Tuesday, January 31, 2006
  Boredom brought thee blogging.
As you all know already, it's the chinese new year, and it's been boring visiting those damned relatives and all, being pretentious and faking a smile for them. So, I won't delve deeper into that and save you from falling asleep in front of the new age square box.

Just to mention, my ang pow haul is pathetic. It has hit the lowest record ever. Hmm, the economy picking up eh? I wonder... There must be great sales at the Posh Toilet accessory store that sells only golden tubs and taps.

Laments aside, I have been hooked to the brilliant song of Cradle of Filth, Tortured Soul Asylum. And the beginning of the song goes like this:

"Oh, sweet Midian
I burn for thee at heart
Don't despair
Come bare me on wings of graveyard robbed leather
To where pleasure rings deep secrets
In spurts after dark..."

I found myself reciting the above chunk of phrases in utmost passion before plunging my head into a series of headbanging motions and grinning at the line diabolically spitted by Dani Filth, that goes; 'Whilst I watched without revolt. Carnalities few beasts permit.'

And, also Cradle of filth related, the official fan club is launching soon, it's also known as The Order of The Dragon. On the unfortunate downside of the eurphoric news of it, it requires an annoying thing called Paypal. Screw it. Any kind souls who could help me? I must join that legion. I am, afterall, The Cradle of Filth W****. =D

Cradle-praises aside, I have work tomorrow. [switches myself to performing mode once again]

And, people out there, especially people from secondary schools, remember to search for my name and my face in next monday's issue of Straits Times IN section. =P

In addition, I do not know that one cousin of mine learns german! Whoo! I went totally ecstatic when she said, 'I learnt german for 4 years in uni.' Great, great! Now I can clear my doubts with her. =D

And, not to forget, I must get 2 books, namely 'Venus in Furs' and 'The Story of O'. Both are masochistic tales not to be missed. [reminds herself to hunt for them at Kinokuniya or Borders] I will be so enjoying reading them.

Literal indigestion,
31st January 2006 AD.

Saturday, January 28, 2006
  Chinese New Year!
Its only a couple of hours until we usher in the (in)auspicious year of the Dog. And I am terribly bored, being confined at home because of the arcane concept of a reunion dinner that sounds rather absurd to people like me.

So here I am, lazing on my bed, with a laptop and my steady source of Cradle of Filth blaring out of the speakers as my source of entertainment for this period of unbearable time.

Reader-fiends, if you are wondering how to go about killing time tomorrow whilst relative-visiting, this might help you a nifty.

For metalheads:

  1. Plug on to your earphones with metal blaring and headbang to your hearts' content.
  2. If you happen to be a black metaller, think all things necro and grim.
  3. If you happen to be a power metal freak, think epic and Manowar.
  4. Black metallers again, think of the coldness of your soul and recite 'In the mountains of madness! Unending grimness, this kingdom is mine!'
  5. Air guitaring and air drumming work well too.
  6. Headbang more.
  7. Point \m/ everywhere you go.
  8. Instead of saying 'Gong xi fuck cai', say 'Hails!'
  9. Bring 6 oranges.
  10. If your parents forced you not to wear black, then listen to them. It's the ang pow money that matters now.
For Magicians and flourishers:

  1. Do Healed and Sealed Coda can effect.
  2. Do not allow your irritating cousins to use your cards in Tai Di/Poker/21 points/anything game at all.
  3. Elmsely count the ang pows, so you can always say 'One is missing! You haven't give!'
  4. Palm the chocolate coins.
  5. Flourish all the way.
  6. Produce red spongeballs from the ang pows. (Little red balls. :P)
  7. I am still thinking...
  8. Flourish is still the best way to kill time.
  9. Cheat the young.
  10. Test your pickpocketing skills.
I guess with all these 20 handy tips, you *hopefully* can survive the ever-monotonous Chinese New Year and remain sane.

[off to eat more chinese new year goodies and listen to more metal]

Auf Wiedersehen!

In the festive mood,
28th January 2006 AD.
Thursday, January 26, 2006
  Flourishing Pyramid.
This is a cool chart!

