Tuesday, May 31, 2005
  Devo Vom Schattenreich, goodbye...
From the The Hooded XCMer Devo :

I decided to post this up a day early since I am leaving for a show to Texas tommorow....

Due to personal reasons I am leaving the United States and going back to live permanently in Germany. I have also decided to shut down my store and Handlordz website on 1 July 2005. My forums will remain open for the members, however I will not be present. My email addresses will also be obsolete. I will be here on my forums only until 1 July.

The XB DVD is my final offering to the public XCM community. I will finish De’Ring since I am under contract to do so, however that will be the last public/commercial project. I am going to concentrate on the Ulmen Trials and training, as well as creative development with several of the underground German/European XCM groups, projects, and individuals. I am not quitting XCM, in fact I am going to focus on the art more than ever before! All the public activities from the internet and making commercial DVDs have taken away valuable time from myself and my family. I also feel like I have drifted away from the core of the underground community, and it’s time to go back where it all started from. I came to America to publicly push the art of XCM as it’s own art form, and help promote others learn and “flourish”. I believe I have accomplished my goals….

With that I would like to GREATLY thank all of you HL hardcores for all the tremendous support you all have given me! As a token of my appreciation, I am leaving the forums up as is….. Battles will continue - and I am still working out the details of who will judge etc… There WILL be a 2006 Tournament that my staff will make sure gets out next year! I hope you all continue to visit and post and keep the XCM dream alive!

A special thank you to everyone that has supported me on these forums over the past couple of years! It has been a fantastic experience! But it is time for me to move on. I wish all of you the best of luck in the future!

After I leave, I will not be able to be contacted… however if you are looking for me, I’ll be training in Ulmen…. I hope to see some of you for the trials!! I will update the Superhandz page with a email address for a U4 representative to schedule you if you choose to go… I will surely be at each and every one of the trials and look forward to seeing any of you that decide to participate.

Thanks one more time to all of you!!!!

You will all be missed……


De’vo vom Schattenreich

This is really sad...

He and his works got me into flourishing like 8 to 9 months ago. I never knew such stuff existed before his materials. I do really Owe him for what I am now.

Birdy fan, Heaven Display, Filpbacks, Filpback Fans, CTG, Deck Openers, Cobras, Quad Cobras, Triad Cobras and finally King Cobras. Such good concepts and creativity in them.

Well, Devo, I respect your decision. Wish you all the best for your future projects and the Ulmen traninings and materials. =P

You left your mark on the flourishing history, and you will be remembered as a Legend, always.

You are the MILESTONE for flourishes.

Well, I still remember the times I watched your Handlordz videos time and time again, admiring your skills and your Cobras. They still looked heavenly although now that I could do them as well.

Monday, May 30, 2005
  Cradle of Fear.
Guess what?!

Joseph (or Dave Adeth of JackassX) and me has bought Cradle of Fear!!!

I guess it's the only copy in Singapore, that makes it cool. =)

Well, I have not finish watching it due to my sister's untimely arrival... But I have watched 1 hour and 30 mintues of pure madness. 30 more minutes to go. =)

To warn you, the DVD cover caption's warning is to be heeded. NOT FOR THE FAINT-HEARTED.

There's naked nymphs, extreme madness, insanity-ridden cold-bloodied murders (or slaughter, as it's more suitable for this case.), occasional Dani Filth heinous appearances, plus much more madness for everyone.

I can assure you that by the 2nd or 3rd story, you will be terminally immunised to the gore, or even that you will be enjoying the butcherings and the mere violence. The hunger within you grows... Like the damnable maggots infesting a scarred wound, the madness and the sickness grows... Slowly, but without a hint of giving up. It's scary to even believe it yourself.

Well. I shall not expose anymore. Watch it for yourself, and be duly rewarded. Find yourself bent on some murdering action and hallucinations. Don't try to resist this deadly temptation, or else The Man Dani Filth shall come for you. Succumb. And succumb well.

Most of all, it's called Cradle of Fear for something. Beware... Your worst nightmare might come true...

Finally, Dani, my Dani... You never failed to amaze me. For that, you are called Dani Filth The Man for a very very good reason.


Enough said.
Sunday, May 29, 2005
  Cruelty Brought thee Orchids...
The next babble comes from yet from anotehr strangely enough albums.

This is Cruelty brought thee Orchids!!!!

Some decent jokes...

