Friday, September 26, 2008
  Of a makeshit aviary and eugenics-yearnings
So today, I was having a lazy afternoon nap on the living hall couch and enjoying the tranquil qualities of a nice afternoon (one that is not too hot, for once). Then my sister yelled the most blood-curdling and the most heinous sequences of screams ever, I tried to ignore her because I'd had thought it was one of her encounters with insects or bugs in the kitchen. Next, I heard her announcing the infiltration of two birds into the territory of our dwellings (the little balcony next to the kitchen to be exact), my attempts to feign ignorance had to cease as I jolted off the couch and out of the tranquil qualities I was immersing myself in the previous moment.

There I saw 2 creatures whose locomotion functions purely by the means of their twig-like bipedals and makes illogical deductions using their heads whose resemble the ones of our less intelligent forefathers - Homo Erectus. Not used to the sight of birds in my abode, I look upon their inflitration with slight fascination as they flutter around the service balcony and occasionally defecate upon the floor and *ahem* my family's undergarments.

Trust me, it isn't exactly nice to know your place has recently been converted into an aviary without any prior notice and that your undergarments have been their toilets. My inital fascination was swiftly transformed into a surge of unsurpressable agiation as me and my 2 siblings started hurling random vuglarities at those bowel-troubled creatures and tried to use our hands to do the "clapping loudly" gestures in a bid to intimiate them to their exit. Apparently that method wasn't too well recieved by those flying creatures as one of the duo continually flew towards a closed windowpane and subsequently mashing his/her/its yellow crown onto the hard glass, thus leading up to the thesis that they function based on illogical deductions as stated above. This situation also aptly reminded me of Jean-Paul Sartre's play - No Exit.

Me and my sister started encouraging my brother to do the "Man" thing by chasing the birds out of our dwelling. Inspired by our cheers, he sallied forth into the warzone and opened the windows wide open. Some comic relief of the encounter was when my brother said, "Heck! I am no Steve Irwin!" That made me lol-ed in real life.

Finally, those airbourne organisms figured their way out. And, I do not wish to describe the aftermath of their toilet-trip, for it saddens me to know that 2 lonesome birds could potentially cause some considerable destruction upon three humans' afternoon.

So much for some stupid birds.

Now, onwards to the second installment of this evening's entry. Eugenics-yearnings? Yes. I want to launch a program of eugenics. If there is an external history-maker for Planet Earth right now, I would register with great haste to be elected to be the next Hitler/Stalin/Kim Jung Ill and start the Vierte Reich and propose the Intellect-based-Holocaust. It's either the comments they make or the idea of bumping into people who make those insignificant comments without prior arrangment that causes me to cringe unceasingly. Spare me the agony of letting such content enter into my mindstream.

Your orchestrator of words,
Wednesday, September 24, 2008
  The blaming begins.
So, some impressionable kid from Finland has accomplished another schoolground shoot-out, killing 10 persons, yesterday and what's more attractive to the media is that the kid listens to Rammstein (of which, I share this similar auditory interest with) and Metallica. The blaming begins! 

Maybe it's because of Metallica's new album name - Death Magnetic, haha! But wait, Rammstein was never about death nor misanthropy, if you want to be strict, only the song - Zestoren, could qualify as a potentially destructive song. In fact, Rammstein is so mild (some songs are even ballads, for fuck's sake), which points out to me that the killer is nothing but a 22 year old kid with nothing better to do. 

So, what the heck is with the blaming? 


In his manifesto-like videos, he expressed dismal opinions about the direction of humanity in today's world, which I could very easily share sympathies with, but it is the fact that he chosen to belt out the punishment on students that negated any hope of himself being a good visionary. What can he change by killing teenagers? He has no foresight therefore leading to my conclusion above that he is a 22 year old kid with nothing better to do. 

Once again, I proclaim that we are dwelling in a toxic wasteland and it is making me feel very inhumane and very depressed. 
Friday, September 19, 2008
  The babies are dying.
I am not one bit surprised when I am informed that the China-manufactured milk powder and other dairy products are contaminated with some malignant substance, in this case, melamine, which is an amine group (-NH2) and usually found in plastics, in case you are, like me, a proponent of the organic chemistry geekdom.

Melamine, with 3 NH2 groups.

Just wiki-ed melamine, it has 3 NH2 groups! No wonder the fatality it could incur in the infants.

Academia flowery aside, this just proved itself to me that doomsday is nearer than you think, which consoles me in a weird morbid manner. "The quicker, the better!" =D In addition, this also proved to me that the world is heading in the wrong direction with their current diet and ways of approaching things in life. Fancy adding this amine to seemingly make your product appear protein-rich? Folly tactic. Well, this is karma in your face, SanLu. You are fucked. =P

Why do I proclaim that the world's habits are getting ill? Everyone is merely looking for ways to increase their own benefits at the stake and risk of others, ranging from the individual level to the corporate level to the national level. Like my previous post about the Jonas Brothers, we have been consuming trash unceasingly, whether through entertainment quality or foodstuff-wise. What a senseless cycle. Gradually we don't know if we are consuming good healthy food or not. Just look at the latest McDonalds' advertisement tagline for their lunchtime offer - "A good meal doesn't need to cost much." McDonalds can never be good healthwise, my degenerates. There are countless examples everywhere, the list is non-exhaustive.

