Wednesday, September 17, 2008
  It better not relapse again...
What is it that I am talking about? I am talking about my throat which is getting abit sore since yesterday evening and I really hope my bad encounter with tonsillitis would not repeat itself again. That experience rendered me unable to eat for more than a week and I had to take a million different kinds of pills. Burr. Terrible. I need to salvage my throat, by drowning myself with water, whatever!

Anyway, health scares aside, here is a video of my little hobby which I will have no idea how to explain to my progenies because it is such a pointless hobby and they are going to give me the "Huh? You shuffled cards for 4 years?" look. Regardless of that! Here's it.

Esplanade from Ling Ng on Vimeo.

I know I suck at editing, plus my brother have always been advocating the idea that Sony Vegas is an inferior programme and that I should use Adobe Premier. >_<

And, I have been updating myself with various bands' activities, looks like 2008 is a fruitful year for many album releases are scheduled in 2008. Cradle of Filth, Pain, Satyricon, Rammstein, Immortal... Ling is going to be financially crippled.

Today saw the most pointless outing ever. I went out with a good friend - Valerie to Orchard. We had lunch at Lido, then went to Borders to browse books where I tried to read some stuff by Anias Nins and subsequently fell asleep (we sat down on the floor and read). Then we went to Esplanade because Valerie wanted to burrow some DVDs from the library. After she is done with the selection, we went to the comfortable sofas. The sofa was so comfortable and the air conditioning was so ideal that I went straight to sleep again, second time in the waking hours. O_O

So basically, I went out to have my afternoon nap. Brilliant stuff.
Lol! I love the ending th
Very nice! That left me awestruck. Hehe. More power to you guys. :) What was the back ground music you used on that vid?
Hey, Burnz.

Glad you liked the video! The music is Sade's King or Sorrow. =)

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