[off to practise harder to attain the next level.]
  Snapshots of my pasteboards...
Today saw the photoshoot of the upcoming magic/flourish article at SPH. Cool place, the Straits Times office is seriously awesome. But the so-called ''studio'' isn't very impressive, it;s just a corner of a room with white background and some strong lights. [white background, thinks of Bucks immediately.]

Anyhow, enough of describing the place, let's see what I did for the article.

Think that's about it. Dang, I regretted not doing the king cobra and my whirlpool. [hopes The Virts will do King Cobra.] Nevermind that, next time =D.

And, fellow magicians and flourishers alike, grab that IN thing in Straits Times on 6th Febuary! Laminate that article and set up a shrine. =D Haha. Kidding...

Yay. Meeting up with Integral people and my Voldemort tomorrow. I'm more delighted about the latter option though.

Qouted from Voldemort: Tomorrow -- Buying stuff + roasted marshmellows + my Wormtail = Very Good. =) I am glad to be of your service, Voldemort. [I know you would give me a pat or hug as a return of my servility.]

And, the Rammstein fever has not exhibited any sign of subsiding yet. Which is a good omen. I've noticed a pattern or trend in german finally. Thus, hoping learning would be easy from now on.

And, bored as usual stuck at home, I ended up taking photos of my cards. Here's one of the stack of it:

Alright, that's about it.

Til next time, Auf Wiedersehen.

Yours faithfully (to Voldemort only),
26th January 2006 AD.
Tuesday, January 24, 2006
I officially declare flourishing the best hobby on earth. Final statement. =D

The unseen plight of singaporean flourishers are finally revealed. The future for flourishes are as bright as a new OSRAM light bulb. =D

Flourishing is the way to go, as said by Justin.

[back to flourishing as there's more motivation now.]

24th January 2006 AD.
Monday, January 23, 2006
  I am a Malfoy.
I can't escape my fate. My magickal fate, to be precise. I'm a Malfoy. Voldie, I'm no damn red-haired Weasley! Hehe.

If you are scratching your head right now, feeling utterly confused. Continue doing that.

Okay, cut the crap...

I'm going to be interviewed by Straits Times tomorrow. Is that cool or awesome or cool? I think it's all of the above.

Thus, I can't escape my fate. I have toned down in magic for quite a while, and yet fame is awaiting me... Haha. Okay, stop bootlicking myself.

Anyways, self-flattery aside, Justin and I were chatting about how Singapore has a bright future for flourishes. I believe with time, the gilded art of cardistry (a spanking new term coined by me! =p) will rocketed to the masses and do justice for the young talents here in the haunted shores of this island. And, flourishing hubs of the world are as follows; Singapore (obviously), Norway, Sweden, Germany (for very obvious reasons) and Vietnam (BONE!) and a little of USA. Singapore = Goldmine for flourishing talents. Galore of flourishing talents. The mere thought of seeing flourishes on TV is simply too thrilling. Hooray! I <3 flourishing. Best hobby ever.

On a more serious note, my dad signed me up on a Buddhism course. Which is fabulous. But, I believe I know most of the principles of it already. Bah, at least I have something to do than rot at home visiting the same old websites, and hopefully, I can meet some young Buddhists enthusiasts and make spiritual friends. Bleah, I sound too holy for a BLACK metalhead. But, metalheads are still humans... It's held at Kong Ming San Monastery, and I believe my thursday nights from Feburary onwards will be peaceful and enlightening. Whoo. Nice. Finally, my childhood dream of being in a monastery is somewhat fulfilled. Heh!

And, I got my hands on Opeth's Morningrise! Brilliant stuff.

On my way to stardom (as if) and enlightenment (hopefully),
23th January 2006 AD.
Sunday, January 22, 2006
  A meal for you, sir?
Fellow reader-fiends, if you happen to be a metalhead yourself, you might want to view what I've intended to post. If, unfortunately, you are not one, I invite you to click ''back'' and check back a few days later.

I assume you have chosen the first option of staying. Now, if you are viewing this with an empty stomach, you will find yourself saliving and having hunger pangs.


