Sunday, April 10, 2005
  My First....
Here's list of my firsts.

1st CD - Christopher Lee (I know he sucks, but that was eons ago when I bought it.)

1st Rock/Nu-Metal CD - Linkin Park's Hybrid Thoery. (My dad bought it for me, just because I said I liked it. Ah wells. :) )

1st Full-Fledged Metal CD - Slipknot's Iowa. (Went to 5 shops to get it, heck.)

1st Magic trick that I owned - Disappearing Egg (And, it has disappeared as well.)

1st Magic trick that I learned - 21 Card Trick. (Aw crap, I have forgotten it totally.)

1st Magic trick that I have successfully performed - Card Transpo effect using DL. (During my sec 3 camp at Labrador in Feb. Shit, I was a total noob at Magic then. The good old days when I was noob.)

1st Card Flourish down - Thumb Fan (or rather Finger Fan... I could do it around May 2004)

1st Song that I fell in love with - Macy Grey's I Try. (I was around 9 or 10 then. But that song really left a deep impression on me. The lyrics is so meaningful and her voice just haunts. After listening to it for so many times, I still love it.)

1st Sport that I took up seriously - Basketball. (I was in Primary 4, after watching NBA. Loved that sport, but I haven't bounce that ball for 1 year plus already.)

1st swearing word I have learnt - IDIOT. (Taught by my sister, or rather influenced by. It seemed to be extremely chim and insulting back then in my primary school days.)

1st Nu Metal song that I fell in love with - Linkin Park's Points of Authority. (I fell in love with it after watching MTV Asia Awards 2001, I think. Chester seemed really like God back then. It's a good starter for me into good and impression-making music.)

1st Metal song that I fell in love with - Slipknot's Spit It Out. (Ungodly speed. Raw Agressiveness. I succumb to it almost immediately.)

1st Bicycle deck that I owned - A red Rider one. I got it when I joined Street Magic's membership. It was so expensive to me back then, as I always gotten cheap brandless plastic ones. And it is almost a holy object, as Bicycle decks to me seemed as rare as dodo birds.

1st Magic Trick I bought - Dark Card (It's more like a free gift when I joined the membership.) But rethoerically, it's Spoon Bending. (It looked almost impossibe from a noob's point of view then.)

1st discman that I owned - Thomson brand. ( It accompanied me for my sec 2 Malaysia Education Trip, and kept my sanity/homesickness at bay.)

1st book that I read seriously and finished - Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events : Book 5 : Austere Academy. (I really liked Snicket's style!)

1st book that I actually managed to persaude my mom to get it for me - Harry Potter and the Chambers of Secrets. (It has always be a holy crusade to get my mom to buy books for me. She believes everything can be found at the library at fingertips...)

1st novel box-set that I bought (and the only one still.) - Dragonlance Twins Chrioncles. (and I still have not finish them, fantasy is getting stale.)

1st handphone - Motorola's C365. (Which I am still using right now... Dang. I need a fresh look for my phone!)

1st book character that I fell in love with - Count Olaf and Draco Malfoy. (I have a queer liking for baddies, don't ask why.)

1st time that I got punished by my school teacher - Kindergarten K1. (Just because I have no mood to answer that stupid chinese question of yours, you 王老猪。I will rememer you always, you irritating ass!)

1st time I uses my middle finger to good use - When I saw Stone Cold Steve Austin 3:16. I knew that the middle finger is very useful.

1st TV show that I became fanatic about, and that I stayed up to watch - WWE Wrestling. (My hot favourites being Stone Cold (I liked his beer.), Undertaker (I liked his stare.), Kane (I liked his outfit and mask.), HHH (I liked his mouth fountain.), Dudley Boys (get the Tables!). Particularly hated Kurt Angle (You suck!), Vince Mac-whatever. (action shit, and I hated his face.), and Booker T. (spastic shit that is a narciuss for his nigga hands.) Favourite event is of course, WrestleMania and Royal Rumble. I have a liking for hardcore matches. BLOOD!

1st song that I hated - National Anthem and school song. (I hated the time when they force you to sing or even asked you to stay back to learn how to sing them proudly. Brainless shit.)

1st time that I scored full marks - Primary One's Maths. Haha. So glorious!

1st time I performed on stage - Kindergarten Nursery Year End. (I was acting a Tree.)

1st time I got on newspaper - Friday Weekly Issue #689. Featured as a part of SMC. (And that resulted in many juniors spotting me and treating me as if I'm Michael Jackson without the nose.)

1st time I got to fiddle with computers - Around 1996. When my dad's company is endorsing a music CD-ROM programme, he brought home a notebook. Everyone was like fighting to touch it, as if it's Satan's ass.

