Monday, July 31, 2006
  Ownage II
Let me own the class one time and another with my 1337 mugging skillz! Muahahaha!

:P Just got back the Chemical Bondage Lecture Test, and I got 22 out of 30, the highest in da class.

Eh, this is getting pret-ty boring... Yawns. Can I have a challenger? HA! I kidd! Humble, be humble! Yeahhh.

Yesterday was fun, at CCF Round 2. And that was a serious understatement.

Bah... You are about to read a whole chunk of random, completely irrevelant facts. You are warned, my fellow countrymen.

  1. I am craving for Jalan Kayu Egg Prata.
  2. I am fed up with my webcam.
  3. I am craving for more Katatonia songs! And Cthontic as well.
  4. I am hungry.
  5. Other than wanting to learn German, I have taken interest in Russian, Latin, Greek, Norwegian (which is rather obvious), the real life application of online emoticon talk.
  6. I need to go do my fugging homework.
  7. I haven't drank any alcohol for a fugging longer time.
  8. I am listening to far too much Opeth.
  9. The Rammstein fever is dying out.
  10. I want a deck of Jerry Nuggets!
Yeah, that's all, for brevity.

Life is like a deck of playing cards,
31st July 2006
Saturday, July 29, 2006
I was in the family car with my family out for dinner just now. And I saw Block 665. Then, I wondered to myself, 'Hmm, where's block 666?' Half a second later, the car went past block 666, and me and my brother went crazy, and I pointed the \m/ as a homage to the Devil. Hahaha. Finishing the frenzy with me commenting, 'I'm buying that block seriously, dude!' Ha.

Anyway, other than that, today has been a stoner's day again, staying at home and staring at the computer. My folks went insane upon the idea of having a geita at the doorstep, and wanted to go and watch it.

The siblings, in a desparate attempt to decant the house of their presence, said, 'Go go go. There's alot of people there already! Go... '

I added, 'Yeah! Alot of people already.'
I said again, 'Alot of people already', gesturing suggestively.

Ah... Yay, luckily, tomorrow will be a great day, with Ren Hui, Valerie and Jaspas' girl, out to stalk Adrian Pang and to support the CCF gig again at Suntec. Hooray! :D

There's this sudden urge to watch Disasterpieces DVD, although the maggot in me is aging and withering away... Hmm.

I wish there are sound-proof walls,
29th July 2006
Sometimes I feel that I have a great family...

My parents are cool and not of those typical sort who demand for results etc. My sister is awesome in a way that she introduces me to great novels and stuff, and I admires her philosophy towards life. As for my brother, he's a great ranting partner and the one whom I shares jokes with.


This is weird. Ah wells.
Thursday, July 27, 2006
  Lack of mood
I'm lacking the mood to blog recently, due to my Antisocial tendencies again. Bah...

In brevity, I have picked up the courage to approach the CEO of Esplanade when he came down to my school yesterday, introducing him the art of flourishing, and things seem to be on the positive side. Great on that. I had a great gossip/ranting session with Ivan and Keroy today in school, and thought of setting up a Philosophical/Musing club, but I doubt it'd work... Wells.

Other things include the addiction to Little Britian. Loved the opening lines; 'Britian, Britian, we have running water for more than 10 years. Unlike other contries, Britain is the land where there's two genders: males and female." Andy and Lou is another new-found love of mine. And so is The Scottish guy with his picollo.

Here, I pause typing on the keyboard, there is a vague blur where my imagination fails me...
27th July 2006
Tuesday, July 25, 2006
  Happy 33th Birthday, Dani Filth
OMG. I do not even realised today's Dani Filth's spawndate until I chatted with Matyn. Fuck. I am somewhat guiltly of myself. Ah wells, hereby wishing The Man a very brilliant and Supreme Vampiric Evil Birthday and wish he has got 33 nymphs for his birthday gift. Have it good, Dani! Drink loads of Stella Artois and have fun with the fellow Cradle of Filth members, and finishng Thornography! Thanks for being such a great influence in my life, I admire your lyrics-writing skills and wits beyond everything. Cradle of filth for eternity. Happy 33th Birthday, Dani Filth!

