Saturday, October 01, 2005
  Impiety Mystery.
It was the same old boring routine this morning... Blah blah Blah. 7.15am, I'm still stuck at the bus stop. Great?!

Then, one striking figure attracted my attention.

Draped in black metal tee, Impiety Kaos Kommand 696 to be precise. Carrying an electric gutiar, and wearing boots. And partially due to the prolonged heated discussion with Rei of whether one guy called Goat Gladiator is Impiety Frontman online. I have got to be sure that that guy must be Shyaithan from The Mighty Impiety! Woot!

And, from the inferance, I can safely conclude that he lives somewhere near me! That's worth 2 WOOTs! \m/

This so rocks! Fathom having Impiety Frontman as your neighbour?! Madness!

Putting the insanity aside, I've been seriously addicted to Immortal's Sons of Northen Darkness. Abbath's vocals keep reverberate in my ears, ringing me to the call of the great Norse. And, those grim beats and riffs too! Inscribed in my mind! Pity, Immortal is don't know how many days no longer. Besides Immortal, I'm very much haunted by the howls of Nightwish. Goodness Satan! Nemo is good! Wish I Had An Angel too. That female vocalist sure is good!

Recently, I have been extremely pissed by HMV and other so-called good record stores on this minute island of Singapore. It's been 4 fucking long days and they haven't gotten Dark Light in. Seriously screwed up. Luckily, when I checked out HIM's website, they provided a reasonable reason for the late stock due to the extensive packaging and stuff. Bleah, CANNOT WAIT any longer.

Back to this fucked up reality, I'm pretty confirmed that polytehnic will be my destiny. For I can don metal tees to school daily! No more retarded looking blouse and seriously back-dated long skirts and ridiculous school rules. Indeed, I'm looking very forward to everything. But, I'm definitely NOT looking forward to the bloody Os.

Oh yeah, I really wish I can work at Pennisula after my Os. Any shop that sells metal stuff is good enough for me, preferably To Megatherion. Hehe.

I tried using the Ouija Board yesterday night for some light on my school work etc, guess what?! I let 2 spirits escape into this dimension of world. Damn! That pen just wriggle its way off the edge of the paper, twice. I guess my room is pretty overcrowded now. I hope 'they' will disperse their way out slowly.

Okay, my fiends. I guess I have to work harder for my Os. I really want to clear the poly cutoff point for Biotech or Biomedical. For that, I need to improve 5 subjects of mine by 1 grade, which is actually rather possible, gaining experience from Chinese (C6 to B3!).

Speaking of this much-abhorred studies, I guess my hard work for my consistent(ly lousy) chemistry has paid off. Guess what's the grade jump? From a D7 to B3! How shocking! I guess, my effort for Chemistry must be maintained, as due to unknown reasons, Chemistry seemed fun and such an ease to study. TCL, you are the Man!

Alright, my beloved fiends. See you soon!
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