Tuesday, October 25, 2005
  So many things to get, so little money...
Recently, there's been alot of things that I'm yearning to get. But unfortunately, my wallet isn't very cooperative.
So here are those stuff:

Both Rosenrot and Gospel of Filth release on the 31st of October which is Halloween. \m/ That's what I call a good release date. Peace through Superior Firepower, a Cradle of Filth DVD, is stated to be out in Oct/Nov, but things doesn't quite seem that way. Really sincerely hope that some news will come from the Cradle Camp soon on the DVD and the book. Live 9.0, which I have been antipicated for weeks, is coming out on the 1st of November. Woot! \m/ And that christfucking evil looking tee shirt, Immortal's Pure Holocaust, doesn't have a release date, but it has definitely added a burden on my wallet.

Argh, can I rob a bank?
Friday, October 21, 2005
  To Megatherion!
Woot! Today was an eventful day!

Finally got to go out with Rei! Went to delicious Subway for lunch, then to Penninsula the Metaller's Sancturary!

After some walking around, we went to To Megatherion. Damn cool place to chill at. Impiety frontman is friendly, neat! Even offered us free beer!

There's these 2 14 years old guys there, good that metal clutches are expanding! Muahaha!

Then went to the jamming room to watch those 14 years old jam. Haha, so sorry that we took up some of their time to do our crap. But hey, I tried vocals at a real studio finally. Came out quite well! hehe! Can't wait for Infernal Saint's jamming sessions man!

Chilled out somemore, Impiety frontman shared a jewish domainance consipracy secret with us. Quite a shocking revelation for me!

Then, bought an Immortal badge and a Cradle of Filth Order of the Dragon patch. While Rei got a Dimmu Borgir patch and some other thing which I forgot.

Overall, kickass outing!

Cannot wait till after Os!

-- Hails!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005
  Relish the carnage once again! And Again!
Oh my fucking god!!!!

Check out these insane pictures of Thy Event of the Year! Joey and SG Maggots! WOOT! SICness has reached its peak!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005
  Departure NCHS...
I have came to a sudden realisation that my stay at NCHS is soon to be over. So, this post is to tribute to everything that's intriguing, worth to remember during my stay at that school. This gonna be huge long and exhaustive post.

Sec 1 - Entered this strange class of 1F. Went in timid and extremely quiet. The school looked massive to my immature eyes back then. I can vividly remember that the orientation camp was a hellish experience. The rice is like bricks and the milo is diluted. Have to bathe in 3 minutes or the senior will bang on your door and off the lights. Tryants! Then some weird fag gave the name, 'Felicity' for the class name. What the heck man! Being a typical law by law singaporean, I went with the crowd. So as time passes by, everything went boring. I remembered during a calligraphy class, Calven and Liang Yu spilled the ink all over, the it was nice! Oh yes, Muthu looked scary although of his erm shortness in height, the school's grasses were his turf. It's been reowned that no one can step on Muthu's grass. Whatever. Had a Malaysia 3D2N Geography Educational Trip, damn it was FUN! The sec 1s literally owned the hotel and blatantly played hide and seek throughout the whole level. I remembered my trusty Thomson discman (already into metal)who kept me company during those long bus rides. The most memorable thing happened is the Night Visit to the glowing bugs (damn, forgot the name for it!), those stuff looked breath-taking and maginificant. Those cave visits are the shit, boring as hell. Shopping at KLCC rocks! It's so bloody huge, I think I only managed 1/4 of it in around 4 hours. I must go back soon. Then, came my CCA which I stupidly followed my primary school ''firends'' in choosing Red Cross Youth. It turned out to be a disaster during Sec 2. And Mdm Pey's literature class captured my attention, she's so whimisical and amusing in teaching. History lessons are boring like how the Aryans lived, conducted the similarly boring teacher Mr Larry Ser who always have a ink stain on his pocket. By the end of that year, I realised I have 3 more terrible years ahead of me.