1st time that I surfed PORN - Around 2001. I was around 12. Just stumbled into a FEMDOM site with tons of pictures. Then I got into erotic stuff. Delicious eh?!

1st time that I idolised an actor - It was Cheng Han Wei. Nothing more.

1st time that I went to a camp - Primary 5. This is for everyone, I guess. (It was at a strange outcast corner of Singapore I couldn't remember. A scary place that you aren't allowed to even call home, bathe for more than 3 minutes, sleep on decent places, have decent chairs to sit on, decent food to eat. I tell you, it was hell.)

1st time that I began to question my spirituality - Around 14 + going 15. I was totally strange to religions, then I started to read about religions. Narrowed down my scope to Christianity and Buddhism after 6 months of reading, but I'm a Buddhist Purist now.

1st time that I got intrigued about Paranormal/Occult/New Age - Around the age of 14. It was telekinsis that got me hooked. That psychic bending the spoon using the mind. Then I got into serious Astrology/Astronomy/Palmistry/Dreams/Tarot/Ouija/Meditation/Telepathy/ESP etc. Now I'm 95% accurate in my tarot readings. And a Ouija activist in my class.

1st movie that spooked me out - Jurassic Park. (That darn T-Rex! Scary!)

1st movie that got me laughing like crazy - Home Alone 2. (Culkin is good!)

1st ECA I joined - Science Club (I remember that I was the Head. Haha, what a nerd and teacher's pet I am! And I only remembered seeing if peeled oranges could float.)

1st movie that got me really saddened - Titanic. (Desperation of the lovers!) And The Ghost (also desperation of the lovers.)

1st time that I had not enough time for an exam - Primary 4's Mid Year Maths. Then I got a real dose of real adrenaline.

1st time that I got hit by a guy - That Pierre from my Primary school! He stone cold stunned me 3 times in a row in the school hall! But it is a rather good experience, that stunner(s) sent a real fun flying sensation.

1st time someone asked me if I masterbated - That sicko Pierre again. I said I'm straight.

1st time that I influenced by friends - That Pierre again. He introduced me to Stickdeath.com. and all that gross jokes, and we are the 馆材组。Thus I am sick now, blame him for that.

1st time that I went for a shopping spree - Primary 2 or 3. The shop? School's bookshop. Haha, got tonnes of country erasers and pencils. And we had a compeition of who got the most stationeries.

1st time that I got rough in school - Started playing monkey bars around primary 2 or 3. Then I had to Monkey Bar Fight with someone. I couldn't remembered if I won, but I remembered I got hell lot of blisters on my palms and fingers. And that hurt. But I dumb enough to keep playing even though the bars were like hot branding rods in that sun.

1st time that I tried fasting - I was in sec 3 then. Influenced by David Blaine and his stunts. So I tried a simple 12 hour fast at first. It went okay. So I proceed to attempt a 24 hours full day fast, it was agonising to watch time pass by and not to be tempted to eat. I remembered one line: Real hunger doesn't come from the mouth. It comes from the stomach. I have tried about 9 12-hour fasts, 5 24-hour fasts up to date. All went well. Once I was really sick from food poisoning, didn't eat a thing for 2 to 3 days. That was my record. Beat it. :p Now I can not eat for 10 plus hours easily. Hehe. I have planned to attempt a self-imposed 3 day fast after my Os.

1st time that I tried not sitting down for a long time (or a prolong standing period.) - I was also in sec 3. Also inflenced by Blaine. So I forced myself not to sit no matter what when I was out. Numbed legs, aching backs happened all the time. My normal length was 4 to 5 hours in a row then. Usually done when I was hanging out at Street Magic, time flies there. But my record was 8 to 9 hours. I believe it's during an extra long shopping session. After that, you can consider me dead. Too tired. But standing does improve leg strength. And, I also planned to attempt a 12 hour long stand after my Os. I can't believe how Blaine did his Vertigo -- 35 hours! I rather kill myself! Call me an endurance freak.

1st time I had a movie marathon - At Yong Ming's house, it was all horror night. I believe it's on 14 August 2004. So we were up for like 30 hours, all pale faced and spooked out by the movies. But it was fun.

1st time that I broke through my self-limits of fears of amusement parks - 2002. Broke free.

1st time that I didn't had a wink for days - Sec 2 class chalet at Changi Village. Didn't sleep for like 30 + hours. Now, my record is 40 going 50 hours, during sec 3 class chalet, went to beach to stargaze all night. And got my decks ruined by my rowdy friends playing Tai Di.

1st time I saw a real transvittie - During sec 2 class chalet, at Changi Village. Fun man! Look so chio, but their voice so sexy!

I think that's about it. More to come.
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