Monday, June 16, 2008
After around three to six months of hiatus of meditation after my GCE A Levels, I decided I should try doing it again last night due to some unknown spurt of energy in me. And, it turned out a great session! Well, I did it with my earpieces attached, listening to some good old Kitaro, which was my staple meditation music all these while. After I settled myself and my mind down to a decent level, I did the death contemplation meditation exercise since I felt I wanted to experience a state of shunyata once again. All went smooth, when I reached the visualisation stage where there is no more flesh on the body, I could really feel as though I am just a pack of skeleton resting there. You can imagine the sensation where I progressed into the final stages of visualisation where the skeleton is cremated and dispersed into air. Haha!

It was after the second exercise where I visualised the Tibetan Buddhism Refuge Tree that I experienced a much familiar sense of bliss. I was just sitting there, with my mind supple and refreshed, as though I just treated it to a grey-matter-feast, if I can put it that way. LOL. My body doesn't ache one bit, even my troublesome knees and ankles (I did it full lotus, baby! :P) aren't posing any slight hint of discomfort even after in that position for over 40 minutes. My heart was smiling, and my psyche in its peak condition. Even after getting out of that sitting position, my mind still tells me to remain in a relaxed, alert condition, as I rested my back upon my bed headboard and basked in utter tranquility for a few more minutes. Falling into my slumber laterwards was a great closer for that evening.

I guess I am falling in love with samadhi once again!


So cool!
I can almost visualise what are you typing!
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