Wednesday, March 30, 2005
  It's coming...
My fiends,
It's time to inform you that the True AntiChrist is coming. All shall fall apart.
The details:
Antichrist will come at the end of a great war - Gog and Magog.
This war will in fire for the enemies Israel.
Antichrist will come with his holy ones - ailens.
Antichrist will set up an era of peace under global dictatorship.
Antichrist allow the building of the Third Jerusalem Temple (Church of Satan, probably.)


I knew it, from the start of it! I knew it!

Just beware...
  Babble Babble Part 3...
Went to Suntec City to watch my sister compete in the Glamour Quest Finals. So, to kill time before the show begins, I went to watch 'The Eye 10'. Don't talk about it, it's not scary at all. Then after the show, there are still time to slay. I went to Shaw Tower to pay Solomon a visit. Hanged out for a while, did some flourishes there, Solomon once again amazed me with his effects (tricks = taboo). Then i went back to Suntec. Checked out the price for my long-sought after Zen Mirco at Harvey Norman. Okay, time to save a hefty sum of $299 for a 4GB one.
After much time hanging around at Suntec, that damn show finally started. As usual, my sister walked nonchalantly up and down that catwalk, making funny faces, not giving a damn about anything. So, the show droned on... I was totally desenitized with the squeeze from the crowd and the ache in my legs. (for standing for more than 5 hours straight at the same spot!) Then, that accursed song blared out again, Lose my Breathe by Destiny's Child. Argh! This is the don't know how many times I've been hearing it. First, at Tampiness Mall. Then, at Jurong Point. Again at Semi Finals, Causeway Point. Then now! I forced myself to seal my ears.
It's obviously a conspiracy that they arranged Inessa Fucker to win, damnable creatures! Who in the right mind would choose that bittergourd face, Jamus Yuen? Gosh, their tastes sucked.

Nothing much today. Being a full time couch potato at home.

Monday and Tuesday :
One Phrase : Mr. Mok SUCKS! MOE SUCKS even MORE!

Friday, March 25, 2005
  Babble Babble 2...
Had dental checkup. That darn male dentist really used his bull strength to prod and poke at my vulnerable gums! DAMN him! I was like 'Can you fucking please stop this!!!!' in my head, while he happily drew blood out of my damaged gums... Perverted scumbag. I would rather he wash or polish my teeth, than do this brutal poking thing. He must be a damn trainee. Complain! Okay, period.

Had health checkup. After surviving that icy cold air con in that makeshift place, I sat around and played with my linking rings. Noisy shit.
Then, I burrowed a terribly worn out deck from Alden, then we happily threw that deck on a wall a few times, imagining we are David Blaine doing Card On Window effect. Imagine.Then we had a horrible time picking up cards from that dusty floor.
After much hanging around that corridor, wanting to waste more time. Then Mr. Vicious Mok came along. So i went up to chat with him and showed him some magic. I amazed a few guys around too! But I acted 'dao' when they begged for more. Never show a trick twice! Remember the Magician's code!

Friday :
Humid shitty day, Jesus died. So what?!
Don't felt like eating much today, fasted for around 23 hours. Not a bad experience!

Monday, March 21, 2005
  My Astrological Profile.
Free Sun Interpretation for Ng
This complimentary Sun analysis looks only at the position of the Sun in your natal chart. Our full natal chart interpretation considers the positions of every planet, and so is much more complete and accurate. The Free Sun Interpretation is a very brief excerpt from your Full Natal Chart Interpretation.