Make your choice from the menu. After you eat, you can visit the vomitory.


Dimmu Burger
Chicken of Bodom
Chickallica (Masters of Chickens only)
1349 Pounder
(In) Flame Grilled Whopper
Six Feet Hotdog
Nightfish Hamburger

Carpathian Salad
My Dying Bruccoli
Arch Easter Salad

Cradle of Fries
Ancient Fries

Kids Meals:
Old Mans Childmeal
Bruce Chickenson
Lamb Of God
Judas' Penis

Iced Earth Coffee
Sirius Beer
Within Masturbation
Carpathian Fart
Piss of Salvation
Lacuna's Cum

Morbid Angelcakes
Limp Biscuits
Limbonic Tarts
On Shit I lay


Violently puked out by Metalstorm.com. All rights reserved.

[So bored!] And, SMC's withering throne is toppled. Yawns. Who cares?!

Stoned beyond recognition and sanity,
22th January 2006 AD.
Better to reign in Hell.
Nocturnal greetings, my dedicated reader-fiends.

Cut the bullshit and get to the point, I will.

First day of Work at Fantasma on friday is great! Now I feel a purpose in life and for once, I feel I'm using my skills and ''talent'' if I have any, to great and beneficial use. Work = fantastic. Although for the fact that I'm feeling lonely due to my so-called friends' inability to visit me... Thank you people very much... Bah. Generally, I like my job. =P

Anyways, here's one for you: 'How I wish my lawn was emo, then it would cut itself.' HAHA! This line is most reasonably and diabolically spitted by none other than my one and only, Voldie. Heh! <3 Voldie to the maximum possible. And, strangely enough, the Chewbacca hug has evolved itself to Chew-a-don't-know-what hug to Chew a Gummy Bear hug to the latest version of this virus (of life), namely Chewing-gum sticky hug. Hah! So crappy.

Sehnsucht zu sehen du, mein liebling... Nothing can interfere it... No fucking way. =D

Okay, stop, no more mushy stuff. Full Stop.

Bleah. Nothing much except for a 6 hour flourish session with HF people today at the usual place, Shaw Towers. It was great nonetheless. Daryl (not Ho) got owned by Huron! Whee!

Then.... Nothing to blog about already.

Auf Wiedersehen, mein freuend!
Thursday, January 19, 2006
Greetings once again, my reader-fiends of all walks of life. Hereby lies the recount of my (mis)adventures spanning across 2 days. Sit back, if your chair doesn't have a back, too bad! Well, as I was saying, sit back and enjoy.

Ahem, let me refresh my aging memory... 2 days ago...

The SMC meeting at Mondo cafe. Oh yes, that one.

Infuriating it is, I was sabotagued by Pambudi into the Impromptu Competition. Alright, so I just did a crappy card effect and yet another even crappier card effect with the (seemingly futile) aid from a small glass bottle which was my impromptu item. I suck! (not that kind of sucking, you sick fucks!) Nuff said.

Anyway, cool cafe. Cool performances. Cool people (most of them). Nice experience performing. Nice time seeing people congregating together for Magic. Nice to see new people as well.

Ah yes! Kev is back in action! When Jio is performing, Kev was his stooge. Jio then asked Kev, 'Do you know magic?' Kev, with his usual expressionless expression, answered, 'Nope! Didn't ever heard of it. Nope.' ROLF. Kev rocks!

And, I looted Bras Brasah! Now I have a entirely free German helpbook. Woot! Brilliant.

That's about it for wedsnesday.

Dawn dawned itself into Thursday.

NYP Open House.

Cool campus. Even cooler labs. It's really an eye opener for me, first time seeing REAL fermentators, liquid(and gas) chromatography machines and complex computer programs doing all the experiments for you, instead of seeing diagrams on textbooks. And, the labs are air-conditioned. Coolio. The cutoff point is relieving to hear, Molecular Biotech is 13, which is what I am aiming for. Nice. [looks forward to an exciting tertiary education]

The one and only downside, poly is messy. No order, no nothing. Just whatever you want to do. Bleah. Just hope I can get into JC, I will go thank Guan Yin Ma if I get around 15 for L1R5.