Sec 2 - I have more friends now as time has matured some relationships. Then the famous quote was born, 'Last minute work is the best.', because we the weirdo class named Felicity always won those nonsensical competitions with last minute work. One memorable incident, National Day decorations. Our class mistress, Miss Yvonne Lim Siew Mai Wei Chuan LKY Chester whatever made the class stay back for whatever shit reheasrals. I remembered the twins had to do a double cartwheel for the finale thingy. Looked quite impressive. And, Liang Yu the Dance Maniac has cherographed a class dance for the Teacher's Day thingy which I forgot. Shit, that was disgusting because I can't seem to remember the steps and I felt stupid doing it. Besides that, the class Maths teacher namely Mdm Chow has a weird prounciation, she do always have an S sound behind EVERY word and she especially likes to pull JiaHao's ear. The class will laugh, I don't get it, it's not funny at all. CCA-wise, yes, RCY turened out to be a disaster. Enough said. The details are far too vile to even mention. I began to become comfortable about my class, so I admit I started bullying. At first, Linoln seemed like a perfect target. Then his reactions arent very impressive, so I changed to Tung Ho. Tung Ho is a better case study. Dubbed as The NIA chairman, in case you are wondering, NIA stands for National Impotent Association. I know I'm very mean, and I'm sorry about it. But FUN comes first. This idea was created by me and Yiting in the Needlework room and we went insane over the idea. Sec 2 life was more normal and down to earth. And, Mr Ong's science lessons were great enjoyment to me. He is the initial inspiration for me for the love of science. Hails to him. I remembered subtlely competing with Xin Mei for science, thanks to her that I qaulified for Three Pure Science in sec 3. So here ends the era of the sec 2 and spawn into the era of being in the upper sec! Sounds fun but it doesn't. Had a class chalet at Changi. Not going into it, because that will take up one whole post. The main thing is the Transvitte Midnight sighting, that owned. Oh yes, I was into magic by then, but my tricks keep failing. But I'm a pro now. :P

Sec 3 - By then, I'm already a full fledged metal head and I proudly proclaim that to my new class. The reactions were the same, 'SILENCE.' Sigh no metallers. This class even got a weirder name, Integral. Isn't that maths? WTF! I suggested Infinity but those ego-filled guys wanted it that way. Okay, fine. Being in a 3 science class, I began the year full of confience and took great pride in my work. Found out that someone in my class who was into magic and the occult as well, that made my day! Junjie and I had a long talk on David Blaine (yes, he seemed like a God back then) and discussed on the different pentragrams and educated me on the usage of the Tarot. I'm grateful to him for that.I remembered Logarithmns in Add Maths slain me. Then blah blah blah. I found out I loved Biology so much, and I still do. Soon, it became my forte and it came to me naturally. I had great fun chatting with Mr Neo as he's just an intriguing and insulting person who I can challenge and talk crap with. And he's a metalhead! Woot! \m/ Sec 3 life to me is more like a loner's life. i seriously can't remember much. Oh yes, the sec 3 Adventure Camp! Held at Labardor Camp, it was shitty as well. Although I really enjoyed Dragon Boating and sleeping and showering, they should row more instead of splashing water. The food sucks and the bunk beds are creaky but it's so comfortable back then because you have to do all sorts of stupid stuff all day which can make you extremely tired. And, I showed the instructors some magic and it succeeded! That ends my sec 3 life in brevity and here starts the Os Level Year.

Sec 4 - The year started rather busy and the teachers began their futile campaign in stressing us out. I joined SMC. Magic life just got better and my name grew. Hehe. Began to abhor the school and my classmates as I'm so sick of them. Those whiny girls like Yee Shin, SiPing, Calesta, and a handful more. Can't stand them. At first, I enjoyed Mr Mok's lessons as he's he only one who can speak decent english and show some wit and much-needed sacrasm, although he can be wee bit too insulting. He likes magic too, but he listens to techno, that turns me off. Haha, he got ripped off by Patrick Wan! A huge portion of Sec 4 life is devoted to studies and more mugging. So nothing much can be said. Except that I got more evil and a true blue black metaller. I'm going to miss Darwin's daily 70 cent bee hoon! Awww. Sec 4 life is roughly like this, boring piece of shit.

Throughout the span of 4 years, this irritating guy called Alden had many nicknames for me. One is Sucker. The other only created recently, is wanton. Whatever!!! He's one crazy spider lover and a mental nut. And, Lydia is my ever loyal Slave since sec 2. Calesta Tan watches Anime Porn and she's very much horny and desperate. LOL.

Altough quite a number of fun things happened, I'm still looking forward to leaving school and to look for greener pastures.

The last task of me in school is to plant that class tree and eat that buffet. How meaningful!

Time really files.
  The Biological Ammagedon!
Today is GSE O levels Biology Practical Nov 2005 paper.

