Friday, June 30, 2006
  RIP Tommy Wonder.

How can I forget to update here that one of the most masterful magicians around has passed away. Ah... Anyhow.

My condolences to Mr Tommy Wonder and his family. Easily one of the best Dutch magicians or the world's. RIP Wonder. It was a great honour to see you live in action at last year's IF Magic Convention, your routine is so elegant and brilliant. Loved your cups and balls.

For more information: Tommy Wonder.

My condolences, once again.

Okay! Enough of morbid stuff.

Biology later! [grabs my file and read through again]

RIP, Tommy Wonder,
30th June 2006
Thursday, June 29, 2006
Ah shit, there is something seriously wrong, I missed 2 Werms in a row. I'm dead.

And, this is random: You know you are a flourisher when your mom tells you to stop playing with your cards and eat dinner.

How is today? Well, Econs was alright, leaving me 15 minutes to spare for me doodle german on the extra sheet of paper.

Chemistry is teh 1337 sH!tzorz. I was happily doing for the first 2 or 3 questions and being perfect in my way of presenting the answers. Then I look up the gargatuan clock up the stage. I spent almost ONE hour on those couple of questions. Holy fuck. Then I rushed through the other questions like a madman on the loose. Feeling myself getting increasingly dizzy with adrenaline by the passing second, I calmed down a little on the fact that I could answer most of the questions ableit the lack of time. The climax was reached when I reached the MCQs at the back. I have around 15 minutes for 20 MCQs now. To my horror, those questions could qualify to be structured questions, being so complex. Fuck. I used my sixth sense, if I had any, and pick on any answer that looks decent. I did that for around 5 questions. Holy. I was so dizzy, the words on the paper seems to be jumbling up themselves, tricking me into mistake.

So that ends my heavy duty day with a pair of weary eyes and a very worn out brain and a couple piles of dead brain cells. Not forgetting my hardworking right hand who scribbled tonnes of jibberish on the damnable sheets of papers.

Phew. The adrenaline returns stronger than ever, Os doesn't feel this bad even. I realised i definitely have to write tenfold faster to complete the paper properly. This is hard.

Tomorrow is The Coming of The Final Battle of Pen, Paper, and My Brain: Biology.

Here, I pray again for my right hand to write faster and my brain to be a sponge.

Wait, prayers don't work. Okay, I need to go mug again!

Biology, my hope of all,
29th June 2006 AD
Wednesday, June 28, 2006
  Common Test
These few days, I have been immersing myself in incessant sessions of mugging and stoning at stacks of notes. All for the common test. Ugh.

Had Chinese this morning. It was quite a breeze, considering I was from a pro-chinese secondary school such as Nan Chiau High. I am really grateful that Nan Chiau drilled chinese so hard into the students, thus making stuff easier for us afterwards. =)

Random: I want to write chinese calligraphy again! The tranquility and serenity when you write the words are over-whelming. Okay, enough of being cheena.

I am dead for maths. 'Nuff said.

Tomorrow's Economics and Chemistry -- The Heavy Duty Day. Then friday will be Biology, my favourite.

Yes, we have lesser subjects to mug for in JC, but the content and the demand are also porportionately higher now. So it doesn't make any difference.

I got a feeling that I will fail and then subsequently drop out. XD

Enough of talking about studies!

[listening to Mein Teil and doing charlier cuts in one hand]

Ah, I was chatting with Jaspas and we concluded that 'Life sucks outside cards. (and metal for me)' It's true.

Speaking of Jaspas equals to flourishing.

I can't wait for 8th! Brendan is coming down to Singapore, joining us - The Flourish Elitist Bastards for the session. I foresee a whole day of stoning and fingering the cards and eating Subway at Shaw Towers. Geez, I haven't been there for decades.

Life sucks outside cards,
28th June 2006 AD
Monday, June 26, 2006
I see so many CSI, Criminal shows and crap. And why no similar case as Armin Meiwes Der Metzgermeister? I wonder...