Sun in Capricorn
Like a mountain goat climbing his way to the top, you are a solitary, ambitious risk-taker who stops at nothing to reach your goal. Your virtues are persistence, self-discipline and patience, which, when cultivated, make you one of the most successful persons of the zodiac. However, a lack of self-confidence may lead you down the wrong path, in which case your chilly personality may make you less motivated to "do the right thing" and more inclined to use people for your own purposes.
Your steady ladder-climbing makes you a natural businessman, and whether your field is banking, government, finance, estate management, trade, or the dental profession, Capricorns rule the big business. They excel in any profession that is structured, such as engineering, medicine, accounting, editing, politics, ceramics, building, architecture, or even computers. With your practical, prudent, and always careful mind, you can use your energy to work for what you want. Remember, this sign can represent the highest or lowest in human beings, depending whether inhibition and lack of self-confidence hinder you. Your worst qualities are being overly pessimistic, fatalistic, miserly or overly conventional and rigid; yet at your best, you are a true leader, full of integrity and seriousness. You have a strong desire to succeed, with a commitment to traditional values, and you usually work slowly to achieve a dream.
Tradition is very important to you, including the home and being a parent. You excel in expedience--how to use things for your advantage, and how to use yourself for others. For you, respect and reward have to be earned, and your life frequently involves great responsibilities. You are typically materialistic, saying a big YES to money and all it involves. Self-confident Capricorns love their jobs, sit at their own desks, and rule the world with strength and humility. They keep a distance from colleagues, can delegate well, and have an element of autocracy, finding it difficult to show their true feelings to anyone--especially in intimate relationships.
You must watch out for your real wry sense of humor, which can be taken for grumbling by some. You may also have a false sense of pride or ego, which needs to be broken down and replaced by a real, hard-earned independence. Your desire for money and power may border on greediness, and too often Capricorns are much nicer to people out in the world than they are to their own families. They are, however, the true disciplinarians of their family. They are considered almost cold, or not concerned with others, but this is usually only because they don't understand their feelings very well.
The goat represents Capricorn's slow, steady rise through the world, which usually shows itself in serious, aloof ways--and can sometimes even be profound. Impressed by outward signs of success, and power, they feel the need to rule whatever kingdom they occupy--home, work or business. Like Virgos, they are natural worriers. They are more subtle than Scorpios in terms of getting mastery over others, and they are hard-workers--efficient, disciplined, with innate common sense and practical know-how. They typically succeed at whatever they set out to do with a quiet dignity; they don't stand out in a crowd.
Women Capricorns are tough as nails, serious and determined. On the inside they are guarded and reserved, and a potential lover must prove himself first before being accepted. She sets up parameters and boundaries in a relationship, and unlike Aries, will never get recklessly involved. She plays for keeps in love, and expects a lot--she can even dominate her partner. As a mother, she runs her home like a business and can sometimes be too rigid with her spouse or children. She also has a soft spot for animals.
The Capricorn man, on the other hand, doesn't like surprises. He is well- prepared for any journey, whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual or geographical. He focuses on his goals almost blindly, preferring not to get involved in people's lives unnecessarily. As a boss, he can be a dictator; as an employee, he is very hard-working. He enjoys talkative women, and once committed, he will stay through thick or thin. His challenge is to learn that compassion is more important than discipline, and for the mature man, this goal is usually achieved.
Capricorns are very compatible with Virgos and Taureans, two fellow earth signs. The intensity of Scorpio may well be overwhelming, and the duality of a Pisces could be confusing. Capricorns typically get along well with other Cardinal signs, such as Cancers. Whatever their mate, Capricorns need someone who is both serious, yet light-hearted, and who will respect the goat's single solitary quest and work ethic. An individual who understands the emotionally repressed side of a Capricorn may also be a good mate, because this sign may be bankrupt when it comes to expressing feelings to his or her mate. The challenge for the Capricorn is to transcend his tendency as a lover to provide only material security; emotions are also important.
You are extremely good with money, building your nest egg one penny at a time, though you may go through a spending period to acquire material goods that reflect your taste. Your old-fashioned, almost stoic desire for overcoming hardship and adversity makes you capable of building a state, empire or even a civilization. But remember, Rome wasn't built in a day, and to do it successfully, you must work together with others in a team. The lone goat can become out of touch, and really needs others to help it become successful.
Because there are two kinds of goats--the domestic one, tied to the fence, and the mountain goat, wild and free--the Capricorn typically has two natures. The question for this person to answer is not, "Can I climb the mountain?", but, "Which mountain shall I climb?" In each case, the Capricorn relishes the solitude of the climb, and typically has a fierce work ethic and ambition. However, they can get out of touch by climbing the wrong mountain, surrounded by worshippers and obedient children. Some like to become a hermit, without a religion.
For the Capricorn, no mountain is enough, and many are trying to rectify some loss or hurt from childhood. This in-bred loneliness causes many to have a distance with people or friends who can genuinely provide support. They need to learn to take criticism, to allow others to take part and give, and to be flexible within a structured life.

Sun in the Sixth House
The Sun placed in this house shines on work, daily service, and personal health. Your main goal here is to improve, whether that means improving the strength of your physical self, your work environment or your commitment to helping others. The highest ambition for people with this placement is to set aside their own individuality and selfish drives in order to serve and help others. This is, after all, the house of service, and associated with Virgo it highlights meaningful work such as doctors, nurses, counselors or any profession involving service. Finding fulfilling work is essential to you, and once you've found your chosen profession, you will devote yourself to your job and define yourself through it. You have a need to be recognized in the workplace, and are probably an efficient, meticulous and detailed hard worker. Still, you may need to learn humility by working in less-than-comfortable surroundings, and your best work may be done in a team format.
Though you worry about your health, it's usually good, and you enjoy taking care of your body through proper diet and exercise. You have an intuitive understanding about how to keep yourself healthy, with a natural concern about health and health issues. Guard against worrying too much or becoming obsessed with your health. You have a strong or weak vitality depending on how the Sun is placed here; either way, you take care of yourself and do the most to preserve your health. A sense of duty is probably important to you, and you probably either enjoy sticking to some kind of routine, or conversely, you may rebel against such restrictions and strike out on your own path because you feel confined by structure and are afraid of getting into a rut. Remember that Mercury rules this house and its influence is not very far away. If Mercury is also placed in this house, there will be an increased ability to communicate and use the intellect. More than likely, the Sun here shows that you are active in your career, and that you are disciplined and organized. Use its force wisely as you go about serving others.

