Saturday, April 16, 2005
  Babble babble the Sixth...
Friday (15/4) :
Had extra chinese enrichment lesson. Boring like boredom. That crazy teacher was abit haywire, keep laughing at herself. Weird people do exist.
Then I rushed off to Forum, met up with Ren Hui and Lloyd at Toys R Us Fantasma. Hung out there, Lloyd gave me some advices on my Rings. Then Ren Hui and I became full fledged Toys R Us freaks cum ambassdors.
Then I went to PS Tims Bookshop. Read the entire chapter of Antichrist of some book there.
Then I went home.

Saturday (16/4) :
Did a magic performance for DSA Charity. It's merely 1 hour performance. I did mostly metal bending and cards. The reactions were rather good, I might say. A couple, a bunch of crazy girls, some white kids were actually stunned! Woot! The reactions are uber cool to see! Satisfaction of magic. Haha, and I puked cards here and there. It was rather fun! And, I got approached by a The New Paper reporter, who got my number, and who wanted to do an article on me and SMC again, just because I did a medicore spoon bending. Haha. I'm getting more and more famous! But that sucks, seriously speaking. You'll become Michael Jackson without the nose.
Then, more people from SMC started to fill in. Siyang, Clemet, Kev, Aloy, Raoul, Tom, Gordon... We had to be stooges for Gordon, what the?
But heck, I'm 20 dollars richer. That's enough. =)
Then I went to Magic Supreme to get JJ's fanning powder. (damn, when can they get stuff for themselves? And, not via me?) Then I saw Jeremy (not Tan or Pei) and Justin (not that BuaYa Justin.) too. Did some flourishes there.
Then I went to Magic Castle to get back my money for Pen Thru Anything. Yeah, 8 dollars more richer now.
Then a guy asked me for filpback fan advices. Do I look like a pro to you? Haha. Then I did an uncatched Cobra cut, that guy asked me again. Do I look like a pro??? Ha!
Solo showed me a very good spelling trick too! Brilliant trick.
Then, being extremely worn out, I rushed home. Finally home! So bloody tired.
Ate my dinner at 9 pm. I think I stood for about 7 to 8 hours in total! Tired man!
My legs are still aching and half numb after sitting for 1 hour. Fathom that ache in my legs.

Oh yeah, I'm wanting to learn dice stacking too. Looked really neat!
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