And, I want a coffin by the age of 20. I will sleep in it every single night. That will be kickarse. =)

Dreams are better than reality,
Sunday, June 25, 2006
  Some updates...
These 2 weeks have been magic-mad ones, with weekends filled up with magical events, watching Magic Unlimited 2006, jamming sessions, watching SAM show and meeting up with tonnes of friends etc. Great.

Random: Congratulations to Ning Jiejie! She is officially my female magic idol -- The Infallible Egyptian Magick Queen! Hehe! She got 2nd Runner Up, by the way. And she joined only at the very last minute. She rocks!

Anyways, the june holidays is way too short. It's blasphemy. Utter oppression of the young into such ungodly regime. Hiaz. Well... I don't give a damn.

Ah! I am absolutely in love with Imran's image. So elegant, so perfect, so almost vampiric-looking. So much like the one of Lestat... With those doves on his hands and that 'to-die-for' charming posture. Ahhhh! Okay, I should stop now. I am inspired anyway.

And yay for my metal Cd collection. I picture my little babies in my mind, and I say wow to myself. The collection does seems very decent and vast indeed. Recently acquiring Satyricon's Shadowthrone, Opeth's Damnation and Immortal's Battles in the North. I believe I have close to 40 CDs now under the genre of metal. I am proud indeed. << pimping CD paragraph.

And another yay for the upcoming Magic Cafe to be opened next year by my so-called Godfather, Jimmy! That place is going to own Magic Hall big time! It is a real cafe with tonnes of cool stuff. I shall not give any spoilers here. =)

I am still immersing myself in the life of Marius the Roman. But I think you don't need to know that.

I am lacking of stuff to write,
25th June 2006
Wednesday, June 21, 2006
  Life = Dull.

In my time of need - Opeth

I can't see the meaning of this life I'm leading
I try to forget you as you forgot me
This time there is nothing left for you to take, this
is goodbye

Summer is miles and miles away
And no one would ask me to stay

And I should contemplate this change
To ease the pain
And I should step out of the rain
turn away

Close to ending it all, I am drifting through the
Of the rapture born within this loss
Thoughts of death inside, tear me apart from the core
of my soul

At times the dark's fading slowly
But it never sustains
Would someone watch over me
In my time of need


Opeth obsessed, as you can probably see from above. Alright, I shouldn't tell you how much I admire their music and make you fall asleep again like the previous post.

Since everyone's blogs are all talking about life and what happened and how dull their lifes are. I shall not repeat that...

Currently reading Anne Rice's Blood and Gold. Anne Rice is Teh 1337 Goddess. Whenever there's bloodsucking scenes, I will find myself so parched with thirst, and feel those imaginary fangs growing out, and then I will open my mouth slowly to corner an imaginary and bared throat. Ahh! That feeling is killing me.

Holidays are coming to their demise, and I have not went out enough yet. Darn... That is why I wanted to be an ageless creature, nothing would ever matter after that. To hell with the world. Hiaz. I lament again.

In sadness, I slumber,
21st June 2006
Saturday, June 17, 2006
  Been a while.
It's been a while since I have updated this thing. So here am I again.

Hmmm, I didn't remember telling you that I share the same birthday as Dead right? Okay, great. So basically, I am really really so very extremely absolutely proud and honoured to share the same spawndate as a great musician and individual, who is known as Dead. A little bit more about Dead, real name Per Yngve Ohlin, is born 16th Janurary 1969 and demised on April 8 1991. The first vocalist for the Black Metal Legends, Mayhem. Ended his sad life by blowing his head off with a shotgun and his suicide note merely says, 'Excuse all the blood." Haunted by his many depressions and his bleak outlook on all things, he was forced by himself to end his life. Tragic. Untreated depression. For more information: I give you Dead.

So, I guess the sharing of the same birthday as such a reowned Black Metaller explains my sudden interest in Metal msuic and its brutal culture. Thanks Dead! You inspires me every day in my life, but hey, suicide is not my cup of tea. I kill others, hopefully. And no wonder, I share such uncanny similiarites in my perceptives of things, always bleak, feeling out of place all the time, the perpetual and constant loneliness. The need to connect with the unknown realm. Hiaz. I guess that is my fate, my destiny passed down from Dead, someone who could qualify for my mentor. Lol.