Sun square Mars
As with any aspect to Mars, this gives great physical energy, but unfortunately there is a tendency to use it destructively here. Do you ever feel the urge to get into heated verbal arguments? Have people ever called you 'hot-tempered'? Do you consider yourself argumentative, or ever try to achieve your goals by dominating or forcing others? This is the unfortunate combination of Sun square Mars. Your greatest lesson here is to learn patience--you need to think before you act. Although you may enjoy rushing around, flitting to the nearest thing that gives you pleasure, remember that sometimes these actions can lead to cruelty, violence, accidents and other misfortunes when you act without forethought. Stay away from guns. Don't be your own worst enemy.

Sun trine Jupiter
Besides giving you good health and physical strength, this aspect confers innate intuitive powers which can be used in many fields, especially for counseling, psychology, religion, and art. You have tremendous creative potential, but may need some kind of stimulus to get motivated and get going on a project. Still, you are very enthusiastic, and your reputation is first rate--you are a natural leader who acts decisively and with much courage, ambition and willpower. This aspect brings good fortune, success and luck--you can achieve your goals. It can also bring financial prosperity. You benefit through men.

Just post this up for all to see.
  My Little Poetry About Metal Music. Devour it.
Ever Metal Addiction (Written in 2004)

Metal music is the best,
I can’t live one single day without it,
For that is pure living hell.

The beauty of it all,
Is that the hypnotic and headbanging drum beats,
And the indescribable guitar solos,
That are just so fucking awesome and,
Purely breathe-taking for us – metal fans.

The sick lyrics made it more wicked by the second,
Satanic and devilsonic you might say,
But think it deeper and with sense,
It does make every sense in this world!

The highness we get listening to them,
Is like the ever addiction to drugs,
Yes, we are addicted,
So living one day without it is impossible,
For Metal really kick ass.

Metal, oh my lovely Metal, I love you,
So much more than anything else,
But why some just reject you so much?
I can’t fathom why at all?
Is Pop and rnb so good,
That even you are defeated?
I can’t fathom this too!

Just you laymen,
Shut up and shut the crap,
And listen and try it for once,
And I can guarantee,
Metal grows in you, like fear,
It’s scary and frightening, I know that,
But you will crave for more and more,
And by the next moment, you don’t know it,
You are addicted.
Metal grows into you, slow and steady,
Until it proved to be essential for you.

Yes, Metal rocks!
-Long live Metal, you will.
  Metal Music and its side-effects.
This torrent of sickness,
has been dormant inside for moments,
I did not cared to count.

But for now it surfaced,
full-blown and
at full force,
it's directed at you.
don't dodge,
you can't.

Morbid, yes I am,
and a nutcase,
I agree.
but who done this to me?
This beats me!

Don't speak,
it's no use.
Don't try to resist.
for it's futile.
I'm being megalomanical,
so what?

Dressing like Mr. Manson,
has been my greatest wish,
ever since my addiction,

Knowing Cradle of Filth,
made my addiction,
tenfold stronger.
Dani's devious shrieks,
and bellowing groans,
is far too much for me to take.
Dani - You Rock!

On a daily basis,
an injection of hardcore morphine,
jabbed into my neck,
releasing the pleasures of the HIGHNESS,
of METAL music.
Oh this is far too awesome!

Their songs - satanic mantra,
includes hints of Satanism,
who cares that,
when the guitar solo is furious,
and that dani's sick screaming,
could elevate me to such high levels of utter satisfaction?!

And how could I forget the moments,
when I ripped the ployethene sheet off that cover,
devoured the grosquetue design,
as if it's top grade ravioli.
the satisfaction infested me instaneously.
There's no time to wait.

Then I placed that valuable disc into my hardworking discman,
punched 'play' without pausing,
currents of sickness broke the gates,
and flowed freely into that already twisted mind of mine.
Saturating it to the point of explusion,
damaging it even more.
and I like it. Very drop of it.

- Dreadlord (2004) (Manifested in JDA Era, by Shawn.)

  Lyrics that I wrote long time ago.
Untitled (But this is sure antichrist.)

What has gotten into me?
I can't believe, can't be.
This is something more morbid.
You always forbid!

Nothing pleases me.
More than a knife stab can be.
Now stab me.
Go on, do it!

Spread-eagle and scarred.
Deep inside, I'm scared.
Jesus isn't bit sacred.
Don't believe in this elaborate hoax!

I have reached saturation.
No more, this is infatuation.

God, your folly!
Won't work!
Don't try!
You will die!
Conclaves won't work!
  Origins of all the Frenzy in The Exorcist.
Pazuzu is often depicted with the body of a man but with the head of a lion or dog, talons instead of feet, two pairs of wings, the tail of a scorpion and with a snake-like penis. He is also depicted with the right hand upward, and the left hand downward; the position of the hands means respectively life and death (or creation and destruction).

Although Pazuzu was a malevolent force, his image was used on amulets to ward off his enemy Lamashtu, a female demon that preyed on newborn babies and their mothers. The amulet was either placed on the mother or child or larger ones were placed above them on a wall.

The root of all Evil in The Exorcist.
Sunday, March 20, 2005
  Food for thought...
If a Man smite you on one cheek. SMASH him on the other! And SMASH him on the hips and jaws! For this is the highest order of self-perservation!

