Sunday, October 02, 2005
  Finally! Dark Light!

Finally, after 3 perilous journeys in vain for Dark Light, I got it at a queer location of Towers Records. Well, the cover looked insane! Your heart will go awww and melt at the sight of it. Hehe. Music-wise, you got to scrutinise and 'Feel' their music, then Bam! You are hooked to it.

Ville Valo, I <3 you!

As for these few days, it have been a foul time stoning at home, being unreasonably oppressed and coerced to study. Fuck. I'm beginning to loathe this so-called home of mine. I'm not that lousy and I've been putting consistent and reasonable amount of effort onto my studies, what the fuck they want? I do not give a two fucked up hoots about them. Rant all they want. I won't become a fucked up mugger shitbag for the sake of Os. I see no reason why people get so uptight about studying, studying to me is just a phase of life. Yes, i enjoy studying, I dare say. But, I study purely for the thirst for knowledge and wisdom, not for that fucked up certificate that this mindless society brimmed of brainwashed fucks have been soughting after like some Holy Grail. Alright, enough of ravening rants of mine.

To cheer me up just by a little, I had Subway today! That has became my weekly ritual . Subway is the cure for this modern world's teenagers. I guess, under the shroud of this 'fast-food' label, teenagers like me would grow to love vegetables alot more. Neat! Subway Owns.

Speaking of food, now I can fully understand why Fariza is so in love with chicken. I had honey roasted chicken several days back. Gosh, it was heavenly!

Anyhow, I so want to meet up with any metalheads! I can't stand the feeling of hanging around with non-metalheads. Reasons being, first and foremost, they are not metalheads, obviously. Secondly, they suck, that's a universal fact. Thirdly, after much scienitfic investigations, they are either Emos or Cheena Pop Lovers, or combination of both which is far more terrifying. Fourtly, they still suck. Fifthly, I just don't like their faces. Sixthly, I don't know if there's a word called 'sixthly'. Last but not least, I want to do the Devil Horn \m/ lock thingy so badly! When I do to non-metalheads, they have 2 reactions. One, they pretend they didn't see it. Two, they keep asking stupid questions. Bleah. Why is this world like this? God is overly ambitious by creating so many useless people. Save your resources, God! Otherwise, Heaven's gonna have a new problem of renewable resources, and you got to use the 3Rs to conserve them later. Haha. Me talking nonsense.

Oh yes, I saw a company named 'Nordic Corporation' at some ulu industrial park. Neat!

Alright, logging off now and back to Dark Light!

In Darkness and The Infernal Yahweh, we trust. \m/

Hail, my fiends of this diabolical lair.
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