Alright, enough of sad talk.

On reality now, today was a great day with Justin, Daren, William and a couple of others, as we headed down to Parkway Parade to witness the second Magic Unlimited 2006 Juniors Semi Final. The performance itself was alright. Me liking the Masked dude, Linking Rings and Biting guy and Pam's daughter. Heard much about the Khatib (whatever the spelling) guy, saying he's how pro. Well, I have to see for myself at the Finals.

To all SMC participants, winning or not, I'm sure it's all a good experience recounting on my previous try in such contests. =)

Tomorrow's Ning jie-jie's turn at Heartland Mall. Go, Ning! Show the guys what you have got! Equals to meeting up with the same above mentioned gang again. And equals to another round of flourishing. Yay. Nice weekend.

On the metal side of things, I have a new wishlist. I wanna have all Immortal CDs! I am going to so very broke once again. Hooray for being poor. I have a sudden urge to list all the things i want now:

Okay, i think that's all for now.

Enough for typing today,
17th June 2006
Tuesday, June 13, 2006
  Mesmerzised by Opeth.
To Bid You Farewell - Opeth

I am awaiting the sunrise
Gazing modestly through the coldest morning
Once it came you lied
Embracing us over autumn's proud treetops

I stand motionless
In a parade of falling rain
Your voice I cannot hear
As I am falling again

Devotion eludes
And in sadness I lumber
In my own ashes I am standing without a soul
She wept and whispered: "I know..."

We walked into the night
Am I to bid you farewell?

Why can't you see that I try
When every tear I shed
Is for you?


The reason I am posting the lyric of an Opeth is very obvious, I am totally mesmerzised by that Swedish legends.

The simple melancholy hidden in those harrowing tunes have definitedly infected me. Those monologues filled with sonorous lamentations of depression and critical giatey. The soulful voice of Mikeal, those acoustic guitars backing up the whole song. Opeth, my new favourite band.

Okay, enough of my homage to the band.

I have been equally amazed with a wonderful tool, Google Video at the same time. Googe Video owns YouTube + Putfile + whatever you name it. I have watched the entire Nosferatu movie (and it rocked!), Legalize Murder: A True Black Metal Comedy documentary. Sheesh, such good alternatives to Singapore television. I love the net.

Regarding the Black Metal comedy, 2 words to sum it all: Highly entertaining! Things they have done to poof Black Metal - most probably the most feared music genre ever;

Vic Norseman did the famous Abbath's Call of the Wintermoon dance on a giant boulder.
The interviewer could sleep in Vic's house as he might mess up the 'energy' in the house.
I shall not give anymore spoilers here.

On a flourish note, Jaspas said my Ammageddon cut is nice! Great. I always thought that cut was only average... Wow to my amazement. So basically, Ammageddon cut is a 4 packet false cut that is done in a very fluid manner, fast and simple. Yeps.

Hobbies aside, I find my real life very much boring. Only 2 weeks to my common test, i still have not started studying. Great huh? =) Bah. Life = redundantly-burdened.

On a spiritual side of matters, I have came across a notion that it 'd be cool to be immortalised as an Ageless creature/organism. Then, I can invest my (unlimited) time on pursuits of my liking and to just see the world go by in utter solitude, wihout a burden of rushing in such a stressful environment such as this earth. I mean, what is the point of rushing your paperwork, rushing your lifetime away? I cannot understand that... I would really rather revert my life back to the times when people sit by the river, with a really good book to read, and a good drink to go with the wonderful afternoon. You cannot find that in anywhere in this world any longer. I yearn for that kind of life, where you could just sit and think stuff through.

I'm not being unrealistic here, I just want to exhale in sadness for those who spent their lifetimes chasing nothing. Does A grades really matter? Does everything actually matter? Hiaz. I lament again. I know what is on your mind on my exclaimations. I am extremely existantialistic. I know I am.

