, Eyeless, Purity and People = Shit are from Singapore's. Why so little? Phoneix and Vegas crowd are much much better and sic-er by all means then SG Maggots. We must strive to become better maggots, but hey there's only a mere 5000 people at SG's gig, so pardon is possible :P Slipknot honoured SG maggots by inserting so many pictures of SG's gig in the brilliant booklet. So I guess What more can a Maggot ask for? :P Oh yes, all the black and white pictures are from SG's gig. :) Oh man, by listening to it, makes my soul retrack back to Fort Canning, all sweaty and tired and most of all, fucking sic of all sic-nesses. \m/ I need another dose of slipknot badly! Hail Slipknot. Hail them for being such a great introduction for me into the world of metal, I owe them that. And, Slipknot has been a great source of energy and motivation for my Os. Whenever I feel like giving up and just rest, I will remember Corey and Slipknot;s undying bouniful pool of energy, and I will be back on track to mug ever harder. I shall live my life the Slipknot Way, all sic and without reserve. Geez, there should be a philosophy based on Slipknot's ideology! Thank you Slipknot for everything. I vow when you guys drop by Singapore for yet another gig (which I trust you will), I will show you guys a card flourish move I created in the name of Slipknot, the Purity Cut.

One word, I'M A HAPPY MAGGOT. And I will always be. In my heart. You stand a very very important position. \m/ Hail! It's seem only like yesterday when I first bought my first Slipknot cd which is Iowa. Well, I have been a maggot for near to 5 years now. Phew, that's quite long eh?

Here's to make another maggot jealous! Muahaha!


Stay Sic of all sic-nesses, maggot Ling.
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