Thursday, December 27, 2007
  Monotony, perhaps.
Monotony because I have started work, and my work consists of scanning stacks of papers into a weird looking machine that could miraclously convert papers into .jpgs at a nifty speed, typing in even weirder looking series of numbers and looking at people's identification cards, and silently commenting on their names and protraits. What a damned voyeur I am. Haha.

Boring, and very monotonous it is, but it is rather good money, partially because I have unwittingly signed a bloody 2 month long contract with the company whose name is Aviva Limited. So, I shall be designated at that hellhole of an office until late Feburary 2008 AD. Bless me, Loki. For my intellect and social life shall plummet sharply to unsightly low heights. To prevent that, I have intended to call upon friends for my hour-long lunch breaks, replay jokes and movie scenes in my head and I shall set a different philosophical theme to ponder deeply and aimlessly each day, until I am driven to irreversible insanity.

The only good thing is there's a Subway outlet in the vincity of my workplace, so cheerios at that.

I am so tempted to bring a camera there to snap at the skyscrapers.

Monotony, perhaps, because, I have wrested my way out of the stale mundane schedule of residing in my own house all day long, refreshing Decknique every 3 minutes and typing lol repeatedly at MSN. That's not a bad point, at all. Now, at least, I get money out of sitting continuously in front of a computer and not getting nagged at.

I am amazed I am not as freakishly tired as I were when I was incarcated at Trusted Hub last year, partially because Aviva Limited is a not a sweatshop, the other half is due to the fact that I am a skilled practicioner of thoughtcrimes from my continual (self-imposed) isolation back in my JC days. So, I can easily entertain msyelf and refresh myself with my (unbridled, maddening) thoughts. =D

I rant too much about work. Not too good!

I have nothing else to say except a big thanks to Kevin for his Christmas gift which is aptly allocated, as it is titled as "The Devil's Dictionary" by Ambrose Bierce. Other Giftmas gifts include Stephen King's Everything Eventual from Leon and a funky cloth-covered notebook from Jaspas. Thanks people! My first time receiving gifts on Christmas. =)

On the other hand, Matyn gave me an equally satisfying gift of sorts by merely conversing with me in our own queer, deeply arcane language and subjects which consists of things that your Mom would strongly opposes against, the dark, the profane and everything msacrabe. I enjoy your company alot, Matyn, if you ever reads this dingy blog of mine. Haha.

My hands demand cards instead of typing. Bye!


I love the Devil's dictionary! XD
Hehe, I was browsing through it on the train, I went "WTF?! LOL" to "This writer got some fertile creativity and imagination" to "just plain queer". Good book indeed!

Ack, Vika, looks like we got lots of common likes. Cool. =D

Thanks Kev again!
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