Anyway, this morning saw the Opening of Hell's gates for the Hungry Ghost Festival according to the Lunar calender. And, I grin in malice as I hope to experience some weird happenings around. -being an enthusiast in all things Paranormal me- I actually thought of playing Ouija Board soon... I shall see first.

School has totally desekrated me, was pissed and tired at the end of today. Tomorrow will be a wee bit better, ending at 2.30pm. Ah... I'm missing the jokes and all at Tricky Business! Shall head there on thursday.

And, I want to go back to NCHS! I'm missing all the fun from 4I 2005... NCHS > SRJC! Ugh. If only, I cherished my times there in NCHS... Hiaz.

All Hopes Lie in Eclipse,
25th July 2006
Monday, July 24, 2006
Today has been tiring, ended school at fucking 5.30pm. Slavery that is, blame MOE. Ugh. So damn tired at the end of today. And people used to say, 'Look forward to a better tomorrow.' Unfortunately in my case, that quote above isn't true at all. I end at exactly 5.30PM again tomorrow. So, children, if you are considering a JC pathway, think twice...

In school today, I did and observed several interesting things,

Yeah, that's about my musing today.

Today sucked in comparison with yesterday.

Yesterday: Met up with SMC people at Suntec for their CCF charity gig. It went well, loads of eggs, hair, loud distracting noises, Nick pickpocketing me, loner flourishing, receiving free Delifrance stuff, did some really sucky flourishes for the event camera, water from the fountain, balloons, kids, bald kids to be precise, Nick digging for something in my pocket, meeting my Egyptian Queen Ning, eating subway, changing many decks for flourishing, being broke, thinking of nothing, got to know more on what's going to happen to SMC, got zapped by static electricity by Donovan, missing my Markie, missing my God-father and thinking of why school should start on mondays.

Yeah, that's for brevity.

Life used to be good...
24th July 2006
Saturday, July 22, 2006

I never knew maths could be so amusing...
  3rd in Class.
So, I'm 3rd in class for this JC1 common test. But, I think there's some miscalulations on the teachers' part... Hmm. Anyway, my parents are still complaining about it. What the fuck do they want? Sheesh. Bleh.

Anyway, today has been a total loser day for me. I did not go out, and worst came to worst, I fucking did homework. Can I have some applause? :P XD. Yes, I did my chemical kinetics and Differentiation I. Yay. I feel utterly efficient. Jesus, it's a damn good saturday and I spent 4 hours doing homework and mugging. I know I am the sorest of the sore thumbs. Thank you.

Bah. Life used to be meaningless... Until, Deen told me about the great, fucking awesome news of Slayer and Hatebreed's arrival upon the wrenched shores of this accursed island in October this year for a gig. OMGWTBZXORZ!!!!1111one! Yeah, It will rock. More than the sell-outs, Slipknot. I hope it's not held at Fort canning. That terrain isn't good for moshing, it's sloped! Get Padang! Nice huge, flat terrain. ^^ It'll be organised by good 'ld LAMC, and I reckon the Roadrunners Uncles would be here as well, again. That is a superbly good omen. If Slayer could come, Rammstein/Opeth have hope too! Yay again. [I await in vrigil]

Speaking of metal, I have been listening to far too much Opeth. I need to stop. I think Opeth has replaced the once-crazed about Rammstein earlier this year. Opeth Frenzy. Lol. Opeth made me all depressed and melancholic. No good. Bah, everyone seem to be emo nowadays, so it's ok. Heh! ^^ I kid.

"And we thought life was meaningless..." - Mr Neo,
22th July 2006
Thursday, July 20, 2006
MSN has repented for his playful behaviour for the previous few days and is now working fine and dandy. Yay! You are forgiven, MSN.

