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Free Sun Interpretation for Ng
This complimentary Sun analysis looks only at the position of the Sun in your natal chart. Our full natal chart interpretation considers the positions of every planet, and so is much more complete and accurate. The Free Sun Interpretation is a very brief excerpt from your Full Natal Chart Interpretation.

Sun in Capricorn
Like a mountain goat climbing his way to the top, you are a solitary, ambitious risk-taker who stops at nothing to reach your goal. Your virtues are persistence, self-discipline and patience, which, when cultivated, make you one of the most successful persons of the zodiac. However, a lack of self-confidence may lead you down the wrong path, in which case your chilly personality may make you less motivated to "do the right thing" and more inclined to use people for your own purposes.
Your steady ladder-climbing makes you a natural businessman, and whether your field is banking, government, finance, estate management, trade, or the dental profession, Capricorns rule the big business. They excel in any profession that is structured, such as engineering, medicine, accounting, editing, politics, ceramics, building, architecture, or even computers. With your practical, prudent, and always careful mind, you can use your energy to work for what you want. Remember, this sign can represent the highest or lowest in human beings, depending whether inhibition and lack of self-confidence hinder you. Your worst qualities are being overly pessimistic, fatalistic, miserly or overly conventional and rigid; yet at your best, you are a true leader, full of integrity and seriousness. You have a strong desire to succeed, with a commitment to traditional values, and you usually work slowly to achieve a dream.
Tradition is very important to you, including the home and being a parent. You excel in expedience--how to use things for your advantage, and how to use yourself for others. For you, respect and reward have to be earned, and your life frequently involves great responsibilities. You are typically materialistic, saying a big YES to money and all it involves. Self-confident Capricorns love their jobs, sit at their own desks, and rule the world with strength and humility. They keep a distance from colleagues, can delegate well, and have an element of autocracy, finding it difficult to show their true feelings to anyone--especially in intimate relationships.
You must watch out for your real wry sense of humor, which can be taken for grumbling by some. You may also have a false sense of pride or ego, which needs to be broken down and replaced by a real, hard-earned independence. Your desire for money and power may border on greediness, and too often Capricorns are much nicer to people out in the world than they are to their own families. They are, however, the true disciplinarians of their family. They are considered almost cold, or not concerned with others, but this is usually only because they don't understand their feelings very well.
The goat represents Capricorn's slow, steady rise through the world, which usually shows itself in serious, aloof ways--and can sometimes even be profound. Impressed by outward signs of success, and power, they feel the need to rule whatever kingdom they occupy--home, work or business. Like Virgos, they are natural worriers. They are more subtle than Scorpios in terms of getting mastery over others, and they are hard-workers--efficient, disciplined, with innate common sense and practical know-how. They typically succeed at whatever they set out to do with a quiet dignity; they don't stand out in a crowd.
Women Capricorns are tough as nails, serious and determined. On the inside they are guarded and reserved, and a potential lover must prove himself first before being accepted. She sets up parameters and boundaries in a relationship, and unlike Aries, will never get recklessly involved. She plays for keeps in love, and expects a lot--she can even dominate her partner. As a mother, she runs her home like a business and can sometimes be too rigid with her spouse or children. She also has a soft spot for animals.
The Capricorn man, on the other hand, doesn't like surprises. He is well- prepared for any journey, whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual or geographical. He focuses on his goals almost blindly, preferring not to get involved in people's lives unnecessarily. As a boss, he can be a dictator; as an employee, he is very hard-working. He enjoys talkative women, and once committed, he will stay through thick or thin. His challenge is to learn that compassion is more important than discipline, and for the mature man, this goal is usually achieved.
Capricorns are very compatible with Virgos and Taureans, two fellow earth signs. The intensity of Scorpio may well be overwhelming, and the duality of a Pisces could be confusing. Capricorns typically get along well with other Cardinal signs, such as Cancers. Whatever their mate, Capricorns need someone who is both serious, yet light-hearted, and who will respect the goat's single solitary quest and work ethic. An individual who understands the emotionally repressed side of a Capricorn may also be a good mate, because this sign may be bankrupt when it comes to expressing feelings to his or her mate. The challenge for the Capricorn is to transcend his tendency as a lover to provide only material security; emotions are also important.
You are extremely good with money, building your nest egg one penny at a time, though you may go through a spending period to acquire material goods that reflect your taste. Your old-fashioned, almost stoic desire for overcoming hardship and adversity makes you capable of building a state, empire or even a civilization. But remember, Rome wasn't built in a day, and to do it successfully, you must work together with others in a team. The lone goat can become out of touch, and really needs others to help it become successful.
Because there are two kinds of goats--the domestic one, tied to the fence, and the mountain goat, wild and free--the Capricorn typically has two natures. The question for this person to answer is not, "Can I climb the mountain?", but, "Which mountain shall I climb?" In each case, the Capricorn relishes the solitude of the climb, and typically has a fierce work ethic and ambition. However, they can get out of touch by climbing the wrong mountain, surrounded by worshippers and obedient children. Some like to become a hermit, without a religion.
For the Capricorn, no mountain is enough, and many are trying to rectify some loss or hurt from childhood. This in-bred loneliness causes many to have a distance with people or friends who can genuinely provide support. They need to learn to take criticism, to allow others to take part and give, and to be flexible within a structured life.