- Anton Szandor LaVey in The Satanic Bible.

Saturday, March 19, 2005
Henceforth announcing,
I would be spending less time on magic from now on. Need time to renew interests and spend more time on the dreadful studies. ;)
- Ling.
  Babble Babble...
Thursday night :
After attempting to dig out all my biology crap and trashing them into a file, I decided to rehearse through all my magic routines. I stood at my table and did them all, pattering as if there's audience... Without even knowing the passing of time, I actually stood for 3 hours straight at the exact same spot and did all my shit. Woot. Leg numbing! Neck straining! 11pm to 2 am! Damn tired. So quickly go sleep.

Today. Boring day as usual. duh.
Went out with Edwin, Mac to Shaw Towers. Felt no particular aura, because the aura of hunger is overpowering. Edwin said 'Look up. You might see something.' Ok, I looked up the building. Then i said, 'A girl might suddenly appear at the window and stare down at us. Just wait for it.' While waiting for Edwin's answer, the green man appeared first, then we crossed the road. The girl, sorry, next time then!
In the cursed building, we saw Hanyong and Siyang lurking around like ghosts (pun intended). Then Mac said 'Argh! Tomorrow have to go Sengkang!'
After hanging around that dirty place for a while, while Edwin attracted a niggar woman's attention through a glass pane, doing his Ninja Rings stuff. Shoot Edwin.
Then Edwin was doing the kick-the-packet-from-foot-to-hand thingy. Mac then said he wanted to fo the same with his Tactical deck. Ok. That darn Tactical deck somehow have trapdoors and the centre chunck flew out and splattered on the floor for the third time. Mac then said, 'This is how you test the deck out. Drop them.' Okkkk.....
Then we went to have dinner with Mac's parents. Damn weird. Edwin looked so zoned out suddenly... Ate in silence...
Then Mac drove me and Edwin back. Nice ride in the night.

That's about it.

- Ling.
Thursday, March 17, 2005
  Card Artistry
Come to think about it, I have been into magic for nearly 2 years now. And for card flourishes or card artistry, I'm in it for almost 6 months now.

Speaking of card flourishes. All those fancy one hand cuts, fabulous fans and crazy card packet displays, and swift sybils. All of them had definitely increased my hand's flexibility, dexterity and strength. The phrase to describe is elegant yet strong pair of hands would emerge after doing much flourishes. The perfect pair of hands. Lengthening and sliming of the fingers are guranteed. And the queer sensation of being ailenated from your hands is also confirmed. You would feel that 'Are these my hands? They feel so mechanic, fake! There's no feeling to them anymore!'

This happened to me, this weird sense of ailenation from my hands. Flourishers, any similar ailments?

Lamenting Ling.

  Much Sought After Yet-to-Master Flourish Moves.
Filpback Fans - The longest time that I have invested, trying to perfect and get the hang of.

King Cobra - An insane one-handed cut.

Basic Cobra - Simple looking, yet hard to master.

I shall just do my simple finger fans and one hand fans...
  From the Cradle ot Enslaved!
From the Cradle to Enslaved - Cradle of Filth

Two thousand fattened years like maniacs
Have despoiled our common grave
Now what necrophagous Second Coming backs
From the cradle to enslave?

Sickle constellations
Stud the belts that welt the sky
Whilst the Bitter winter moon
Prowls the clouds, dead-eyed
Like shifting parent flesh
Under silk matricide...

Watchful as she was upon Eden
Where every rose arbour and orchard she swept
hid the hissing of a serpent Libido
In an ancient tryst with catastrophe
Soon to be kept

Hear that hissing now on the breeze
As through the plundered groves of the carnal garden
A fresh horror blows
But ten billion souls
Are blind to see the rotting wood for the trees

This is the theme to a bitter Armageddon
Nightchords rake the heavens

And what use are prayers to that ´god´?
As devils bay concenus for the space to piss
On your smouldering faith
And the the mouldering face
Of this world long a paradise lost

This is the end of everything
Hear the growing chora that a new dawn shall bring

Dance macabre ´neath the tilt of the zodiac
Now brighter stars shall reflect on our fate
What sick activities will be freed when those lights burn black?
The darkside of the mirror always threw our malice back...

I see the serpentine in your eyes
The nature of the beast as revelations arrive

Our screams shall trail to Angels
For those damned in flames repay
All sinners lose their lot on Judgement Day
We should have cut our losses as at Calvary
But our hearts like heavy crosses held the vain belief
Salvation, like a promised nation
Gleamed a claim away...

This is the end of everything you have ever known
Buried like vanquished reason
Death in season
Driven like the drifting snow

Peace, a fragile lover, left us fantasising war
On our knees or another fucker´s shore
Heiling new flesh
Read, then roared
To a crooked cross and a Holy Cause
What else be whipped to frenzy for?

This is the end of everything
Rear the tragedies
That the Seraphim shall sing

Old adversaries
Next of Eve
Now they´re clawing back
I smell their cumming
As through webbed panes of meat
Led by hoary Death
They never left
Dreaming sodomies
To impress on human failure
When we´ve bled upon our knees

Tablatures of gravel law
Shall see Gehennah paved
When empires fall
And nightmares crawl
From the cradle to enslave...