Hear me now
All crimes should be treasured
If they bring thee pleasure somehow

Maleficent in dusky rose
Gathered satin lapped her breasts
Like blood upon the snow
A tourniquet of Topaz
Glistened at her throat
Awakening, pulled from the tomb
Her spirit freed, eclipsed the moon
That she outshone as a fallen star
A regal ornament from a far flung nebular

Her likeness hung in the black gallery
Commanding unease
Demanding of death to breathe...

Midst the whirl and daylight fauna
Of society at court
Elizabeth bedazzled, her presence sought applause
Though her torchlit shadow
Thrown upon damp cellar walls
Greeted nothing but despair from slaves her nights enthralled

Thirteen Winter solstices had shown
Her path, that the dark
Had marked its dominion
Spaying the confessor
Whose caresses she'd known
As whipcord in the House of Dog
Her cold cunt meat on holy bone

Raped of faith, she now embraced
The narcissistic unrest frozen on the mirror's face
With this disdain, inside these veins
Highborn wanton that she was
She sought to keep what age would claim
Her soul was sold and for this toll
Reeking pyres ever smouldered
On the whims of one so in control
Elizabeth, mysterious
Cruelty brought thee orchids
From the bowels of the abyss

Once upon atrocity when midwitches stifled cries
And carved abortive runes in reddened wombs
Exhumed by scrying eyes
Madness came upon her
Like an amorous lover's seed
Lifesblood splashed upon her skin
In gouts torture unleashed

And to her dead reflection
'Twas as if her pallor gleamed
Like an angel's warmed by candles
Where erotic stains had cleaved
So demons dragged this libertine
Lusts screaming for release
Upon the flesh of maidens preened
As canvas for caprice

Exacting obeisance
Her gaze held a seance
Of spirits too trapped under glass to commune
A sleeter mistress than Luna
Whose threats to consume her
Met with torments giving vent to her swoon

Flat on her back
Pack-prey for the reams
Of verses and curses
That haunted her dreams
Midnightmare chimed
Thirteen in her mind
A disciple of scars
Branded years hissed behind
Ridden split-thighed
By the Father of lies
An ovation of wolves
Blushed the skies as they writhed

But Heaven is never forever
She came, a spent storm
From the clouds...

Leaving serpents in office
Inside every gate
To lick righteous holes
Blinding Lords to the fate
Of virgins forced naked
To defile on rent knees
Hacked and racked backwards
Menses choking their pleas

Twitching make me wet with thee
Carcass rub me raw

And to her dead reflection
'Twas as if her pallor gleamed
Like an angel's warmed by candles
Where erotic stains had cleaved
So demons dragged this libertine
Lusts screaming for release
Upon the flesh of maidens preened
As canvas for caprice

Raped of faith, she now embraced
The narcissistic unrest frozen on the mirror's face
With this disdain, inside these veins
Highborn wanton that she was
She sought to keep what age would claim
Her soul was sold and for this toll
Reeking pyres ever smouldered
On the whims of one so in control
Elizabeth, mysterious
Cruelty brought thee orchids
From the bowels of the a...

From the bowels of the abyss
Tuesday, May 24, 2005
  A little Abomination for your cowerign pleasures. The History of Cradle of Filth.
These are dark days. We live our lives cowering in the shadow of a future black and bleak, snatching all too brief glimpses of romance, hope and humanity, burdened by monochrome drudgery and the stupidity of mankind. The shit keeps hitting the fan and we're all getting splashed. That's why those of us who live for the moment need a soundtrack that provides both unhindered escapism and a heightened, tangible sense of reality's sensual power. That's why we need Cradle Of Filth more than ever. This is a band that caters to the filthy little secrets inside all of us, eliciting those exhilarating erotic and animal charges that make our time on this planet worth living. Prepare yourself for a hefty shot of 'Nymphetamine'.

Cradle Of Filth first burst into the choking glow of Hell's spotlight in the early 90s, when the UK metal scene was striving to produce a fitting response to the purposeful malevolence and youthful intensity of the Norwegian black metal scene, with its church burnings, death threats and random acts of extreme violence. Smarter, more ambitious and more fiendishly creative than any of their Norse contemporaries, Cradle emerged in 1991 from the bat-infested Suffolk shadows with a fully-formed and multi-faceted sound; a cunning amalgam of venomous black metal, high gothic drama and pure British steel that immediately elevated them above the malnourished aspirations of their peers and grabbed the attention of both the global metalhead legions and the controversy-starved music press in the UK. A raw and belligerent debut album, 1994's 'The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh', ensured that the band's now trademark bombast and arrogance were proclaimed loud and clear and within months Cradle Of Filth were firmly established as the UK metal scene's sharpest and bloodiest blades.