So what is my point of denouncing the world in such a dejected and otherworldly manner? This whole poison milk brouhaha is sufficient to point out we need a new diet, a diet that relies far less emphasis on heavy industrial treatment, a more natural diet. Even such a simple product like milk could get infected, what could be imagined for more complex ones? I would like to quote Albert Einstein here: "Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances of survival for life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet." There, Herr Einstein has put it for us in a very apt way.

Now that I have made my point, I shall fuck off to my pit.
Wednesday, September 17, 2008
  It better not relapse again...
What is it that I am talking about? I am talking about my throat which is getting abit sore since yesterday evening and I really hope my bad encounter with tonsillitis would not repeat itself again. That experience rendered me unable to eat for more than a week and I had to take a million different kinds of pills. Burr. Terrible. I need to salvage my throat, by drowning myself with water, whatever!

Anyway, health scares aside, here is a video of my little hobby which I will have no idea how to explain to my progenies because it is such a pointless hobby and they are going to give me the "Huh? You shuffled cards for 4 years?" look. Regardless of that! Here's it.

Esplanade from Ling Ng on Vimeo.

I know I suck at editing, plus my brother have always been advocating the idea that Sony Vegas is an inferior programme and that I should use Adobe Premier. >_<

And, I have been updating myself with various bands' activities, looks like 2008 is a fruitful year for many album releases are scheduled in 2008. Cradle of Filth, Pain, Satyricon, Rammstein, Immortal... Ling is going to be financially crippled.

Today saw the most pointless outing ever. I went out with a good friend - Valerie to Orchard. We had lunch at Lido, then went to Borders to browse books where I tried to read some stuff by Anias Nins and subsequently fell asleep (we sat down on the floor and read). Then we went to Esplanade because Valerie wanted to burrow some DVDs from the library. After she is done with the selection, we went to the comfortable sofas. The sofa was so comfortable and the air conditioning was so ideal that I went straight to sleep again, second time in the waking hours. O_O

So basically, I went out to have my afternoon nap. Brilliant stuff.
Saturday, September 13, 2008
  Time flies

I could still remember scouting for this performance video high and low on the net before Youtube was even invented, back in 2003 or 2004. Watching this just transports me back to my secondary school days, such an incredible feeling it is.

By the way, just look at the gait Ville Valo performs, with the burned up cigarette in hand. Still impressive even by my standards today.

Thursday, September 11, 2008
  I cannot take it any more.
I cannot bear it within myself any moment longer. Even with my minimal exposure (thank goodness, it lasted less than 30 minutes of wiki and youtube) with the Jonas Brothers have resulted in a violent surge of me yearning to cringe and say out out, "Oh my God, take that out of my sight!"

In case you are more kvlt than me, the Jonas Brothers consisted of 3 sexually-intimated (they also abstain from alcohol and stuff) homeschooled boys that sings nonsensical Disneyland songs that could be done without. I mean, one of the boys is only 15 years of age, of course, sex and drink are out of the picture. He isn't even of the legal age, for fuck's sake. What is this? A publicity shit? Oops, I got your tactic to attract pre-teen girls. >_> Go learn your algebra instead, you might have some chance of salvaging your mental capacity that way. This just reminds me of many secondary school people who think that getting an older friend to get drinks for them is something to boost about. And, those clubbing events that serves carbonated water. Get a life. Get a brain. >_>

And, homeschooled? Who in the right mind opts for that? That is a sure method to deny any chance of becoming socially apt and relevant, my poor boy. You are fucking yourselves up real bad.

And, I am not even going into the religion part...

What's more annoying is that their videos at Youtube has considerably same amount of viewerships or not more (28 million for 1 video!), than the true legend - Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson, my friend. How can 3 homeschooled testertone-surpressing boys who hasn't seen any form of reality be any musically proficient than Michael Jackson? Why?

Because people watch trash and listen to trash today and neglect their grey matter entirely. Those impressionable kids. So, in turn, they become trash themselves and the cycle repeats. We live in a toxic wasteland of stupidity and that is making me feel very inhumane and very depressed.
Wednesday, September 10, 2008
  Изгнание [The Banishment]
Went to watch an utterly depressing movie alone today, the movie is Andrey Zvyagintsev's second film called The Banishment or Изгнание in Russian alphabets, after his insanely good debut - The Return. Once again, Andrey presented a family theme for the film and added a dark twist. What striked me most in this film is sad truth that most tragedies didn't originate from actual conflicts or lies but mere miscommunication between parties. That is what the banishment referred to, the impossible man-made communication-errors that rendered the exile of persons. What made the movie even more sorrowful is the poignant manner of filming and the cinematography, every frame of the movie was picture-perfect and wallpaper-ready, making things look extremely realistic and vulnerable. Plus the apt use of music background (often omnious tunes) in the movie, one cannot fall into depression after watching it.