This is the end of everything

(Hope you have enjoyed it.)
Wednesday, March 16, 2005
  New Fetish
I'm in love with Linking Rings!

Fresh stuff apart from good old cards.

- Ling.
  Phantom of the Card Table.
A deck of cards is the perfect tool for deceit. The thirteen values, four suits and two colours have led to the creation, of card games. But no matter how complex the game, or how the laws of chance seek to make everyone a loser but the house, one thing remains constantand that is the playing card itself. If a cheat wanted to devise an instrument for the express purpose of robbing under a guise of friendly get-together, he could have done no better than invent the playing card. Its very size and shape make it ideal for trickery for all kinds. Cards are easily controlled during a shuffle, can be palmed in comfortable, and can be subtly altered, counterfeited and arranged to facilitate some ingenious scams and swindles. A deck of cards in the hands of a cheat is the weapon of unsurpassed criminal possibilities.

You might not fancy yourself as a housebreaker, car thief or even a short-change artist, but the card cheat has always had a more romantic image. He - and it is nearly always a he - is a lone figure, long fingered, smooth talking, charming and inevitable handsome. He pits his well-practised skills against those of his opponents in the arena hat is the card table where morality seems slightly skewed.

- Chapter One of Phantom of the Card Table.
  My Numerology Profile
Vowels 9 31
Ng Ling Xuan
Consonants 57 3 57 6 5

For NG : Vowels = 0
Consonants = 3
NG = 3
For LING : Vowels = 9
Consonants = 6
LING = 6
For XUAN : Vowels = 4
Consonants = 2
XUAN = 6

So, Personality Number = 6

For year 2005, Personal Year : 16/01/2005
= 6

Secret Self Number = 11 (linked to occult!)

Soul Number = 4

Maturity Number = 5

Destiny Number (Life Path) = 8 (Intrigued by Death!)

Pinnacle Numbers:
1st Pinnacle = 0 to 28 years old. (1st Pinnacle Number = 6)
2nd Pinnacle = 28 to 37 years old (2nd Pinnacle Number = 2 - embark on spiritual journey)
3rd Pinnacle = 37 to 46 years old (3rd Pinnacle Number = 4)
4th Pinnacle = 46 years old onwards. (4th Pinnacle Number = 8)

Challenge Numbers on Pinnacle periods :

For 1st Pinnacle : Number 6
For 2nd Pinnacle : Number 2
For 3rd Pinnacle : Number 4
For 4th Pinnacle : Number 8
Sunday, March 13, 2005
  Funeral of Hearts by His Infernal Majesty
Love’s the funeral of hearts
And an ode for cruelty
Where angels cry blood
On flowers of evil in bloom
The funeral of hearts
And a plea for mercy
When love is a gun
Separating me from you

She was the sun shining upon
The tomb of your hopes and dreams so frail
He was the moon painting you
With its glow so vulnerable and pale

Love’s the funeral of hearts
And an ode for cruelty
When angels cry blood
On flowers of evil in bloom
The funeral of hearts
And a plea for mercy
When love is a gun
Separating me from you

She was the wind carrying in
All the troubles and fears
You’ve for years tried to forget
He was the fire
Restless and wild and you were
Like a moth to that flame

(The funeral of hearts)

The heretic seal beyond divine
Pray to God who’s deaf and blind
The last rights for souls on fire
Three little words and a question why

Love’s the funeral of hearts
And an ode for cruelty
When angels cry blood
On flowers of evil in bloom
The funeral of hearts
And a plea for mercy
Where Llve is a gun
Separating me from you

The Funeral Of Hearts
and an ode for cruelty
When angels cry blood
on flowers of evil in bloom

Aaaaaaaa, what a briliant song!
You should really listen one day!
  Songs that kept me going...
Okay folks. Here are the songs that kept me sane and alive all these while,
In no particular order :
(Brace yourself, it's a long list!)