*OKAY OKAY. Cut the fucked up crap and say the main thing*

Went in, saw a huge penknife. Immediately thought of EMO kids and the EMO talk with Fariza.

Then blah blah blah. Majority of it sucked like a horny *beep*. And that's quite enough said.

I couldn't see any VISIBLE differences or similiarites between that disgusting Fig 2.1 and the cut surface of specimen W2 which is just a carrot. What a sohispicated name for a veggie?! So I merely crapped it through.

And, I noticed yet another conspiracy. Your affectionate childhood cartoon hero, also known as Bugs Bunny has a major pact with Cambridge. He obviously supplied those inferior quality carrots to us. How evilish can a rabbit get?


Enough said about that shitty practical.

The thing worth saying is that there's no need to go back to Nan Chiau High ever again! (except for Os and the dumbass tree-planting ceremony)Hooray! No more stupidity blatantly displayed in front of my eyes. I'm freed from bondage after 4 tortorous years.

Alright, my instant noodle says 'I'm COOKED! Eat me!' Gotta go. See ya later.

In Darkness we trust. \m/
Sunday, October 16, 2005
  Fun deprived...
Recently, a strange illness fell upon me... I'm becoming like a living dead and my emotions are mostly numbened except when I listen to metal. I feel that myself and everything is slowly fading away, seeping away. All due to the excesive mugging! Fuck.

I so wanna have a time machine and catapult me to the time after my Os, but it's all just a dream. At least, can anyone make this period of time endurable and more ''enjoyable'' although it can be futile to do so.

The waiting and dreadiness in me is killing me. Anyone please, help me! Tell me a joke!

Now the things I look forward is a good meal and good music.

I missed those days when I frequent the library, Orchard road where I walked aimlessly around Far East/Taka/Hereen/blah blah. I missed the days when I hanged out with cool people like Rei and Joesph. I missed those days when I had jamming sessions with Justin and the magic/flourish gang where we just stand around at Shaws and flourish for hours. And I missed those days when I buy decks like nobody's business at Landmark, geez, I haven't been there for ages! I missed those days when I just stoned at Street magic and buying that Ice Milo and chatting with Daniel. I missed those days when we meet up on Friday evenings to meet Ning for The Little Magic Shop's orders, and Clement and Mac will just crap like crazy. I missed SMC closed meetings at Coconut Grove although SMC is like shit now.

Some people said, 'Just endure. Just one more month.' They have got no idea! Easy said, hard to endure!

The 3 words ringing in my devoid heart now are 'Desolate. Emptiness. Sorrow.'

Incincerated in this foul hole, I must, at least for the next 1 month.

18th of November, I can't wait for that day to descend.
Saturday, October 15, 2005
  High once again..
Holy fuck!

I'm listening to Live 9.0 streams via Roadrunners now. Fucking brings me back to Aug 16th Fort Canning! Relishing the SIC chaos! \m/

This might be a picture taken from Singapore's gig!
Click here!
Monday, October 10, 2005
  Expand the clutches of Metal!
Muahaha! Recently I have subtlely propagated Metal Music and HIM to one of my friends in class. No doubt, he succumbed into the clutches of metal and is now helping me to propagate HIM to others. But my fear is that HIM will become a fad in my class and then thus becomes under-valued. I really hope it won't happen, NO. And why are they so slow? After so long, then they are enlightened that Good Charlotte is pathtetic and a load of posers, also known as Gay Crying. SLOW! But Metal is still ever-powerful and mesmerizing by any means of measurements. \m/ Long live Metal!

Anyhow, it's been eons since I talked anything about flourishes, my sub-obession for the past 2 years. Well, I'm coming up with this concept of a full length continous performance. The name is From Genesis to Nemesis. I'll obviously start from the Genesis Cut, blah blah blah, with each cut getting more and more insane, then finally my yet-to-be-created Nemesis Cut that will be the Bomb, thus with that my stage flourisher alias name will be Nemesis. I'm smoothening out my Purity cut (in honour to Slipknot), Equrilibrium Cut (which evolve from the Tornado Cut), Equrilibrium Production (also from Tornado), other system cuts and blah blah.

Alright, Family Guy is on! Gotta go!

Sunday, October 09, 2005
Wow! Watch this video! Parkour at its best.

Click here!