Today saw the extremely tiring day as compared to yesterday which was extremely relaxing as compared to today. So yeah.

I lack of things to rant about today.

I want the weekends to come quickly.

I have the sudden urge to speak in Norwegian, but I know nothing about it. Hiaz.

Been really interesting and nice to talk with Erik.

Now, I really lack of things to talk about. That is a blogger's headache, you have nothing to blog about. It sucks.

Auf Wiedersehen,
Tuesday, July 18, 2006
  Loathing MSN...
I fucking hate MSN. For the past 2 days, whenever I sign in, it says, 'You have none contacts under this email.' Made me so nervous and at a loss of what to do, all my contacts, fuck, gone?! Sheesh. I'll try reinstalling that piece of crap.

On other sides of things, I got a relatively high range C grade for Econs with 2 marks to a B! The agony! B looks better by all means. Ugh. Anyway, thanks to my 16/20 score for my essay component for that C grade. Bah! [still hating MSN]

And anyhow, I was thinking of one of the more memorable jokes by Captain Kevin in the biology lecture, it goes like this;

A Haiku

Max Maven, he said:
"One more bald jokes, and I will,
crush all of your balls."

Haha! Kev's the man.

And, stimultaneously, I was thinking of more deviant theories coming from yours truly to aid me in remembering the damned Nervous Control Resting/Action Potential. One of the theories revealed the usage of the universal analogy of s.e.x. Yes, I realised everything revolves around it. Think wayward, life will get easier and more interesting. ^^ For your information, I uses my own exclusive theories to remember stuff in Biology, Chemistry and Econs. Of the latter, is more decent as compared to the nefarious ones of the sciences. Economics uses the mere concept of Jerry Nuggets, which is obviously not very helpful to a flourish layperson.

I recounted my CD collection, and found out there's only 39 CDs. Much to my illusion of it being more than 40, due to my (mostly) empty wallet. Bah. [need to expand my arsenal]

Speaking of expanding my collection, any experienced and tasteful metalheads who happen to chance upon this derelict lair, could feel free to tag on your reviews. My To-Buy-List is as follows;

- Immortal - At The Heart of Winter
- Katatonia - Brave Murder Day
- Dissection - In The Storm's Light Bane
- Dimmu Borgir - For All Tid

Reviews, please. ^^

As you can probably see, I am extremely gifted at the craft of ranting random and (at times) irrelevant things.

I must remember to watch Little Britian later. Missed it last week. Darn.

I'm starting to take a liking in King Diamond's songs, one of which (and the only one) is Gypsy. Freaking viking, me likes. Makes me so jumpy...

Tomorrow is SRJCian Day, and I do not give a flying hoot. Just release us early.

May the Reaper follow you,
18th July 2006
Monday, July 17, 2006
I was doubting my ears when I heard some blast beats in the canteen during lunch. I approached nearer to the source of the sound, and I became more and more sure of it being a metal song by each step.

I cannot believe there's traces of metalhead at SRJC. They were listening to Hallowed Be Thy Name covered by Cradle of Filth. Fucking awesome! I went europhic and approached the group with an universe-friendly \m/ sign.

Well, they couldn't believe that I listen to black metal... Bah.

There spawns the N.S.S.R.J.C.N.M. Hehe! National Socialist Serangoon Junior College New Metal(heads). Nah, I'm against NSBM. Metal is for all. ^^

Can't wait to share our metal headbanging experience and more music to further damage our minds! \m/

Metal ist Sieg. Ha.

I have sold my soul to The Devil, have you?
17th July 2006
Sunday, July 16, 2006
This is plain weird.

I have always wanted to live in a prison for a long period of time to the extend of forgetting everything on the outside world, under an austere and total code of silence.

Sounds interesting for me...

So much for the severe trait of a Capricornian. Heh.

I really like to try it someday though. Shut myself in. Self-absorbed. Non-existent.

From the wee years of my adolescence, I have been saying 'Welcome to my demented world' etc. Now my mind is really warpped beyond repair. Awesome.