I sigh for the last time in case you are going to flood my tagboard saying, 'I'm paranoid."

Alright, I shall end my monologue here,
13th June 2006
Sunday, June 11, 2006
I'm bored:

7 (7, 16/7, 25/7, 34/7)

The Life Path 7 suggests that you entered this plane with a gift for investigation, analysis, and keen observation. You are a thinker of the first order. You evaluate situations very quickly, and with amazing accuracy. As a result, you are thorough and complete in your work, the perfectionist who expects everyone else to meet a high standard of performance, too.

A Life Path 7 person is a peaceful and affectionate soul. But you guard your connection to people carefully. It's easy for you to detect deception and recognize insincere people, and you avoid them. You aren't one to have a wide circle of friends, but once you accept someone as a friend, it's for life. It's as if you must get to know someone a lot better before you allow the wall surrounding you to be penetrated. Chances are you are a very charming and refined individual with great poise and a quick wit. Nonetheless, there is an exclusiveness about you. You probably aren't a very social person. Your reserve is often taken to be aloofness, but actually, it's not that at all. It is merely a cover up for your basic feeling of insecurity. There's no rush, It takes time for you to warm up to new friends. Clubs and organizations hold little interest for you; you are not a joiner.

You actually like being alone and away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. In many ways, you would have fit in better in much earlier times when the pace of life was less hectic. You need a good deal of quiet time to be with your own inner thoughts and dreams. You dislike crowds, noise, distractions, and confusion.

The overwhelming strength of the number 7 is reflected in the depth of thinking that is shown; you will garner knowledge from practically every source that you find. Intellectual, scientific, and studious, you don't accept a premise until you have dissected the subject and arrived at your own independent conclusion.

This is a very spiritual number and it often denotes a sort of spiritual wisdom that becomes apparent at a fairly early age. A built in inner guide providing a strong sense of intuition may set you up as being a law unto yourself. Whatever spiritual position you take, whether traditional or bizarre, you will cling to it with fervor. Once you have decided an issue, it is almost impossible to get you to revisit the question. Adaptability is not your style, and change for you is a rarity.

You rely heavily on your experiences and your intuition, rather than accepting advice from someone. Your hunches usually prove to be very accurate, and knowing this, you follow the directions they seem to guide.

In the most negative use of the 7 energies, you can become very pessimistic, lackadaisical, quarrelsome, and secretive. A Life Path 7 individual who is not living life fully and gaining through experiences, is a hard person to live with because of a serious lack of consideration for others. There is such a negative attitude. Indeed, operating on the negative side of the 7 can produce a very selfish and spoiled individual and living with one can be a challenge. This may be why some 7s actually prefer living alone. If you have any of the negative traits they are very difficult to get rid of because you tend to feel that the world really does owe you a living or that in some way you are not being fairly treated.

Fortunately, the negative 7 is not the typical 7, at least not without some mitigating positive traits. This number is one that seems to have some major shifts from highs to lows. Stability in feelings may be elusive for you.

Thursday, June 08, 2006
  Some updates.
So, the 06/06/06 has passed with nothing happening. Okay, I shall stop believing in arcane prophecies.

Anyhow, I ask myself, 'How's life recently?' And I pondered for awhile myself, and came to a conclusion: Life = boring holiday lessons and dull social life that aren't worth mentioning.

Random: Travis has left for his NS. Aw, I'm gonna miss chatting with him online and talking about Slipknot and Dragonlance. Sigh. Let me just wish him all the best in the army. =) Stay sic, brother!

Random again: I have been hooked to listening to Atonement and Hours of Wealth by Opeth, and Needled 24/7 by Children Of Bodom. Those brilliant songs. And, I find myself chatting to Jaro alot recently, due to both of us being extremely bored and stoned at home. Our chat isn't very constructive, ableit it being extremely fun, we continued.