Sun in the Sixth House
The Sun placed in this house shines on work, daily service, and personal health. Your main goal here is to improve, whether that means improving the strength of your physical self, your work environment or your commitment to helping others. The highest ambition for people with this placement is to set aside their own individuality and selfish drives in order to serve and help others. This is, after all, the house of service, and associated with Virgo it highlights meaningful work such as doctors, nurses, counselors or any profession involving service. Finding fulfilling work is essential to you, and once you've found your chosen profession, you will devote yourself to your job and define yourself through it. You have a need to be recognized in the workplace, and are probably an efficient, meticulous and detailed hard worker. Still, you may need to learn humility by working in less-than-comfortable surroundings, and your best work may be done in a team format.
Though you worry about your health, it's usually good, and you enjoy taking care of your body through proper diet and exercise. You have an intuitive understanding about how to keep yourself healthy, with a natural concern about health and health issues. Guard against worrying too much or becoming obsessed with your health. You have a strong or weak vitality depending on how the Sun is placed here; either way, you take care of yourself and do the most to preserve your health. A sense of duty is probably important to you, and you probably either enjoy sticking to some kind of routine, or conversely, you may rebel against such restrictions and strike out on your own path because you feel confined by structure and are afraid of getting into a rut. Remember that Mercury rules this house and its influence is not very far away. If Mercury is also placed in this house, there will be an increased ability to communicate and use the intellect. More than likely, the Sun here shows that you are active in your career, and that you are disciplined and organized. Use its force wisely as you go about serving others.

Sun square Mars
As with any aspect to Mars, this gives great physical energy, but unfortunately there is a tendency to use it destructively here. Do you ever feel the urge to get into heated verbal arguments? Have people ever called you 'hot-tempered'? Do you consider yourself argumentative, or ever try to achieve your goals by dominating or forcing others? This is the unfortunate combination of Sun square Mars. Your greatest lesson here is to learn patience--you need to think before you act. Although you may enjoy rushing around, flitting to the nearest thing that gives you pleasure, remember that sometimes these actions can lead to cruelty, violence, accidents and other misfortunes when you act without forethought. Stay away from guns. Don't be your own worst enemy.

Sun trine Jupiter
Besides giving you good health and physical strength, this aspect confers innate intuitive powers which can be used in many fields, especially for counseling, psychology, religion, and art. You have tremendous creative potential, but may need some kind of stimulus to get motivated and get going on a project. Still, you are very enthusiastic, and your reputation is first rate--you are a natural leader who acts decisively and with much courage, ambition and willpower. This aspect brings good fortune, success and luck--you can achieve your goals. It can also bring financial prosperity. You benefit through men.

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