The subsequent decade brought untold success and a further consolidation of the band's inestimable sonic prowess, with a series of bold and audacious albums, a never-ending stream of dullard-baiting merchandise (including the infamous 'Jesus Is A Cunt' shirt) and a relentless procession of eye-popping live extravaganzas. 1996 saw the release of the hideous, blistering 'Vempire' and its lascivious follow-up, 'Dusk & Her Embrace'. Two years later, 'Cruelty & The Beast' took Cradle's popularity to new heights, revealing a new sophistication and maturity in the band's songwriting and a greatly enhanced degree of musicianship that belied the never-ending litany of line-up changes that, until recently, have been a fixture in the Cradle story. The 'From The Cradle To Enslave' EP and the masterful, epic 'Midian' (2000) followed in close succession, reaping widespread plaudits and applause from all quarters. The new century was ushered in with 2001's 'Bitter Suites To Succubi', a stopgap compendium of old and new material. 'Live Bait For The Dead', the first official audio document of Cradle Of Filth's notoriously ferocious and hallucinatory live show appeared in 2002 and, as the band enjoyed a brief spell in major label land, the grotesque majesty of the orchestrally twisted 'Damnation And A Day' made 2003 their most victorious and creatively remarkable 12 months to date. Visual offerings came in the form of DVDs 'PanDaemonAeon' and 'Heavy Left-Handed and Candid'.

cradle of filthAnd so to Cradle Of Filth in 2004. Ten years on from the ominous eruption of their debut album, the UK's premier merchants of darkness have regrouped and found a new home at Roadrunner Records, a label with a suitably metallic past, present and future. After spending the majority of 2003 on the road, performing over 100 shows and hitting a rich vein of creative endeavour as a result, the current Cradle line-up - founding member/frontman Dani Filth, guitarists Paul Allender and James McKillboy, keyboard maestro Martin Foul, bassist Dave Pubis and drummer Adrian Erlandsson - are now putting the finishing touches to their latest and greatest opus, 'Nymphetamine'; a foul and frenetic compendium of shiny new compositions that takes the band's unmistakable sound off on a variety of strange and fascinating new tangents. With astonishing artwork from incredibly talented aesthetic prodigy Matt Lombard and a bludgeoning production courtesy of Rob 'Anthrax' Caggiano and mix-master Colin Richardson, 'Nymphetamine' is destined to be the most addictive jewel in Cradle Of Filth's incomparably daemonic canon, with songs bearing such intriguing titles as 'Filthy Little Secret', 'Mother Of Abominations', 'Nemesis' and, most charmingly of all, 'Gilded Cunt' (a song debuted on stage at the band's recent show-stealing appearance at the Download festival) seemingly custom-built to reconfirm the band's status as undisputed champions of sumptuous, black-hearted melodic devilry and unfettered sonic barbarism. That glorious torrent of invigorating filth slithers majestically on.

"We weren't under any pressure to make this record and that's been the catalyst for us to create something really incredible," cackles a triumphant sounding Dani Filth. "The only way to top the last album was to go a completely different way, so it's a real mixture of styles this time. We haven't anchored ourselves to a concept. It was a real pleasure to write on a variety of different themes and the music is really diverse and sonically precise. The whole thing sounds perfect and very fucking heavy."

  Pure luxury
Just came back from a haircut.

Let me tell you, it's pure luxury. =)

When that lass was washing and messaging my head and hair, I fell asleep. Arrr... So comfortable! And the music they played are nice too. Just listen to the water gurgle into the basin hole and let the warm water embrace your much over-used head, and there's someone messaging your head too! It was totally revitalising.

Pure luxury.

Then the hair drying part was good too.

I was shutting my eyes when they dried my hair.

Good experience, especially when you are so so busy and had neglected your body.

Speaking of neglecting and negative stuff, that school has once again pissed me off.

They are having lessons from 8am to 3.30PM. Mind you, 3.30 PM, almost to 4pm. That's so so so unreasonable. We had a FUCKING life besides studies and your bloody one-of-a-shithole shcool, scumbags.

And, to add oil to the cauldron, I have to go for the Flourish Compeition too. The Flourish compeition starts at 1.30pm and the school ends at 3.30pm, how in the hell can I rush there? Fuck.

I do not care, and I will not care. For I will skip the days' lessons. I have a fucking life, you damnable hermits. Fuck you.

I shall have Heartland Malls' Official letter to counter you arseholes. Get OWNED, fuxxors.

Anyways, it's better not to talk about worthless stuff.