On other sides of reality, my sister is off to Thailand. The land of really dirty black magick and Kumon Tongs and Toyols. Of the latter, I reckon they have affected my life in someway. Bah. [recite Fear Litany off Dune.]
I can't help it, Opeth is Love.

I succumb to my knees to each and every one of their brilliant and masterful songs.
Saturday, July 15, 2006
  At The Gates?
Whenever the councillors shout, 'Students At The Gates, please hurry up and join your classes, assembly is about to start.'

I curse under my breathe, 'Dammit! At The Gates is a band!'

That is how I keep myself sane in school. Try it, it's fun.
  Immortal returns!
Good news for all black metal enthusiasts! The Eternal Kings of Frostbitten Blashryk returns to summon the coming of The Solarfall at the Wacken Open Air 2007! Immortal are back, to satisfy us Within our Dark Minds. In this Darkness that embraces Us, Immortal is the only Mighty (Ravendark) hope for this Pure Holocaustic metal scene. On stage, they will Battle (it out) in The North, claiming what is rightfully theirs by sounding out their Call of The Wintermoon, there marks their Triumph while we are all, once again, Damned in Black after their performance. One By One, we fall in love with them again. At our Hearts of Winter, we are converted to their Sons of Northern Darkness. There, after all the turmoil, they reign supreme at the top of Mountains of Might.

Haha, if you aren't a metalhead or an Immortal addict, you won't get what I have said above. So nevermind. ^^

Anyway, this weekend is the first without any magic-related outing, since mid-June. I told you magic/flourishing is my CCA. Heh.

Went out to have lor mee and nerd at Borders, damaging my mind with more information from metal magazines, and free loading reading there.

Today is pretty boring.

Yesterday rocked tho.

Me and Keroy The Flourish Prodigy were talking nonsense throughout the maths lecture in the Inferno LT5. Since, the air con broke down, it was already hell there. To our utter horror of all horrors, we entered a drained aquarium. The floor is totally wet and with many puddles on the steps. Think Dark Waters.

The lecturer said, 'Sheesh, this have never happened before.'

So the twosome were thinking, 'What else worse could happen to LT5?'

- Ceiling collapsing
- The lecturer went schizo and eat up the microphone

Later, the lecturer was coughing non stop.

I say, 'Oh no, he caught the T Virus! We are going to become zombies!'
I added, 'Oh, I see a puddle of water there...'
Keroy, 'Uh huh...'
Me, 'Life is like a puddle of dirty water.', like a sort of sudden enlightenment.
Keroy, 'Uh huh...'
Me, 'Later, the screen will turn to Jigsaw, and he will say, 'Hello SRJC, I want to play a game. Behind every chair hides a key...'
Keroy, 'You have to cut the chair open right?'
Me, 'I think so...'

To my amazement, the screen flickered a while, and I really thought I was a damn prophet or something. To my chargin, Jigsaw reserved his appearance to much laterwerdz.

Then, after school, went to watch Pirates 2 with my god-father Jimmy and my dear Mark. They gave me many english (and african) names, like Virginia/Emily/Peter/Monday/Molly/Mary/Omh! Omh! -insert bird chipping-. I think my name will be longer than Prince William's easily.

I am still amused at Jack Sparrow's whimiscal behavior and his irresistable charm, loved him. Johnny Depp rocked! =)

Alright, here, I end my post,
15th July 2006
Thursday, July 13, 2006
Greetings once again. Due to an early dismissal today, I decided to head over to Jimmy's shop for some rejuvenation and entertainment.