Happy watching!
Friday, October 07, 2005
  Relish the carnage once again!
Woot! The final art work for Slipknot's first Live CD, 9.0 is done, fresh from the oven! You lucky readers are going to have a sneak peek here whilst I upload it at the bottom of this post. Gosh, the mention of this momentarily surged my adrenaline level in my bloodstream and suddenly I feel as though my soul is sucked back to August 16th at Fort Canning. Damn, it still feels so surreal as I look at my ticket stub now. Since that terrifying experience, my life has been effectively separated into 2 segments, Before Slipknot gig and after that. *breathe* Ok, I'm back to normal now. Anyhow, I was asked to pose for a couple of pictures during the gig, so I MIGHT be appearing in the booklet whatever. Hehe!

As I have promised. This post will be talking about Dark Light.

Vampire Heart - A power and soul-consuming track that revolves around love being immortalised as the title implies, Vampire. So can Love be immortal? Can blood or the passion of love be alive once again in a Vampire Heart? Got to listen to it to find out for yourself! I rate this 10/10. Briliant song writing and starter for the album.

Rip Out the Wings of a Butterfly - This one is basically showing the real geunine beauty of love. Can love be beautiful even without the attractions of the beauty of the wings of the butterfly? Worth pondering, eh? I rate this 10/10 too!

Under The Rose - This is a fast and very catchy song with a very meaningful chorus. Talks about sacrifices done for the sake of Love or the Rose in the song. Can you even burn in water or drown in flames just for your love? So Love is impossible to resist in any sort. I simply adored the lyrics of this song. I rate this song 10 too!

Killing Loneliness - The chorus goes like this, 'With the vemonous kiss you gave me, I'm killing loneliness.' Even with a poisoned kiss, you would not mind it as that is sufficient to kill your desperation for love. Protraying the desperation for love despite being dead. Nice! 10 too!

Dark Light - The introduction to this song is so soulful you can almost feel as though your heart has melted. The chorus and voice of Ville only makes it worse. Talking about the decadence of love, that beautiful creatures like angels can defile. Love as dark light, shining into your soul and blinding all fears that keep questioning about love. Well, hard to explain, get your copy soon! 10 for this song too!

Behind the Crimson Door - Catchy riffs to start this power track. Speaking of love 'summer' being killed by the 'fall' or some cold feelings. You don't mind it as well, as the winter 'rejection' said, 'Your love will be the death of me.' So this basically a song about the total rejection of love as summer and winter are direct contrasting subjects. Awww. nice idea is it? And hiding the door also means that your shyness or shame of love. Phew what a load of insane knowledge there! 10 for this too!

The Face of God - This one is rather catchy as well. Ok, correct that. Very catchy, This one is talking about the playing God for love. You, wanting to understand your loved one so badly, you become somewhat ashamed of it. And you are really desperate as you want to invade the opposite's dreams and you wanted to feel what they are feeling. You won't care if they are comfortable with it that you wouldn't mind offending God. Really good track here. 10 too! Geez everything is 10!

Drunk on Shadows - This one isn't as good I might say. Haven't found out the philosophy of it yet, that i need to listen to it more. Basically talking about the decandence of love and the blasphemous side of it, and love is alcoholic and could make one drunk on it. Well, this is probably an addition to the enitre album. This one i give a 9.

Play Dead - This another hard pounding soul ballad is talking about playing dead in the name of love. You avoid love by ignoring it totally of being dead. So love can be so deadly and harmful sometimes. You wanted to play dead until the opposite party accepts your love before all is too late. 10!

In the Nightside of Eden - As we all know, Eden is the garden of Adam and Eve. So love spawned from there. What about the nightside of it, the darkened and blasphemous side of it? Sneaky love of course! The lyrics goes, we fall in love with the serpent's song. Haha, Lilith of course! Serpent = devil = devil's female counterpart = Lilith = first wife of Adam. So this is indeed sneaky love! The lyrics also goes, 'Forever we are. Forever we've been. Forever we'll be crucified to a dream.' Even though being separated by the adulterer Eve, the love can live on for eternity! Woot, what a song! Bloody briliant! 10! Ville did not disappoint me at all. He's still as briliant and hot despite his fugly hair.

Dark Light, come shine upon me, luminating my soul!

Woot, this is really a LONG post. i hope you have enjoyed reading it and gaining some insights of the almighty HIM and its heartagram.

Last but not least, I'll upload the CD artwork of Slipknot's upcoming kick ass live album, 9.0. Here it is: http://www.pulseofthemaggots.com/images/90live.jpg.