Having rather enough of the open house, I went to Penny to meet up with my Voldie. (this time, with reinforcements from her parents) She has really cool parents! [envy] And, I feel weird hanging out with her parents. Nonetheless, i enjoyed the time with Voldie and seeing her in her green podka dot one piece uniform. [Argh! Don't kill me, Voldie! You still need Wormtail's hand for the rightful task of exterminating The Boy Who Should Have Perished.] Heh!

In all, spending time with Voldie always rocks! <3

Before I foray into anything more mushy that this, I should change topic before she decides to give me another chew-a-don't-know-what hug.

Bleah. Work tomorrow. [switches myself into performing mode and be prepared to be tired after work]

Blah. No more! Bye bye!

With no inspiration to continue,
19th January 2006 AD
Wednesday, January 18, 2006
  Hopelessly hooked to Rammstein.
As you, damnable reader-fiends, have probably noticed. I've gone entirely mad over Rammstein and all thngs German recently. The passion has reached fever pitch and there is no turning back. The result of my Rammstein-o-madness includes inserting 2 Rammstein videos into your blog, another 2 into your Friendster profile, blasting your empty house with Rammstein all day long and pretend you are Till, pounding on your knees while lip-syching the songs because your german is not that pro yet. The more serious side-effects are as follows; the constant urge to speak in german even though you sound like a choked duck, and the yearning to scribble grammatically wrong german and still be very proud of yourself thnking, 'Hey! I know Deustch! Don't play play!' This is truly terrifying. Rammstein has possessed me! [May the power of Christ compels me not! *sprinkles holy water from Till's dildo whilst Buck Dich is playing in the background.*]

I cannot fucking wait to see Rammstein Live! I want my pryomaniac lusts to be fuelled by their flamboyant shows!

You guessed it, I'm listening to Rammstein right now. It's on Spring. [Spring fur mich!]

On a more sane note, the 2 videos by your right hand side are namely, 'Du Hast live in MTV Europe Awards' and 'Ausche Zu Ausche Live Aus Berlin'. Enjoy.

Anyways, back to reality, there's finally a SMC meeting later. [Looks forward to it]

Alright. Nothing more to blog about! Shoo! Auf Wiedersehen! Sehen sie in Hölle!
Monday, January 16, 2006
  Mein Geburtstag ist gute.
Greetings, my reader-fiends. I guess you have figured it, today is my spawn date. To cover up what has made me rather melancholic yesterday, I had a kickarse (really, literally) outing out with my truly, Voldemort and deserkrator-fiend, Rei.

Viel Danke für heute, mein Voldemort. <3 Du. Thanks for that ruthless birthday bash. (with the sinister aid from the borrowed flexible curve) Affection lingers in the depths of my heart, or arse, to be more precise.

Now, that I am seventeen years old. Siebenzehn alte Jahren. Departure from childish acts and thoughts are definite. And, one more year to servitude to my Voldie for her drinking desires. I've also made a resolution to study hard in either JC or Poly. I want no regrets like what I regretted in my upper secondary life. And, another top priority is that to get all Cradle of Filth stuff and immerse myself in more metal cacophonies. For metal music spurs me on in life by tenfolds. My motto or way of life: Listen to Metal. Feel revitalised and live life right and have no regrets.

Blah, crappy stuff aside, I can't wait for Dan And Dave Forums' collaboration video. It's going to be so exciting to watch. The line up is incredible and the video will be highly worth it to watch.

Can't wait!

Here's the ''poster'':

Cool eh?

HL is going to be owned, real bad. And, of 10 people to be featured in the video, 4 are from Singapore. Singapore really has a bright future for flourishing. Too bad, the general masses do not know this yet. [Must promote this art!] And, I feel motivated to improve so I can featured in such videos... I must persevere.


There my brain goes again, blanked out.


Auf Wiedersehen, mein freünd!

[Off to read my God Emperor of Dune and listen to more metal and get zonked out.]