Regarding today, the class had their inaugural BBQ at a place that is so familiar to all of the classmates. Yes, we held it in school. Wasn't too bad, the food was average. Actually, it is the first time I'm compelled to stay in school for just a little while more, thanks to the BBQ.

Then, Vivan suggested a class outing to OCH. I went euhorpic. That idea was seriously great, I will definitedly go for it. =) Imagine all that we can do there. Heh.

Anyhow, as you have probably realised by your observation skills, I have uploaded another video. It's Alt Lys Svunnet Hen by Dimmu Borgir. A classic song from a similiarly classic album, Stormblast 1996. I must emphasise that the 2005 version suck shit. Do not get that, unless you only want to listen to a better version of Broderskapert Ring. Only that song sound much much better than the original one. Others are UGH-ly done. Back to the video, I heart that Top Hat keyboardist, Stian Aarstard. He looks so awe-inspiring. Playing those keys without looking down at all. Wowwie. Too bad, he's not longer very active in the metal scene, heard he went to play jazz. Lol. What a switch of genre. Watch that video if you want to experience true symphonic black metal. Loved the opening keys part. Breath-taking.

Flourish side of matters, I created yet another cut. Lol. Jaspas told me to stop creating. But I love to see stuff progress from mere fiddling! Well, I think I should go perfect my current creations before venturing into more. This one was inspired by Split The Atom by Daryl Ho, well, only the beginning part. =)

Lack of ideas of what to put here,
8th June 2006
Monday, June 05, 2006
In less than 3 hours time, we shall usher in the diabolical day - 06/06/06. A day that would change the face of the Earth, prove everyone wrong and to revel in the reveries of evil.

Fuck everything, for it will be the Coming of Total Satanic Anarchy reign over everything and anything. Hail The Beast, His Son and The Unholy Spirit. That will be the new Unholy Trinity. The old will be crushed in the palm of The Evil Dictator, Satan himself, for eternity.

Be ready, people.

Draw your curtains, the skies will be omnious. Buy enough food to last you and your loved ones a lengthy and final war between Magog and Gagog, those two ancient Jerusalem temples. Sleep tight, as you might never experience good sleep ever again. Leave your Bibles at your doorstep, they will be disposed for you. Turn every Crucifix you see AntiChrist-wise, and they will remain that way for a long long time. Forget going to Churchs on Sabbath Sundays, they will be no longer in a very short while. Eat a good supper before bed on the 5th June, as hunger and war make you ultimately a very sad person. Piss, spit on every statue of Jesus/Mary/Mother Virgin/[insert holy figure here], and then pound them with a sledge hammer. Drop by Church of Satan and say Hi to Late Anton Szandor LaVey in advance. He shall be your Guidance even though he is a celebrity. Dress in black, as Satan's favourite colour is black, if you haven't realised that.

Restore the pagan Gods into power. Truths shall be spilled. No more cats in the damn bag.

Alright. Enough of sacregilous angst for the day.

More to the astrological aspect of things, have you, my dearest reader-fiends, realised that 6th June 2006 falls on a tuesday. Alright, let's do stuff in point form, it's much easier for everyone's eyes.

The details:

06/06/06 (666) - The Number of The Beast, Satan's Number, you idiot.
The day falls on a Tuesday, Tuesday is ruled by Mars. Mars = Planet of bloodshed and war. *wink wink*
The day falls in the sign of Gemini (May 21 to June 21), ruled by Planet Mercury.
Mercury, in mythology, is the Roman god of commerce, trade, travel and thievery, opposite of the Greek counterpart, Hermes.
Mercury, in terms of astrological connotations, means The Mind, Transportation and Communication. [The vehicle the Coming of the Beast?]
More on Mercury: Mercury is the light in our eyes, the ever-changing consciousness within us that moves from idea to idea. Thus Mercury has always represented thoughts, ideas, and the mental process in general. It governs not only ideas, but communications, too. Communications - by phone, letter, spoken, or however - are ruled by Mercury. Also thoughts, connections, phone wires, and everything that connects and conveys - even conversations.
The constellation of Gemini will be near to the one of Orion on 6th June 2006. Orion, that 3 stars in line? Holy trinity getting threatened? Ha.
The Antichrist will be a Gemini in Sun? Hmmm. I ponder.