Relish the Carnage! \m/
Wednesday, October 05, 2005
  Amidst everything...
Good news! Good news! My sister officially look like Marilyn Manson now. WOOT! She went for hair modelling, and the hairdresser gave her the Marilyn hairstyle. Saddly, for various untastful reasons given by non-metalheads, they loathe this superbly cool image and become ashamed of it. Why? Plus, you got this image for free and you earned a heftly amount of 700 dollars just for it! Alright, I'm so looking forward to seeing her this weekend. Uber coolness.

Still speaking of siblings, my brother's hair is getting long, resulting in a very very queer phemonemon. Upon looking at him at a certain angle of elevation, he actually look like Matthew Heafy of Trivium! Gosh! That young talented vocalist, yes! Good, for that reason, I support my brother in not cutting his hair.

Oh yes, Slipknot is featured in Lime. Lime?! Is it a mistake? Typo? Nope, sad to announce, it IS Lime. Alright, what the fuck is Slipknot doing in that notorious second-graded magazine of Singapore? Intrigued, I read on. The questions they asked Corey is extremely uninteresting and obviously repetitive. Corey, uninterested or even bothered to answer properly, gave similar second-graded answers to stuff that reporter's mouth and made a deft escape from the irritating clutches of the ignorant and uneducated media.

There's one thing that entrapped in looking at that 2 miserable pages, no, 2 to be exact. One; the caption: Mick demostrates the fine art of headbanging. That's a decent line. Two; Joey! Of course, Joey has always been the magnet of Slipknot, undoubtedly. I hope those media and emos won't demagnetize him too much. Keep thos alternating currents and soft-iron coils to yourself, pricks!

To add on to it, Lime misspelt Craig as Graig. And, they can just use the famous collective term for Slipknot's fans, just use Maggots! Sigh, uninformed group of reporters...

These days... have been... crazy mugging days. I almost can feel my creative and expressive side seeping away into the sponges of the bookish abyss. Look what excessive mugging can do to you, sooner or later, you'd become an uninteresting dimwit who rely on books but not your logic or principles. Pathetic eh? Worry not, I'll try all means to keep my sanity at a healthy and ventilated level. One; by metal music. As the famous quote conjured by me goes, 'A dose of headbanging a day, keeps depression at bay.' It's definitely useful, try it someday! Two, try crapping with your siblings. One very ideal example occured yesterday, my brother (again) hates drinking soup. So, I said to him, 'Survivors ready?' Go!' in the exact manner of Jeff the host. Then he went on to gulp the soup. Then somehow, Survivors mutated to Fear Factor. I said again, 'Eeek. It tastes real bad right? Yuck! Ekkk!', giving generous hints of pseudo disgust. My brother successfully finished with the soup. Then, I said to the imaginary contestant next to my brother, 'Well, blah blah blah. You got to beat 5 seconds to stay in the game.' Haha! My brother can be such a good crapping partner sometimes, albeit being a pain in the ass most of the time. I had fun watchin g Family Guy with him too! (I) Thank God (for the suffering) that he get the jokes unlike majority of the teenagers who just likes boybands and who do not have a mind of their own. For that, my brother rocks.

Alright, dearest rant-filled scroll of mine. End of ranting! Bye bye! Go home, Shoo!

Oh yes, a full analysis of Dark Light shalth thy next post. So please do revisit this site often. Hehe.

In The Great Beast and Set, we trust. \m/
Sunday, October 02, 2005
  Finally! Dark Light!

Finally, after 3 perilous journeys in vain for Dark Light, I got it at a queer location of Towers Records. Well, the cover looked insane! Your heart will go awww and melt at the sight of it. Hehe. Music-wise, you got to scrutinise and 'Feel' their music, then Bam! You are hooked to it.

Ville Valo, I <3 you!

As for these few days, it have been a foul time stoning at home, being unreasonably oppressed and coerced to study. Fuck. I'm beginning to loathe this so-called home of mine. I'm not that lousy and I've been putting consistent and reasonable amount of effort onto my studies, what the fuck they want? I do not give a two fucked up hoots about them. Rant all they want. I won't become a fucked up mugger shitbag for the sake of Os. I see no reason why people get so uptight about studying, studying to me is just a phase of life. Yes, i enjoy studying, I dare say. But, I study purely for the thirst for knowledge and wisdom, not for that fucked up certificate that this mindless society brimmed of brainwashed fucks have been soughting after like some Holy Grail. Alright, enough of ravening rants of mine.