My guy, Mark and my god-father Jimmy were there, when they saw me, they started to shower their ''love'' on me and talking nonsense of which I appreciate alot. One very elaborate example of nonsense is about my ''childhood''. Here is it: Jimmy said it all in chinese all the way, 'I know I am a bad father... I used to be a gambler, lost all my money away, owned people many huge debts. To prevent you from suffering with me, I had no choice but to abandon you in a rubbish chute, hoping that you will find a better environment... I know I cannot pay back what I have lost in 17 years, but I can try. You are still my flesh and blood.'' Like WTF?! Haha! Great god-father I have. ^^

So... The crazy bitch Mark said is true...The bitch, owning the shop besides Jimmy's shop, will place an mannequin almost in the middle of the corridor and will shut her shop like once per hour to go smoke, then shout random things in her phone at 2pm, 5pm and 8pm. Everything will be done without fail. =S Weird. And other shopkeepers seem pissed at the crowd Jimmy's attracting. Bah, ownage!

Then, met up with Ren Hui for a lunch-dinner and some crap talking. She is still suffering from a hangover from watching The Desser which she watched 3 days ago. That's a long hangover... Anyway, she said RJC Science people, 78% of them got A for Maths. That is a very disturbing statistic. And we are comparing the number of Us here... Hiaz.

Before we left, there is this grandfather-looking experienced magician there, who kept recounting his olden days in magic with no DVDs, telling me and Rh on how he learnt his magic. Man, he even flourishes! He can fan, well! Wow! I want him for my grandfather! Lol. But seriously, he's cool. Then, after showing him some stuff and my card skillz, he mentioned something like wanting to invite me into joining IBM. Haha. Me? IBM? Blasphemy. I will fall alseep there...

Anyway, on my way home, I spotted several funny/weird sightings.

Think that's about it.

I feel damn efficient about myself. I completed by EoM! Hah. Yay, tomorrow's Friday. Friday is good day.

Fatigued though,
13th July 2006
Monday, July 10, 2006
Didn't go school today, due to some prevailing dizziness in my head since last evening. Ugh. Irritating. Ah wells, slacking at home > being a zombie in school. =)

First thing first, I cannot wait for 1st of September! There will be a kickass magic show once again at Raffles Hotel, organised by ReDefine Magic. What makes it so appealing for me - such a sucker for all things flourishing? BONE IS PERFORMING! HIS INAUGRUAL STAGE ACT! OMGosh. I can so picture him - The Vampire Boi, doing his Furious Angel routine on the stage with some really classy background music. Awe-inducing. Respect almost instantaneously. Maximum style and eleganance. That's Bone for you. Cannot wait! Nonetheless, the other acts will be great as well, I wonder what's new on Jeremy Pei's side... Heh.

I was once again musing yesternight with my dizziness on.

If I had my own house or apartment. I would have 2 special rooms. One for my first Love: Metal. One for my second Love: Magic/Flourishes.

Metal Room (I have yet to think of a proper name, so bear with that crude one.)
Plastered with numerous band posters, band flags. One wall will be reserved for the bands who come to Singapore to sign on it. One wall will be dedicated to Cradle of Filth/Rammstein/Opeth. Another wall will be for the memory of Dead, Euronmyous, Grim, Dimebag, Quorthorn, and the other metal musicians who have passed away. Black ceiling. With a nice CD/DVD rack brim with my collection, a sign saying, 'Handle with utmost reverence.' on top of it. Of course, there will be a kickarse player to complete my frenzy. With the capabilities of playing 'Live-sounding' music. There will be a special wardrobe with all my band shirts, merchanise, boots, whatever, insert metal accessories. Another small bookshelf for the books on Metal that I can possibly find. A nice comfortable black couch. A Pearl Joey Jordison standard Drum Set to satisfy my air-drumming desires. How could a metal room be complete without booze? Yeah, there will be a mini fridge with alcohol. =) \m/

Now, my Magic/Flourish Room;
Similiarly, walls with legendary vintage magician posters, like Houdini, Lance Burton, Keller, insert more magicians. One wall will be dedicated to the flourishers, like Dan and Dave Buck, Brian Tudor, OVED etc. There will be a rack for my DVDs/Books, with a cautionary sign saying, 'If you happen to damage one of these, you shall get me 10 decks of Jerry Nuggets or bring back Houdini.' Another rack will be for my cards! Rows and columns of them, lined up. Utter beauty of the decks. There will be another sign again, saying, 'Warp or soil one of those, get me whole of Duiviver's storeroom!' Yes. Muahaha. There will be another couch and another mini fridge. Coolio.