Anyway! Andrey is the director the cinemas of today need, I really hope to see more films from him. =D

And, I burrowed another book (Life is Elsewhere) by Milan Kundera, yay for another round of book-bound roller coaster ride!
Monday, September 08, 2008

Strangely entertaining. Even if it's damn weird, it will pull you to watch it till the end. It does make some sense about the state of the world today - "I will not eat the food that make me sick, I will not play the games that make me dumb." That is a very powerful statement to make indeed.

Great to see original minds creating things. Nifty!

  Time for a senseless Meme.
Yanked it from Valie, since I am in an entirely non-intellectual mood at the present moment, you will have to suffer reading 10 random (and useless, on your side) facts of yours truly. =D

  1. I am currently very inspired and entertained by Russell Brand, whom I envisioned to be the next big comedy figure in the show business. He calls himself the "S&M Willy Wonka" and "sexy wildman", that is certainly sufficient reason.
  2. I am listening to Falkenbach's Vanadis. *Glorious opus for my mortal ears*
  3. I am in the middle of synthesising my own set of philosophical thoughts. It isn't easy, but it's definitely mentally satisfying. To let you have a picture of my system of thoughts, just think "Nieztsche + Schopenhauer + Buddha + Kant + Kundera + Descartes + The Flying Spagethii* I kid about the airbound pasta.
  4. I have spent nearly 4 long years fiddling with paper rectangles as Kevin would describe, I wonder whether I should admit to this fact to my future progenies and allow them to chide my lack of life in my youth.
  5. I have some serious thoughts about trying the Vegetarian diet, partially because from what I observed, apparently great people follow that diet. *Socrates, Volitare, Franz Kafka, Nieztsche, Russell Brand, Einstein, Thomas Edison, Natalie Portman, the list is endless*
  6. I really enjoy spending time alone. The peace and empowerment you get from solitude are incredible. But that act comes concurrent with the risk of being ignoramously labelled as "loner".
  7. I could hold my breathe for around 2 minutes and 30 seconds, I told you these facts are useless.
  8. I have spent 6 years of my life (a huge portion, considering I have only lived for 19 years, making it 1/3 of my life) writing chinese calligraphy.
  9. I need to get platform boots. >_<
  10. I can't wait for my sister's upcoming debut EP record. Because I'd get it for free! I kid. But seriously, it will be bloody insane to walk into, say, HMV and see your sister's name on the *Bestseller* shelf. =P
Oh, great, just when I have free time to dwell within my own existence, Channel 5 stopped broadcasting Solitary. Great timing.

And, there is a Subway outlet at Compass Point. Immense convenience previously unthinkable, also the rate of getting broke from food rises up to a level previously unthinkable!
Saturday, September 06, 2008
  Done with free toiling and other things
So, my month long stint at the hospitals is over. I am relieved, because I could resume my long on-hold misanthropic activities and dwell in my own existence and live by my own timezone. Most of all, I need not face the idiocy and façade of the general public. Wahey!

Other things include the procuring of a new laptop. Sad to say it is not a Mac product because of the fact that my Sony Mp3 Player functions on an entirely different basis which disallowed the means of "drag and drop", let alone say its compatibility with a Mac. >_> So, my new mechanical machine hails from Toshiba, complete with 4GB worth of ram with a Vista Home Premium. Not too bad a deal for it only costed slightly over a thousand. But this also meant I cannot abuse this spouse as liberally as I would on a Mac spouse, of which is highly resistant to domestic violence *viruses and crap*. Ah wells.

I am informed that Moltey Crue would be performing on Singapore soil on 16th October. I am slightly disappointed, because I was half expecting the organisers (Lamc Productions) to bring in something heavier and blacker. Apparently, they don't think in that manner. Le sigh. Nonetheless, I would be there on the day of the gig for a free listen to see what Moltey Crue is all about, since I heard from Vika that they are a real fun band to watch. =) I am still waiting for Cradle of Filth or Rammstein or Immortal or Opeth or Pain (if I am unrealistic) to arrive here. Such is a long and terrible wait. Meanwhile, I can settle for the arrival of Cradle of Filth's and Pain's new fugues and Cradle of Filth's book to satiate my innate auditory yearnings and feed my mind. *Halloween!*

I ran out of things to ramble.
Monday, September 01, 2008
  Webcam + Brother = Kickass
The below pictures are self-explanatory of the above statement.

What a mushy thing to say, but I really enjoy my brother's company. ^^
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