Yours insincerely,
16th January 2006 A.D.
Now, I think English is such a simple language after exposing myself to German.

German is as hard as a stimulated homo sapien. Fuck it. [all puns intended in every direction.]

How am I going to remember all 5 or 6 variations of the word 'The'? I hope my brain was a sponge.

Nonetheless, I am determined. I believe with the help from Der Metzgermeister, all odds can be defeated, it's just a matter of time and effort committed into it.

Determination. I must have that.

Deustch, Ich muss zerstoren du!

Auf Wiedersehen, mein lesen-freünd!
Sunday, January 15, 2006
  Ein Herzeleid...
I know it's still not my birthday yet. My family sort of celebrated it in advance as mine lands on a weekday.

Although I had Swensens for my so-called birthday celebration with my family, not really my family, just my parents. Celebrating my birthday with my famly has not been good for around 3 recurring consective years now. I, hereby, give up on the hope for a better birthday celebration with my family. Give up. [I feel like Harry Potter, celebrating birthday in sorrow... Not trying to sound emo here.]

[Looks forward to tomorrow for a better 'celebration' with my Voldie, desekrator-fiend Rei and Maytn.] Sehnsucht für ein beste Geburtstag.

Siebenzehn Jahren. Seventeen years.

Laments aside, cosmic energy strikes me once again. My birthday is the 16th. Was sitting at table 16 as well. There's more.

During the car ride, I saw a motorcycle with the plate number 9992. I said to myself, 'Alamak! Turn that number over!' Within 2 seconds, a red car zoomed past with the plate number 6663.

What is this, man?!

Then, I saw an ambulance with the numbers 333 painted on it. And, recently, I've been seeing alot of omens that somehow linked to the Number of the Beast. [Asks myself if The Antichrist really is here already.]

Anyways, I have been hopelessly hooked to indulging myself in the cacophonies of Stormblast 1996 and Midian. Extremely brilliant stuff in both that albums. I think you know this already, but I just repeat myself anyway, Dani amazed me with his deranged lyric-writing skills once again. Floored. Owned. I really need to contact him and be his daemoniac disciple. (if he even finds me worthy enough, that is.)

I look forward to Chinese New Year for the first time in history. The (pretty obvious) reasons? Money! I wanna get a proper German-English dictionary and a couple more albums and a little bit more metal shirts. I'll be contented by then.

[Random announcement randomly inserted here: I am dead set in learning german and I have tonnes of motivation to accomplish that.]

My brain is acting up again, yelling at me to stop blogging as it has thrown in the towel already.

[Heads back to the foul pit that spawned me in around 17 years ago, jabs the 'Publish Post' button and mutters some inaudible curses, then plugs into the servile earphones of mine for more metal auditory pleasures.]

With No respect or whatsoever in similar,
Furiously scribbled on 15th January 2006 A.D.
Friday, January 13, 2006
  Mein Teil
Gut Gott! [got reminded of Rammstein's Mein Teil and grins]
Today saw the outing with my Voldemort and desekration-fiend, Rei at the ever-monotonous Orchard.

Needless to say any futhur, the outing was great, any outing with my Voldie is always great. ;) Viel Danke zu dich, mein liebling fur der Midian CD! You = the greatest person on Earth that I have met. [Alright, enough of that talk before she gives me another rib-crushing hug or something similar in that fashion...]

Anyways, I saw half of Virtuoso at Hereen, and guess what? The Virts are still out kicking ass! Huron generously gave me a hint of what's coming up, collaboration video with Bone Evil himself. Now, that's something worth waiting and anticipating for. And, thanks Huron for praising me like never before for my so-called 'impromptu Tornado cut in bus' crap clip, I still have a long way to go to reach the Virt level. Thanks for that praise. It's motivation for me to improve even futhur. =D

And, I think I made a smart choice in buying the 1996's version of Stormblast. It's really nice, it gives me the feeling of being in a storm and being desolate and all. Shagarth's vocals is really gutteral and suiting for the album's concept. Plus, of course, Dimmu borgir's signature over ableit wise use of synth work made the album more outstanding.