To cheer me up just by a little, I had Subway today! That has became my weekly ritual . Subway is the cure for this modern world's teenagers. I guess, under the shroud of this 'fast-food' label, teenagers like me would grow to love vegetables alot more. Neat! Subway Owns.

Speaking of food, now I can fully understand why Fariza is so in love with chicken. I had honey roasted chicken several days back. Gosh, it was heavenly!

Anyhow, I so want to meet up with any metalheads! I can't stand the feeling of hanging around with non-metalheads. Reasons being, first and foremost, they are not metalheads, obviously. Secondly, they suck, that's a universal fact. Thirdly, after much scienitfic investigations, they are either Emos or Cheena Pop Lovers, or combination of both which is far more terrifying. Fourtly, they still suck. Fifthly, I just don't like their faces. Sixthly, I don't know if there's a word called 'sixthly'. Last but not least, I want to do the Devil Horn \m/ lock thingy so badly! When I do to non-metalheads, they have 2 reactions. One, they pretend they didn't see it. Two, they keep asking stupid questions. Bleah. Why is this world like this? God is overly ambitious by creating so many useless people. Save your resources, God! Otherwise, Heaven's gonna have a new problem of renewable resources, and you got to use the 3Rs to conserve them later. Haha. Me talking nonsense.

Oh yes, I saw a company named 'Nordic Corporation' at some ulu industrial park. Neat!

Alright, logging off now and back to Dark Light!

In Darkness and The Infernal Yahweh, we trust. \m/

Hail, my fiends of this diabolical lair.
Saturday, October 01, 2005
  Impiety Mystery.
It was the same old boring routine this morning... Blah blah Blah. 7.15am, I'm still stuck at the bus stop. Great?!

Then, one striking figure attracted my attention.

Draped in black metal tee, Impiety Kaos Kommand 696 to be precise. Carrying an electric gutiar, and wearing boots. And partially due to the prolonged heated discussion with Rei of whether one guy called Goat Gladiator is Impiety Frontman online. I have got to be sure that that guy must be Shyaithan from The Mighty Impiety! Woot!

And, from the inferance, I can safely conclude that he lives somewhere near me! That's worth 2 WOOTs! \m/

This so rocks! Fathom having Impiety Frontman as your neighbour?! Madness!

Putting the insanity aside, I've been seriously addicted to Immortal's Sons of Northen Darkness. Abbath's vocals keep reverberate in my ears, ringing me to the call of the great Norse. And, those grim beats and riffs too! Inscribed in my mind! Pity, Immortal is don't know how many days no longer. Besides Immortal, I'm very much haunted by the howls of Nightwish. Goodness Satan! Nemo is good! Wish I Had An Angel too. That female vocalist sure is good!

Recently, I have been extremely pissed by HMV and other so-called good record stores on this minute island of Singapore. It's been 4 fucking long days and they haven't gotten Dark Light in. Seriously screwed up. Luckily, when I checked out HIM's website, they provided a reasonable reason for the late stock due to the extensive packaging and stuff. Bleah, CANNOT WAIT any longer.

Back to this fucked up reality, I'm pretty confirmed that polytehnic will be my destiny. For I can don metal tees to school daily! No more retarded looking blouse and seriously back-dated long skirts and ridiculous school rules. Indeed, I'm looking very forward to everything. But, I'm definitely NOT looking forward to the bloody Os.

Oh yeah, I really wish I can work at Pennisula after my Os. Any shop that sells metal stuff is good enough for me, preferably To Megatherion. Hehe.

I tried using the Ouija Board yesterday night for some light on my school work etc, guess what?! I let 2 spirits escape into this dimension of world. Damn! That pen just wriggle its way off the edge of the paper, twice. I guess my room is pretty overcrowded now. I hope 'they' will disperse their way out slowly.

Okay, my fiends. I guess I have to work harder for my Os. I really want to clear the poly cutoff point for Biotech or Biomedical. For that, I need to improve 5 subjects of mine by 1 grade, which is actually rather possible, gaining experience from Chinese (C6 to B3!).

Speaking of this much-abhorred studies, I guess my hard work for my consistent(ly lousy) chemistry has paid off. Guess what's the grade jump? From a D7 to B3! How shocking! I guess, my effort for Chemistry must be maintained, as due to unknown reasons, Chemistry seemed fun and such an ease to study. TCL, you are the Man!

Alright, my beloved fiends. See you soon!
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