- Hallowed be Thy Name (Shallow be Thy Grave) - CoF
- From the Cradle to Enslave - CoF
- Fatal Tragedy - Dream Theatre
- Born in a Burial Gown - CoF
- Gilded CUNT - CoF
- Filthy Little Secret - CoF
- Nymphetamine - CoF
- Dusk and Her Embrace - CoF
- Coffin Fodder - CoF
- Her Ghost in the Fog - CoF
- Ebony Dressed For Sunset - CoF
- Hurt and Virtue - CoF
- Presents for the Poisoned-Heart - CoF
- Medusa and Hemlock - CoF
- Nemesis - CoF
- Absinthe and Faust - CoF
- Swansong for a Raven - CoF
- Better Reign in Hell - CoF
- Mannequin - CoF
- Babylon AD - CoF
- Fuel for Hatred - Satyricon
- Mother North - Satyricon
- Mourning Palace - Dimmu Borgir
- Stormblast - Dimmu Borgir
- Moonchild Domain - Dimmu Borgir
- Progenies of the Great Apocalyse - Dimmu Borgir
- Vredesbryd - Dimmu Borgir
- Catacylsm Children - Dimmu Borgir
- Blood Hungry Doctrine - Dimmu Borgir
- For the World to Dictate our Death - Dimmu Borgir
- Malice through the Looking Glass - CoF
- And Love said No - HIM
- Join me in Death - HIM
- Funeral of Hearts - HIM
- Heartache Every Moment - HIM
- Closer to Flame - HIM
- Gone with the Sin - HIM
- Pretending - HIM
- In Joy and Sorrow - HIM
- Buried Alive by Love - HIM
- Your Sweet 666 - HIM
- The Sacrament - HIM
- When Love and Death Embrace - HIM
- The Loss and Curse of Reverence - Emperor
- Links 234 - Rammstein
- Sonne - Rammstein
- Ich Will - Rammstein
- Slither - Velvet Revolver
- Smells like Teen Spirit - NIrvana
- Billie Jean - MJ
- SIC - Slipknot
- Wait and Bleed - Slipknot
- Left Behind - Slipknot
- Heretic Anthem - Slipknot
- Gently - Slipknot
- Skin Ticket - Slipknot
- I Am Hated - Slipknot
- Spit It Out - Slipknot
- Iowa - Slipknot
- Wish - NIN
- I Try - Macy Grey
- My Plague - Slipknot
- Metabolic - Slipknot
- Black Metal - CoF
- Disposable Teens - Marilyn Manson
- Beautiful People - Marilyn Manson
- This is the New Shit - Marilyn Manson
- Sweet Dreams - Marilyn Manson
- Get Inside - Stone Sour
- Papercut - LP
- Points of Authority - Lp
- Runaway - LP
- One Step Closer - LP
- Faint - LP

That's about it for now.

Friday, March 11, 2005
Mr. Mok actually said that my command in English is powerful! I love that! Makes me feel so good!

- Ling.
Thursday, March 10, 2005
Upon revealing my inner mind and thoughts deep down inside, I seem to be constantly struggling spiritually. I might sound like a hypocrite, but these are just my thoughts and I'm in a spiritual turmoil.
Ok, to kick off. I have experienced so-called God's Omniscient Presence when I tried praying. It sort of worked and I have felt God's Light and his passion etc. I felt so at ease and completely contented with that state of mind and all. Perhaps this is salvation of the Saviour. The only thing I disdain is that the way of the Christians try to promote Christianity - they made it seem like a Cult Coven instead of being a religion. And that the teachings are too strict and sometimes senseless at all.
And, I have read Buddhism books and have understood the Eightfold Path and Four Noble Truths and I agreed with Buddha's teachings and loved them all. Similarly, I too felt at ease and utterly enlightened. For the case of Buddhism, I agree to almost all of the teachings that the Awakened One taught and I feel like they are more sensible and tinged with a invisible idea of free will. It's flexible and it's very very extremely relevant to the modern world. That's why I liked Buddism alot more than Christianity. Buddism is my real saviour. And, in Buddism, all beings are equal when they start their journey of Buddhahood. We can all become enlightened and become a Buddha yourself, provided you'd accept the Four Noble Truths and live life by the Eightfold Path. By this concept, you won't feel inferior and start to think in wrong manners. And that In Buddhism, there's absolutely NO GODS or Higher Deities Beings. Everyone is their own 'God' or 'Devil' and everything that happened is the effect of your action. That puts you in a more matured position, both mentally and spiritually. It's not like other religions that you can seek salvation and forgiveness by praying and saying apologies. And, when you have successes, you will feel satisfaction and be pleased about yourself and your personally-movitated maturity, not being pleased with a God that's not even there, who has a cult coven to emit false security. That's what I call a real religion. And, Buddism is an excellent example.

Perhaps, time will tell. I'll just live my life clear of guilt.
For now, I'm a devoted Buddhist. Christianity is certainly OUT.

- Ling.

  Another kick-ass song lyrics for your devour.
Hallowed be Thy Name - Cradle of Filth (Iron Maiden Cover)

I'm waiting in my cold cell when the bell begins to chime
Reflecting on my past life and it doesn't have much time
'Cause at 5 o'clock they take me to The Gallow's Pole
The sands of time for me are running low
Running low

When the priest comes to read me the last rites
I take a look through the bars at the last sights
Of a world that has gone very wrong for me

Can it be there's some sort of error?
Hard to stop the surmounting terror
Is it really the end not some crazy dream?

Somebody please tell me that I'm dreaming
It's not so easy to stop from screaming
But words escape me when I try to speak
Tears they flow but why am I crying
After all I am not afraid of dying
Don't I believe that there is never an end

As the guards march me out to the courtyard
Someone calls from a cell God be with you
If there's a God then why has he let me die?

As I walk all my life drifts before me
And though the end is near I'm not sorry
Catch my soul 'cause it's willing to fly away

Mark my words please believe my soul lives on
Please don't worry now that I have gone
I've gone beyond to see the truth

So when you know that your time is close at hand
Maybe then you'll begin to understand
Life down there is just a strange illusion

Oh, hallowed be thy name
Oh, hallowed be thy

Hallowed be thy name
Wednesday, March 09, 2005
  Fiendish Quotes for you to enjoy.