And, yes, before I conclude this post. I shall remind my dearest reader-fiends once again, it's only 3 days to my birthday. Heh! ;) Don't get me Stormblast or Midian, it won't be appreciated. =D

[Heads back to the pit that spawned me and plugs into more Stormblast and Midian]

With all due disrespect,
13rd January 2006 AD
Wednesday, January 11, 2006
  Tab TV.

Are I bonkers or am I bonkers? Kind of both.


Today's episode of Tab TV is for me and my Voldemort! Purrfectly. I shall not spill anymore, before my Voldie gives me a virtual rib-crushing hug through an sms.

Anyways, Mdm X = no style. Voldie = Total 1337 pWnage (with the help of her flexible curve). You get the idea.

And, you can imagine the size of my 'hidden' grin when the narrator said 'Pain and pleasure comes along the same line.'

Regarding the earlier portion of the show, both me and my Voldie held not much interest, except that 'OMG, this is so funny! LOL!' that kind of reactions.

That girl in drooping spectacles is trying wee bit too hard to be an emo. And, the 2 equally inferior accomplices got the Emo accessories wrong. Wrong! You cannot even be emo, I suggest you go jump.

For more accurate resources on how to become an emo, look at Gerald Way from MCR (also known as Morons Can't Rock) and adore at the lyrics of the same band, then stare at a dozen of blades and try pull down your lips until you get a maximum curve. If this doesn't exactly work well, I suggest you to get inspirations from the 'I'm so goth'' icons and try asking your mom to get the EMO cereals (get the Free Razor plus 25% Added Angst). This should work.

Emos, never fails to make me laugh. Interesting species of Emo Sapiens, they are. They must have an extra pair of chromosomes called the EMO chromosome. What a mutation.

Yawns. So bored.

[Off to read God Emperor of Dune and looks forward to Freitag.][grin maliciously]

Auf Wiedersehen!
Tuesday, January 10, 2006
  Cold weather galore...
As you have all probably noticed, it has been raining almost non-stop for the past three or four days.

And, my point is that, to make you feel better in this sort of weather, think in the ways of a traditional black metal warrior, think of the bleak and despairing atmosphere. Haha. This is so crappy.

On a more rational side of matters, I finished reading Children of Dune late last night. Now I can't wait to start reading God Emperor of Dune.

Some quotes from Children of Dune:

I am House Atreides. - Leto II Atreides.

My skin is not my own. - Leto II Atreides.

Why do I not feel grief? - Alia Atreides, Abomination.

The worst fear that we cannot correct is the fear of our own mistakes. - I can't find where is it...

Fear defeated Alia! - Page 278.

''One blasphemy remains! Blasphemy! And the name of the blasphemy is Alia!'' - The Preacher's last sermon.

To suspect your own mortality is to know the beginning of terror; to learn irrefutably that you are mortal is to know the end of terror. - Bene Gesserit.


Whoo. Dune rocks! Frank Herbet is a pure genius to come up with such a plot. Too bad, he died in 1986. I am definitely committing myself to the study of all things Dune.


And, yesternight, whilst fiddling around with my cards as usual, I created yet another cut. It originates from my Purity Cut, but this retains the top card, and it definitely look more gilded and wee bit more intricate. I shall name this creation of mine the 'Muad Dib Cut' due to my current obsession of Dune.

Alright, my brain is acting up again. Can't think of anything interesting to blog about, well, I have a boring life now without school and all. I cannot wait to start work! Or rather, I cannot wait to get richer. Money does makes the world go round.

And, Matyn and I really should start a joint-blog or something and start writing some stuff. I have alot of ideas randomly popping in my filth-infested mind as he praised in yet another testimonial he generously gave me, but I do not have sufficient motivation to tidy up those ideas and to actually actualise the writings. Soon...

Oh yes, it's just 6 days to my 17th Birthday. I guess you guys have a memory well enough, so I can save my breathe repeating it. Heh. I kidd.

Auf Wiedersehen!
Monday, January 09, 2006
  1 week more.
Hey, fellow reader-fiends.