Still the 6th June 2006, we part. Good luck.

I grin at the stroke of midnight tonight,
5th June 2006 AD
Sunday, June 04, 2006
Thanks to Kevin, I'm laughing my ass off reading stuff like these at Uncyclopedia.org;

"God is dead." ~ Friederich Nietzsche

"Nietszche is dead." ~ God

"Yeah, real mature, God." ~ Nietzsche

"I'm rubber, you're glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you." ~ God

"Well then you're an awesome and cool philosopher who gets all the ladies. Nyah." ~ Nietzsche

"Oh, that doesn't count." ~ God

"Hey, don't call it if you can't stand the fact that I found a loophole." ~ Nietzsche

"It's not a loophole, it's retarded." ~ God

"If I had a gun I'd shoot you." ~ Nietzsche

"Too bad I have a bulletproof vest." ~ God

"Yeah well my bullets go through bullet proof vests." ~ Nietzsche

"Nuh-uh, my vests made of tiberium and nothing goes through tiberium." ~ God

"Well then I'd shoot you with a laser that melts the tiberium and then kills you." ~ Nietzsche

"No way, this is special unmeltable tiberium, you can't melt it." ~ God

"Yes I can, my laser has infared, and like, ultraviolet light combined that melts even unmeltable tiberium." ~ Nietzsche

"Well then I use my ninja skillz to evade the laser." ~ God

"You don't have ninja skillz!" ~ Nietzsche

"Yes I do!" ~ God

God jumps around the room, displaying His ninja skillz

"Stop it!" ~ Nietzsche

"Oh you're just jealous of my skillz." ~ God

"How can I be jeaous of something you don't have? Huh?" ~ Nietzsche

"Oh, you know you are, just like you were of my Stretch Armstrong, and you were all like 'I don't even like it! It's stupid!' then I left to get some cookies then I came back and you were playing with it, and you tried to hide it, but I saw it! You were playing with it! Don't pretend you weren't!" ~ God

"It doesn't even matter, cause my laser homes in on its target so even if you DID have ninja skillz it would find you, AND I WASN'T PLAYING WITH YOUR GODDAMN STRETCH ARMSTRONG!" ~ Nietzsche

"Not a chance, I'd go invisible." ~ God

"It goes by body heat!" ~ Nietzsche

"Well I'm cold blooded. Nyah." ~ God

"Well in that case it just destroys the entire universe except for me, so no matter where you were it'd kill you." ~ Nietzsche

"Then I'd just create the universe all over again and make it so that instead of language, people just said 'Nietzsche's a fag' over and over." ~ God

"Hey! My cousin's gay!" ~ Nietzsche

"R-... really?" ~ God

"Yeah." ~ Nietzsche

"Sorry dude, I didn't know..." ~ God

"Yeah... and I hear he thinks you're cute! Hahahahaha!" ~ Nietzsche

"Dude! Not cool!" ~ God

"My gay cousin thinks you're cu-uuuuuute!" ~ Nietzsche

"Stop it!" ~ God

"God and my cousin, sitting in a tree!" ~ Nietzsche

"STOP IT!" ~ God

"K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" ~ Nietzsche


"First comes love! Then comes marriage! Then comes God pushin' a baby carriage!" ~ Nietzsche

"Dude, screw you, I'm going home." ~ God

"I win! I win the fight!" ~ Nietzsche

"I don't care, you're mean, dude, don't invite me over to play Mouse Trap ever again." ~ God


thunder, Nietzsche lying on the floor> ~ God

HAH! You can never defeat me! ~ Nietzsche

Ninja Skillz are WAY cooler than zombies. ~ God

Nah-uh! ~ Nietzsche

Uh-huh! ~ God

God is dead. ~ Nietzsche

The whole world falls in chaos because God is no more and Nietzsche gets scared. He starts shagging the zombies out of whacked-ass craziness and fear. You guessed it. Nietzshe is his own cousin.