Street Magic is having an exclusive t-shirt, that's going to be so so happening. I must get it. =)

Can't wait for the holidays, although that fucking school is in my way.

Signing off,
Very Pissed off.
Saturday, May 21, 2005
  yet another lyrical savoury for your pleasure.
This next babble is from Cradle of Filth's Green period, as it were.


When the sun has wept upon the waveless lake
And the mists steal in with ease
Covened wolves arc their eerie dissonant
In adoration of the moon and thee

They call to me as I to thee...

And I will come, as if in dream
My languid, dark and lustrous Malaresian Queen
Of vengeful, ancient breed
Gilded with the pelts of many enemies
Erishkigal, raven-haired
Thy seduction haunts the castle in erotic despair
I can taste thy scent by candlelight
Legs of porcelain traced and laced to their lair
Appease the beast on spattered sheets
Dyed unearthly red as sobriety weeps
She shall come for me

A black velvet painting sprung to elegant life
Like a poignant Madonna perverted to night
And I have ridden from the westerning light
To expend my lust
Tear away the funereal dress
Know that I will escape from my death
Surrendered to the splendour of her sharpend caress

Lo! The pale moonlight
Weaves a poetic spell of vital death and decline
Of mist and moth and the hunger inside
Kisses took to fever and the fever, demise

Through twilight, darkness and moonrise
My scarlet tears will run
As stolen blood and whispered love
Of fantasies undone

Countess swathed in ebony
And snow-white balletic grace
Rouge-filmed lips procure the wish
For lust and her disgrace

Dusk and her embrace

We shall flit through the shdows
Like a dream of (were)wolves in the snow
Under deadly nightshade
Still warmed with the kill's of afterglow

Beneath the stars thy flesh bedevils me
(Beneath the stars taste the death in me)
bequeath to me thy fiery kiss
To sever thin mortality

My heart is thine
Thy fragrant words
Warm within like wine...

Let me come to thee
with eyes like Asphodel
Moon-glancing, loose desires free
To writhe under my spell

Ereshkigal, raven-haired
Thy seduction haunts the castle in erotic despair
I know thy scent by candlelight
Immortal flesh I yearn to share
Appease the beast on spattered sheets
dyed malefic red as sobriety weeps
She shall come for me...

Unfurl thy limbs breathless succubus
How the full embosomed fog
Imparts the night to us...
Wednesday, May 18, 2005
  Lovecraft and Witchhearts - Cradle of Filth.
Hey, I've finally bought Lovecraft and Witchhearts by the almighty Cradle of Filth.

So here's my review for it.

Disc one, notoriously known as Lovecraft, is a compilation of so-called hits ranging from their ''green" period Dusk and Her Embrace to their 2000 AD epic album Midian.

As usual, they have reigned the throne by their highly theatrical dramatic tunes and some much sonic-ridden insanity riffs, making it absolutely impossible for others to even stir up an notion to usper their blackened thrones. For they have been hailed as Kings of Extreme Metal. Heed this well, or find yourself highly addicted and dependent on their daily doses of erotica and sensual tunes. Surrender, my fiends. Scummb to Cradle of Filth.

I've reached my highest peak of adrenaline pumping within my blood vessels when Her Ghost in the Fog blared in my earphones. You couldn't even fathom my state of convulsion when Cruelty Brought Thee Orchards ruptured through my much toughened ear drums. It's pure madness and evilsonic. Beware.

Disc Two, self-proclaimed as Witch Hearts, it's a much messed up concoction of Cradle of Filth's covers and remixes of many strangely enough songs. But they sounded pretty decent, with some techno sound-a-like noises. Strangely enough. It's Cradle of Filth, mind you.

As it were mentioned earlier above, it's really messed up. Enough said.

The only thing decent and could-get-you-high-on is solely and purely Hallowed be Thy Name, originally sung by the even more almighty Iron Maiden.

Sounding really tragic and so definitely filthy, it is. But I assure you, my ignornant fools, it can really get you into a blinded and deafened (to other stuff) state of pure estatic existance, you are God then. Put those jokes aside. I'm dead serious about what I have said above. It's THAT good, so go fuck yourself.

Hallowed be They Name, Shallow be Thy Grave! And your worthless graves shall be shallow too!

Your heart will lurch wild and all free when the masterful guitar solo brainwashes your mind, erdictating all nonseniscal troubles and anxieties. Pure filth.

Be very afraid.

For Dani Filth and his bloodied minions shall conquer your soul and take over you.

