Tuesday, October 18, 2005
  Departure NCHS...
I have came to a sudden realisation that my stay at NCHS is soon to be over. So, this post is to tribute to everything that's intriguing, worth to remember during my stay at that school. This gonna be huge long and exhaustive post.

Sec 1 - Entered this strange class of 1F. Went in timid and extremely quiet. The school looked massive to my immature eyes back then. I can vividly remember that the orientation camp was a hellish experience. The rice is like bricks and the milo is diluted. Have to bathe in 3 minutes or the senior will bang on your door and off the lights. Tryants! Then some weird fag gave the name, 'Felicity' for the class name. What the heck man! Being a typical law by law singaporean, I went with the crowd. So as time passes by, everything went boring. I remembered during a calligraphy class, Calven and Liang Yu spilled the ink all over, the it was nice! Oh yes, Muthu looked scary although of his erm shortness in height, the school's grasses were his turf. It's been reowned that no one can step on Muthu's grass. Whatever. Had a Malaysia 3D2N Geography Educational Trip, damn it was FUN! The sec 1s literally owned the hotel and blatantly played hide and seek throughout the whole level. I remembered my trusty Thomson discman (already into metal)who kept me company during those long bus rides. The most memorable thing happened is the Night Visit to the glowing bugs (damn, forgot the name for it!), those stuff looked breath-taking and maginificant. Those cave visits are the shit, boring as hell. Shopping at KLCC rocks! It's so bloody huge, I think I only managed 1/4 of it in around 4 hours. I must go back soon. Then, came my CCA which I stupidly followed my primary school ''firends'' in choosing Red Cross Youth. It turned out to be a disaster during Sec 2. And Mdm Pey's literature class captured my attention, she's so whimisical and amusing in teaching. History lessons are boring like how the Aryans lived, conducted the similarly boring teacher Mr Larry Ser who always have a ink stain on his pocket. By the end of that year, I realised I have 3 more terrible years ahead of me.

Sec 2 - I have more friends now as time has matured some relationships. Then the famous quote was born, 'Last minute work is the best.', because we the weirdo class named Felicity always won those nonsensical competitions with last minute work. One memorable incident, National Day decorations. Our class mistress, Miss Yvonne Lim Siew Mai Wei Chuan LKY Chester whatever made the class stay back for whatever shit reheasrals. I remembered the twins had to do a double cartwheel for the finale thingy. Looked quite impressive. And, Liang Yu the Dance Maniac has cherographed a class dance for the Teacher's Day thingy which I forgot. Shit, that was disgusting because I can't seem to remember the steps and I felt stupid doing it. Besides that, the class Maths teacher namely Mdm Chow has a weird prounciation, she do always have an S sound behind EVERY word and she especially likes to pull JiaHao's ear. The class will laugh, I don't get it, it's not funny at all. CCA-wise, yes, RCY turened out to be a disaster. Enough said. The details are far too vile to even mention. I began to become comfortable about my class, so I admit I started bullying. At first, Linoln seemed like a perfect target. Then his reactions arent very impressive, so I changed to Tung Ho. Tung Ho is a better case study. Dubbed as The NIA chairman, in case you are wondering, NIA stands for National Impotent Association. I know I'm very mean, and I'm sorry about it. But FUN comes first. This idea was created by me and Yiting in the Needlework room and we went insane over the idea. Sec 2 life was more normal and down to earth. And, Mr Ong's science lessons were great enjoyment to me. He is the initial inspiration for me for the love of science. Hails to him. I remembered subtlely competing with Xin Mei for science, thanks to her that I qaulified for Three Pure Science in sec 3. So here ends the era of the sec 2 and spawn into the era of being in the upper sec! Sounds fun but it doesn't. Had a class chalet at Changi. Not going into it, because that will take up one whole post. The main thing is the Transvitte Midnight sighting, that owned. Oh yes, I was into magic by then, but my tricks keep failing. But I'm a pro now. :P

Sec 3 - By then, I'm already a full fledged metal head and I proudly proclaim that to my new class. The reactions were the same, 'SILENCE.' Sigh no metallers. This class even got a weirder name, Integral. Isn't that maths? WTF! I suggested Infinity but those ego-filled guys wanted it that way. Okay, fine. Being in a 3 science class, I began the year full of confience and took great pride in my work. Found out that someone in my class who was into magic and the occult as well, that made my day! Junjie and I had a long talk on David Blaine (yes, he seemed like a God back then) and discussed on the different pentragrams and educated me on the usage of the Tarot. I'm grateful to him for that.I remembered Logarithmns in Add Maths slain me. Then blah blah blah. I found out I loved Biology so much, and I still do. Soon, it became my forte and it came to me naturally. I had great fun chatting with Mr Neo as he's just an intriguing and insulting person who I can challenge and talk crap with. And he's a metalhead! Woot! \m/ Sec 3 life to me is more like a loner's life. i seriously can't remember much. Oh yes, the sec 3 Adventure Camp! Held at Labardor Camp, it was shitty as well. Although I really enjoyed Dragon Boating and sleeping and showering, they should row more instead of splashing water. The food sucks and the bunk beds are creaky but it's so comfortable back then because you have to do all sorts of stupid stuff all day which can make you extremely tired. And, I showed the instructors some magic and it succeeded! That ends my sec 3 life in brevity and here starts the Os Level Year.

Sec 4 - The year started rather busy and the teachers began their futile campaign in stressing us out. I joined SMC. Magic life just got better and my name grew. Hehe. Began to abhor the school and my classmates as I'm so sick of them. Those whiny girls like Yee Shin, SiPing, Calesta, and a handful more. Can't stand them. At first, I enjoyed Mr Mok's lessons as he's he only one who can speak decent english and show some wit and much-needed sacrasm, although he can be wee bit too insulting. He likes magic too, but he listens to techno, that turns me off. Haha, he got ripped off by Patrick Wan! A huge portion of Sec 4 life is devoted to studies and more mugging. So nothing much can be said. Except that I got more evil and a true blue black metaller. I'm going to miss Darwin's daily 70 cent bee hoon! Awww. Sec 4 life is roughly like this, boring piece of shit.

Throughout the span of 4 years, this irritating guy called Alden had many nicknames for me. One is Sucker. The other only created recently, is wanton. Whatever!!! He's one crazy spider lover and a mental nut. And, Lydia is my ever loyal Slave since sec 2. Calesta Tan watches Anime Porn and she's very much horny and desperate. LOL.

Altough quite a number of fun things happened, I'm still looking forward to leaving school and to look for greener pastures.

The last task of me in school is to plant that class tree and eat that buffet. How meaningful!

Time really files.
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