Well, let's see. It's only 7 days away to my 17th Birthday. Have you gotten my gifts yet? Heh! Kidding. =P

In any case, you have no idea what to get for me.

I have some suggestions that you can consider.

That should be sufficient. =D If you have not realised, I am not joking here, especially for bullet number 5. Heh!

I'm so old. 17 years on this dank planet called Earth.
Sunday, January 08, 2006
I got to admit this. I have vast amounts of respect for Ming Yi Venerable. He's the total embodiment of all virtues of a perfect Buddhist. I will strive to be like him.

Who says metalheads are a group of virtueless people?

My love for Buddhism has been rekindled. And, I would like the younger generations to see the benefits that they can derived from learning the ways of Buddhism. It's really a great thing.

And, you know that I seldom praise things to much extend.

- Ling.
My fellow reader-fiends, it has been a while since I updated this wrenched journal of mine. So I will fulfill your reading desires by picking up my quill (or rather, tapping on the keyboard) and starts scribbling yet another chunk of incomprehensible of words.

So, what the heck have I been doing the past few days?

First and foremost, I have finally met someone who's into astrology and all. Hooray. Now, I really got to meet him more often and chat about all thngs New Age/Occult/Astrology/[insert more here]. He's a cool guy. =) Like I mentioned in that fully done testi in Friendster, it must be fate that we met, the Age of Aquarius must be nearing. Thus, we are being called to service for this metamorphsis. Haha, this seems like another crappy theory of none other than yours truly. And, dude, seriously you praised me too much for my writings. I believe I have a long way to go still. Speaking of writings, we really should start a joint-blog that will suitingly consist of Weird/Erotic/Horror/New Age/anything that our filth-infested minds can think of. That would be seriously a cool project to embark on.

Bullshits side, yesterday saw the outing with my dearest Voldemort. Needless to say, the outing was great. I have no idea why that 'Cosmic energy' is so uncanny. Here are some examples:
Ugh, screw that cosmic energy! And, why her mom knows it from the beginning? What a face reader she is.

If you, the unwary reader-fiend, don't understand what is going on above, don't bother re-reading it, it's supposed to be that way. =)

Du bist mein, mein liebling!


Bullshit filled post, indeed.

Alrighty, my reader-fiends, my brain isn't right today or is it left either. All I am receiving from my brain matter seems to tell me this, 'I can't fucking think of anymore stuff to blog on right now!'

Alright, hereby signing off, and clicking my heels together three times six, shut my flapping and mostly incoherent mouth, and fuck back to the pit that spawned me.

Auf Wiedersehen, mein freund!
Thursday, January 05, 2006
  I'm so goth...
Yesternight, whilst chatting with Rei at the unholy hour of 3 AM, we got so cranky, we came up with more I'm so goth captions after seeing and IMFAO-ing some icons made by none other than my truly, Merle.

Here are the basic three I'm so goth icons that brought my crappiness level to greater and unparalleled heights. Enjoy.

[ Due to certain technical difficulties with this muggle apparatus, the icons cannot be uploaded. So, too bad! ]

To recompensate your loss, I have 2 other equally entertaining pictures to share with you. Here.

To futher entertain you fucker-reader-fiends, here are some phrases.

  1. I'm so goth, not one inch of my skin isn't cut.
  2. I'm so goth, I'm borned with black nails.
  3. I'm so goth, my condom is black.
  4. I'm so goth, I could count the number of times I smiled with one hand.
  5. I'm so goth, my favourite pastime is fantasizing suicide.
There's more, just that I'm tired to think of more right now.

Have a depressive day, my Emos and Goths alike!
Wednesday, January 04, 2006
School has started. And, I'm feeling useless and very weird. Suddenly, I want to study something and feel the stress of studying once again. Most of all, I kind of miss sitting in a classroom full of people that I like and loathe at the same time, and secretly fiddling with my cards under the desk and pretending to pay attention to the lessons. Well, in the ulitmate end, I must move on.