"Come on, say it again. I'm a perfect devil. Tell me how bad I am. It makes me feel so good!"

Page 573 of Queen of the Damned.

"Evil is a point of view." - Lestat in Interview with a Vampire.

Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock.

Norman Bates: "She just goes a little mad sometimes. We all go a little mad sometimes. Haven't you?"

Norman Bates: "Oh God mother, blood! Blood!"

Norman Bates: "She's as harmless as one of those stuffed birds"

Norman Bates:"A boy's best friend is his mother"

Norman Bates: "Bates Motel... 12 rooms, 12 vacancies"

Norman Bates' Mother: No! I will not hide in the fruit cellar! Ha! You think I'm fruity, huh? I'm staying right here. This is my room and noone will drag me out of it, least of all my big, bold son!

Norman Bates: I'll carry you, mother.

Norman Bates: "She might have fooled me, but she didn't fool my mother."

Norman Bates’ Mother: " No! I tell you no! I won't have you bringing some young girl in for supper! By candlelight, I suppose, in the cheap, erotic fashion of young men with cheap, erotic minds!"

Home Alone 2

Gangster Johnny on TV: Maybe I'm off my hinges, but I believe you. That's why I'm gonna let you go. I'm gonna give you to the count of three to get your lousy, lyin', low-down, four flushing carcass OUT my door! 1... 2...
[Fires Tommy gun, killing girl gangster]
Gangster Johnny on TV: 3. Merry Christmas, you filthy animal.
[fires again]
Gangster Johnny on TV: And a Happy New Year.
[Fires again]

Gangster Johnny on TV: Get down on your knees and tell me you love me.
Mr. Hector, Hotel Concierge: Um, everybody... On your knees...
[after pause]
Mr. Hector, Hotel Concierge: I love you.
Gangster Johnny on TV: You gotta do better than that!
Mr. Hector, Hotel Concierge, Mrs. Stone, Desk Clerk, Cedrick the Bellman, Officer Cliff, Security Guard: I love you!

The Exorcist

Regan: I'm not Regan.
Karras: Well, then let's introduce ourselves. I'm Damien Karras.
Regan: And I'm the Devil! Now kindly undo these straps!
Karras: If you're the Devil, why don't you make the straps disappear?
Regan: That's much too vulgar a display of power, Karras!

Hope you have enjoyed these.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005
Sa·tan·ism (stn-zm)
  1. The worship of Satan characterized by a travesty of the Christian rites.
  2. satanism Profound wickedness
  3. n : an adherent of Satan or Satanism
oc·cult (-klt, klt)
  1. Of, relating to, or dealing with supernatural influences, agencies, or phenomena.
  2. Beyond the realm of human comprehension; inscrutable.
  3. Available only to the initiate; secret: occult lore. See Synonyms at mysterious.
  4. Hidden from view; concealed.
    1. Medicine. Detectable only by microscopic examination or chemical analysis, as a minute blood sample.
    2. Not accompanied by readily detectable signs or symptoms: occult carcinoma.

Occult practices or techniques: a student of the occult.
Fused together, you'll get me.

- Ling.
  A Magic Trick for you.
Okay. Think of a damn freaking card.
Got it?
Good. You are very obedient.
Let me see. It's an Ace. It's an Ace of ... Spades, I might say? Aces of Spades?
If you choose this card, good. You don't get a prize.
If your choice isn't Aces of Spades. Hell to you.

That's all, my folks. What more?

- Ling.
  My Fetish for Magic.
Magic - the highest level of performance and showmanship. Though it requires tonnes of knuckle-breaking practice and more butt-numbing practice, the sheer satisfaction of seeing your audiences down right fooled and amazed is overwhelming.
And, Magic has been a metamorphsis for me. Ok, I admit I'm ranting nonsense.
The beauty and perfection of Filpback Fans...
The spectaular granduer of the King Cobra Cut...
The suckiness of ellusionist Tally Ho Viper Decks...
The optical illusion that Tally Ho Circle Backs gave...
The Magic of Cards is infinite, wild with possibilities.

- Ling.
  Check this out.
Alright, ladies and gents! (and all those in between) Step right up for Kev's little yard sale of assorted magic/non-magic stuff. Woohoo!!

The World's Best Collection of Easy-to-Do Impromptu Card Magic
by Aldo Columbini


This is Aldo Columbini's awesome book about Impromptu Card Magic: most of them are almost self-working, very easy to do, and require absolutely no set up at all. Plots range from gambling routines to ace productions to lie detectors to magician-killers... with 90 full-blown routines from contributors such as David Regal, Jay Sankey, Ed Marlo and Dai Vernon, you can't go wrong with this book!

$50. Paperback, reasonable condition.

Copper Silver Coin -BOOKED-
by Sterling


Countless effects and plots are possible with this gimmicked coin... however, I'm too lazy to explore these possibilities. Here's your chance to resume the journey!

$12. Good Conditon, one American Half Dollar free.