Then, I will be completely broke, leaving no funds for my bedroom. Hooray! Lol.

10th July 2006
Friday, July 07, 2006
  Top in Biology!
I topped my class in Biology in the common test! More amazingly is that, I merely passed the damn thing. Heh. Interesting...

Hiaz, school ended at 12.30pm today and I am here at home. What a loser I am. I should go out to meet my God-Father Jimmy later.

And recently, I am hopelessly obsessed over Dissection's Where Dead Angels Lie and Bathory's A Fine Day to Die. Two classic metal songs. Atmosphere-invoking, epic and all majestic sounding. Just brilliant.

Now, that I have heard and like of one Bathory song, I want to get their albums, namely Fire Death Blood which spawned the most attraction to me. I need $$$!

No wonder, people said, music is a life-long thing. There is no apparent end of buying albums, at least to me. The addiction never subsides.

Anyway, I cannot wait for tomorrow to come! It will be the first major and official SMC flourish meet, and it's my first attempt at organising an event. To my amazement, the expected turnout is fabulous. Near to 20 people are going. Jaspas/Kev will be giving a lecture stimultaneously, there will be many subway sandwiches to satisfy my craving, many pros will be there, mostly to own the n00bs around. Yay! Tomorrow = fun day. Any flourish session is always fun.

Alright, enough of talking here, I should get out of the house.

Can't wait for tomorrow,
7th July 2006
Wednesday, July 05, 2006
  A Level Chinese Oral
Ok, I just had my first taste of A Levels examination.

The oral itself went alright, with a few of words which I had no idea on how to pronouce. Nonethless, it was okay.

During the waiting time, I;

- Did Crazy Man's Handcuffs for a 2673 times to myself.
- Told myself, 'If there's porn to watch, time will go faster.'
- Thought of many random stuff.
- Sang Inno A Satanas to myself.
- Felt sleepy.

School today was so damn slack.

Did 3 maths AP questions, listened to Biology, then talked for 10 minutes during the oral. That's it!

Life is such a drag;
5th July 2006

(I have turned away, not looking back any longer...)
Saturday, July 01, 2006
  Burzum to stay in Jail.
I just got news from some metal website, saying Varg Vikernes - Burzum, is to stay in prison for a far longer time, as his parole has been denied. So now, the world is a safer place... He had been in there for 12 years now, and another 9 years to go if his parole fails again. He's gonna be an old old man when he comes out...

Anyway, Common Test are over! Me = Happy. Let's not talk about academics here. Yep.

Yesterday saw the meetin up with ma magic gossip pal, Ren Hui and Kev H. Watched Superman at Shaw Towers, and it was great! Kind of liked the clean image of Clarke. It will be better if he have a black superman suit. :P

I was trying to do Bone's Eye Cut late last night. I felt a kind of pain that I hasn't felt in eons. warning: Bone's Eye Cut is teh 1337 f!Ng3r-b0NdaG3. Do it at your own risk. My pinky and index were hurting like fuck last night... I almost thought my hands will fail me after such insane and intense scretching.

Recently, there has been this mass-convo-every-damn-night, initated by Jaspas. It rocks! We talk from being bored to feeling emo to flourishing to pointless jokes to dirty jokes to Digimon and Pokemon. So you can see how great every night is for us. =D

And, recently, I got Opeth's Orchid. Geez, I am on a mega CD buying spree, have been getting one CD per week for a few weeks now. The feeling = GREAT.

Decknique's Collaboration Competition is coming up really soon. And I wonder to myself, 'How am I going to film shit when i have no camera!?' Darn... Nonetheless, I look forward to all the action and hope to get paired up with decent people like... Jaspas, Daren and such. ;)

That's it for today,
1st July 2006
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