I went back yesterday noon to visit Mr Neo. It was a heart-warming experience seeing the things you once found monotonous. Suddenly, I felt really really old and out of place, even the canteen where I ''hung'' out alot during those mugging periods looked ailen. Now, the flag poles are placed on a platform, so the place looked even weirder. And, now the I classes are located nearest to the staff rooms, so that's a total flip of classroom arrangement. So 4 Integral classroom is currently invaded by 4D. I believe that my evilsonic presence will prevail in that particular room, always ready to influence those young, unknowing juniors of mine. And, where the heck is my beloved and desekrated table? I want it back! Besides those mad ravings, the chat session between me and Mr Neo has definitely mellowed down, due to the subside of teenage angst in me. I would suggest him to listen to metal music and drown his sorrows of his sad existance in that even sadder place. He said this, 'Later, I'll have to see how Mr Loo has to ultilise me futhur.' Pity him. Hang in there, Mr Neo. =D Obviously, that's an useless advice. And, to futhur aggrevate matters, he has been taken out of NCC or also called NecroCarnage Council. Awww. Anyways, Mr Neo reads Friedrich Nietzsche as well! Hooray! He's really one cool person. He lent me a philosophy book on 4 philosophers namely Nietzsche, Kafka, Kierkegaard and Dostoevsky. And, I can't wait to go out with him for a meal and yet another chat session over food (not canteen's!). But, as he said, 'I will go if I have spare time. Oh wait, hang on, when did I ever have any spare time?' Sigh, what a sad life he leads. I don't know why I feel like contributing to the school, in terms of helping them and not in terms of any kind of finanical aid as I can't even support myself. I would really like to start a magic club or something like that in that school, then I'll be the Founder!

Laments aside, I have spent my morning basically taking photographs of my thumb fan to see if I have improved or not. Here are the results:

Bleah, I'm so useless not going school...
Monday, January 02, 2006
  Some updates...
There's some really interesting stuff at MetalStorm.com. Here are some:

And, here are some lines quoted from some Harry Potter Fan Fiction, Draco/Lucius pairing, in a story called Patris Est Filius.

"You are a Malfoy, Draco -- behave as one. And if I ever, ever find out you've disgraced me, or defiled yourself with such filth as the Potter boy again, you will be punished, and you will be sorry." Lucius paused, letting the threat hang ominously in the air, and Draco shivered, wrapping his arms around himself for elusive warmth. "Do you understand me?"

Never fails to make me shudder. But, I still heart the Malfoys. :P
Sunday, January 01, 2006
  Fantasma, here I come.
I feel that my life just got better. I'll be working under Fantasma Magic. :P It'll be a brilliant job that I will definitely enjoy. So, do come down to Toys R Cuss and try finding me, and I might extort you into buying at least 10 items home. Heh. Nah, just kidding.

School's starting. And, I'm not at all concerned. Although, I want to go back on the 3rd to visit Mr Neo and Mr Mok for yet another engaging and sarcastic chat about All Things Life.

Thanks Merle for that fabulous Rammstein Live Aus Berlin DVD. Rammstein so rocks my world now, besides Cradle of Filth. I will remain firm on my devotion to Cradle of Filth.

Besides, I guess working as a magic demostrator will improve my skills in magic. Same goes for my flourishes too.

Bah... I am hungry.

Auf Wiedersehen!
  Hallo 2006.
The air of Year 2006(66) indeed smells better! Now, the year of The Beast has spawned. Beware... beware... beware... beware... beware... [Now, stop that beware thing!]

I spent my last few minutes of the now-gone 2005 watching Rammstein's Live Aus Berlin DVD. Good way to end the year and to start the new one. Headbanging is definitely better than stoning at the Channel 5's CountDung show.

Anyways, it's 16 days' time to my 17th Birthday. Hint, my reader-fiends. Heed that hint well.

I have decided to omit that 'My 2006 Resolutions' fuck, because from my past experiences, it won't work out. So fuck it.

One year has past. Time flies, indeed. I wasted one entire year mugging for my Os. And, I enjoyed 2005 because I witnessed Slipknot Live. \m/

6th June 2006, quick come.

Hails to all the worthy and with all due disrespect to all shitheads and emos,
Your Bullshitter, Ling.
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