Tuesday, March 08, 2005
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Alright, ladies and gents! (and all those in between) Step right up for Kev's little yard sale of assorted magic/non-magic stuff. Woohoo!!

The World's Best Collection of Easy-to-Do Impromptu Card Magic
by Aldo Columbini


This is Aldo Columbini's awesome book about Impromptu Card Magic: most of them are almost self-working, very easy to do, and require absolutely no set up at all. Plots range from gambling routines to ace productions to lie detectors to magician-killers... with 90 full-blown routines from contributors such as David Regal, Jay Sankey, Ed Marlo and Dai Vernon, you can't go wrong with this book!

$50. Paperback, reasonable condition.

Copper Silver Coin -BOOKED-
by Sterling


Countless effects and plots are possible with this gimmicked coin... however, I'm too lazy to explore these possibilities. Here's your chance to resume the journey!

$12. Good Conditon, one American Half Dollar free.

American Half Dollars -3 Left-
Nice and big for highest visibility, and fairly easy to palm as a result. Limited Quantity, though... do I look like a mint to you?!?! Get 'em while stocks last!

$2 each. Don't worry, there are no grubby, dirty ones.

Band of the Hand -BOOKED-
by Docc Hilford


This little manual has 5 of the freakiest effects ever. Ranging from seances with the beyond to a prediction of a person about to die, don't get this if you intend on doing nice little kid shows.

$10. Booklet.

Ultimate 3 Card Monte -BOOKED-
by Mike Skinner


Wow. One of THE most visually deceptive 3 card montes out there. Your spectators will SWEAR they saw the money card where it obviously isn't. I've slayed crowds of people with this, and now maybe you can too wink.gif

$13. Fair Condition.

Pocket Sawing in Half, Dough! & Fallen Angel -BOOKED-
by Andrew Mayne, Jay Sankey & Newell Unfried


A close-up self-sawing-in-half illusion, an impromptu pencil thru-bill, and an extremely clever card m***ing system. I felt kinda bad selling these by themselves, so I'm letting these go in a specially-priced package.

$11 for all three booklets. Fallen Angel booklet's condition is very shitty.

Split! Deck
by Parker Brothers


Bought these in a book store in the US last summer, was trying to find a use for these weird cards. Again, I was too lazy to explore possiblities, so maybe you can do so instead.

$19. Comes with game rules.

Two SEALED decks of Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards
from Dan Buck


These awesome cards kick uber ass, plus they came straight from one half of the most dynamic duos in card flourishing today.

$1,000,0000. If your username is Winder, add a few more 0's.

Left Hand
of Kevin Ho


This uber-skilled left hand is suitable for all sorts of left-handed grips, cuts, palming, and butt-wiping.

$1,000. Singapore shipping only

Right Hand
of Kevin Ho


How can you buy my left hand without purchasing my right? This hand can do all sorts of things ranging from card-fanning to face-smacking.

Buy it for $2,000 and get left hand free

Jiggly Puff

Awww.... it's so cute!!!

-Not for sale-

Used Flash Paper

Cheap!! Only $2 per sheet. Get it while stock lasts!!

(Kevin wrote this.)
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