Hahaha! Lol!

I think I died laughing,
Saturday, June 03, 2006
  Poor kids in North Korea.
If you think you are suffering, hell wrong.

Check this harrowing video out, Children of the Secret State.

I am so fortunate...
Thursday, June 01, 2006
  Life Mission
Okay. I know what I want to do in my life.

To become a walking encyclopedia for all things Black Metal.

Now I am propelled by the fuel of metal for all the incoming shit of the world. Metal will reflect and splatter all the shit back onto you! All hail Metal.

Thy Nemesis pervails,
1st June 2006

PS: 5 days to 06/06/06. Doom is within our sight.
This has made my day! Extracted from Roadrunner Records:

The protagonist arrives on a harley, kills the dragon, drinks a few beers and fucks the princess.

The protagonist arrives riding a white unicorn, escapes from the dragon, saves the princess and makes love to her in an enchanted forest.

The protagonist arrives, fights the dragon, saves the princess and fucks her.

The protagonist arrives with some friends playing acordions, violins, flutes and many more weird instruments, the dragon falls asleep (because of all the dancing). Then all leave...without the princess.

The protagonist arrives in a ship, kills the dragon with his mighty axe, skins the dragon and eats it, rapes the princess to death, steals her belongings and burns the castle before leaving.

The protagonist arrives, kills the dragon, fucks the princess and kills her, then leaves.

The protagonist arrives at midnight, kills the dragon and impales it in front of the castle. Then he sodomizes the princess, drinks her blood in a ritual before killing her. Then he impales the princess next to the dragon.

The protagonist arrives, kills the dragon and spreads his guts in front of the castle, fucks the princess and kills her.Then he fucks the dead body again, slashes her belly and eats her guts. Then he fucks the carcass for the third time, burns the corpse and fucks it for the last time.

The protagonist arrives, screams something completely undecipherable for about 2 minutes and then leaves...

The protagonist arrives, sees the size of the dragon and thinks he could never beat him, then he gets depressed and commits suicide. The dragon eats his body and the princess as dessert. That's the end of the sad story.

The princess in a velvet costume starts singing soprano. The protagonist completes the duett by adding the beast part, while the dragon plays the flute. Suddenly he swallows up the pipe and accidently scorches the beauty and the beast and suffocates to death. All their souls are damned in hell's eternity.

The protagonist arrives with a guitar and plays a solo of 26 minutes. The dragon kills himself out of boredom. The protagonist arrives to the princess' bedroom, plays another solo with all the techniques and tunes he learned in the last year of the conservatory. The princess escapes looking for the â??HEAVY METALâ?? protagonist.

The protagonist arrives wearing greasy overcoat, makes anobscene gestures towards dragon, and gets escorted out of fairy tale land by security guards.

Suddenly there, short solo, dragon is confused, someones screaming weird stuff, princess realizes she's been deflowered, dragon and princess are
still looking for the one who did this.

The protagonist rides in on his way home from church and sings a mushy power ballad to the dragon about how much Jesus loves him and that the dragon should turn to Him. The Dragon is immediately converted, and when the princess wants to 'thank' the protagonist he replies, "sorry, but I don't believe in having sex before marriage."

The protagonist arrives, the dragon laughs at the guy's appearance and lets him enter. He steals the princess' make up and tries to paint the castle in a beautiful pink color.

The protagonist arrives with a legion of a hundred brave footman, war chariots and a dozen elite warriors and, as a master tactician, flanks the dragon in a bloody siege that lasts six hours. The princess gets bored.

The protagonist arrives in a run down Honda Civic and attempts to fight the dragon but he burns to death when his moronic baggy clothes catch fire.

The protagonist sees the dragon and moans about how hard it will be to get the princess to fall in love with him, he gets eaten. The princess
is very happy, because he was a whiny fag anyway.


Entertaing indeed. =)
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