American Half Dollars -3 Left-
Nice and big for highest visibility, and fairly easy to palm as a result. Limited Quantity, though... do I look like a mint to you?!?! Get 'em while stocks last!

$2 each. Don't worry, there are no grubby, dirty ones.

Band of the Hand -BOOKED-
by Docc Hilford


This little manual has 5 of the freakiest effects ever. Ranging from seances with the beyond to a prediction of a person about to die, don't get this if you intend on doing nice little kid shows.

$10. Booklet.

Ultimate 3 Card Monte -BOOKED-
by Mike Skinner


Wow. One of THE most visually deceptive 3 card montes out there. Your spectators will SWEAR they saw the money card where it obviously isn't. I've slayed crowds of people with this, and now maybe you can too wink.gif

$13. Fair Condition.

Pocket Sawing in Half, Dough! & Fallen Angel -BOOKED-
by Andrew Mayne, Jay Sankey & Newell Unfried


A close-up self-sawing-in-half illusion, an impromptu pencil thru-bill, and an extremely clever card m***ing system. I felt kinda bad selling these by themselves, so I'm letting these go in a specially-priced package.

$11 for all three booklets. Fallen Angel booklet's condition is very shitty.

Split! Deck
by Parker Brothers


Bought these in a book store in the US last summer, was trying to find a use for these weird cards. Again, I was too lazy to explore possiblities, so maybe you can do so instead.

$19. Comes with game rules.

Two SEALED decks of Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards
from Dan Buck


These awesome cards kick uber ass, plus they came straight from one half of the most dynamic duos in card flourishing today.

$1,000,0000. If your username is Winder, add a few more 0's.

Left Hand
of Kevin Ho


This uber-skilled left hand is suitable for all sorts of left-handed grips, cuts, palming, and butt-wiping.

$1,000. Singapore shipping only

Right Hand
of Kevin Ho


How can you buy my left hand without purchasing my right? This hand can do all sorts of things ranging from card-fanning to face-smacking.

Buy it for $2,000 and get left hand free

Jiggly Puff

Awww.... it's so cute!!!

-Not for sale-

Used Flash Paper

Cheap!! Only $2 per sheet. Get it while stock lasts!!

(Kevin wrote this.)
  Her Ghost in the Fog - Sensual Indulgence to the Maximum.
The moon, she hangs like a cruel portrait
Soft winds whisper the bidding of trees
As this tragedy starts with a shattered glass heart
And the midnightmare trampling of dreams
But oh, no tears please
Fear and pain may accompany Death
But it is desire that shepherds it's certainty
as we shall see

She was divinity's creature
That kissed in cold mirrors
A Queen of Snow
Far beyond compare
Lips attuned to symmetry
Sought her everywhere
Dark liquored eyes
An Arabian nightmare

She shone on watercolours
Of my pondlife as pearl
Until those who couldn't have her
Cut her free of this World

That fateful Eve when
The trees stank of sunset and camphor
Their lanterns chased phantoms and threw
An inquisitive glance, like the shadows they cast
On my love picking rue by the light of the moon

Putting reason to flight
Or to death as their way
They crept through woods mesmerized
By the Taffeta Ley
Of her hips that held sway
Over all they surveyed
Save a mist on the rise
A deadly blessing to hide
Her ghost in the fog

They raped and left
Five men of God
Her ghost in the fog

Dawn discovered her there
Beneath the Cedar's stare
Silk dress torn, her raven hair
Flown to gown her beauty bared
Was starred with frost, I knew her lost
I wept 'til tears crept back to prayer

She'd sworn me vows in fragrant blood
Never to part
Lest jealous Heaven stole our hearts

Then this I screamed
Come back to me
For I was born in love with thee
So why should fate stand inbetween?

And as I drowned her gentle curves
With dreams unsaid and final words
I espied a gleam trodden to earth
The church bell tower key

The village mourned her by good bye
For she'd been a witch
Their men had longed to try
And I broke under Christ seeking guilty signs
My tortured soul on

A Queen of snow
Far beyond compare
Lips attuned to symmetry
Sought her everywhere
Trappistine eyes
An Arabian nightmare

She was Erzulie possessed
Of a milky white skin
My porcelain Yin
A graceful Angel of Sin

And so for her
The breeze stank of sunset and camphor
My lantern chased her phantom and blew
Their chapel ablaze and all locked in to a pain
Best reserved for judgement that their bible construed

Putting reason to flight
Or to flame unashamed
I swept from cries
By the Taffeta Ley
Or her hips that held sway
Over all those at bay
Save a mist on the rise
A final blessing to hide
Her ghost in the fog

And I embraced
Where lovers rot
Her ghost in the fog

Her ghost in the fog
  The First Sin.
Infernal Saluations, my darkest fiends. Your stumble into this realm is not by pure coincindence. For this is the First Sin, I would like to say that you would be subjected to full-flung assault of extremely biased and wrathful thoughts about all things of Life. By reading till here, I can assume that you are a literate person. (What else?)
- Ling.
The human destiny is forever limited by the idiocy of bureaucracy and the excesses of social expectations. - LingNemesis, 2007 C.E.

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