Til then, \m/

Saturday, May 14, 2005
  Babble babble the Thirdteenth...
Since both yesterday and today are great days, I shall babble about both days.

Fri - 13/5.

EXAMS are frigging over finally! Hooray!!!!!

Went to watch House of Wax with Xin Mei, Calesta, and the others I can't recall right now. Pretty cool movie, with lots of gore and psycho-ness. I liked it. I give it a 8.5 stars for the raw brutality.

Then, I went to meet up with Edwin and Mac and all to wait for Ning to come.

Edwin passed me my Golden Nuggets Germaco! They looked pretty neat, felt okay, just a little stiff and all. It's worth the money. At least I have one member of the Nugget Family. =)

Then we sat around Spinelli jamming blah blah blah...

Then we went to Cathy Cineleisure to have dinner. Wen Yi barely touched the food... Me too, cause the char siew is like crap.

Oh yeah, Street Magic is having a Magic Compeition at Heartland Mall. Close up, Stage and Card Flourish. Lots of people are urging me to join... But, the rules are frigging irritating, especially rule number 2 -- use an un-tampered and sealed new deck. Dammit! Can't do any nice huge one hand fan, can't do a decent filpback fan. What the holy hell?!

Final decision -- Let me consider. But the stake of all things is Jerry Nuggets!!!!!! The mere temptation is too great. Too great even the Pope can't endure. Dammit.

Then, we went to walk around, went to OG's toy section, to revitalise our childhood memories. Arrr, good 'ld times.

Then as it's getting late. We went home. Ning moved hosue to Little India, how cool? Now she can get NEL with me. Nice! =)

Got home, I was soooo tired. But I stayed up till 3am, thinking about what to do with the Flourish compeition.

Today -- 14/5.

Today... The highlight was supposed to be the DSA Dinner. But it wasn't, cause it's such a bore. Nuff said. The food was okay, medicore. (see I used one of Mok's vocab!) Left around 9pm.

Our Plan A with Clement and Siyang was supposed to be going to Jalan Kayu for pratas. But BUT, plans went awry. So Plan B was employed. Compass Point.

So Plan B -- we sat at KFC, jammed, talked, crapped, without buying any drinks.

Clement is crazy over his impromptu Cups and Balls and his flash papers. (one lit piece nearly hit me...)

Time files...

So I got home.

End of babble babble.

Thursday, May 12, 2005
  The Flourish Bug has infected me...
Hey readers,

Guess what? I have created 11 new flourishes in like 2 weeks? Wow! I'm amazed myself. I was merely fiddling around and I got something out that's decent. Wow again!

Okay, to give you dear readers a little sneak peek. Here's the list and creditd for inspirations;

1- Nemesis (Bottom pile to top One Hand Revolution. Credit - My imagination.)
2- False Nemesis (False Nemesis cut, duh.)
3- Nemesisybil (A normal sybil with Nemesis replacing One Hand Revolutions. Plus a little something more... Credit- Brian Tudor)
4- Crucifix Disarray (A 6 packet display that looks like a Cross. Credit-Finger Bondage.)
5- Whirlpool (Originally a Vortex challenger. Now evolved version looked a little more slicker. Credit-Monotonous Life.)
6- Question Mark Spread (Mutated Whirlpool that look like a Question Mark? Credit- Sickness of studying.)
7- Phoenix Fan (Female version of Dragon Fan, but a little bigger and a little longer. Credit- Boredom)
8- Stormblast (A mutated version of Madonna III, plus a little something more... Credit- Buck Twins)
9- Cataclysm (Yet another mutated version of 00.327.002, plus a little something more... Credit- Buck Twins and my bro for not letting me use the computer.)
10- Molecular Eradication (A slick looking move that involved Molecule 1. Credit- Buck Twins.)
11- Revelations (Of the Gilded Aces.) (An ace production that employed the use of the Nemesis cut, and Aaron Fisher's Popout move. Credit- Myself.)

That's about it...


Wednesday, May 11, 2005
Just 2 more days.

Endure. At least, endure for the love for glory of Dani Filth and his minions.

Saturday, May 07, 2005
  Babble babble the Twelveth...
Let's babble about yesterday - 6/5/05.

Exams in the morning. Chemistry and Add. Maths.
Could manage Chem okay.
Could most probably fail Add Maths.
Whatever, I don't give a shit...

Then, I went to Kovan to meet up with Edwin, Mac, Justin, Kelvin, his sis, SiYang etc. SMC Major Stress Relief Session.

Had loads of fun jamming there.

Then they suggested to go to Orchard for meet up with ZiLin, Wen Yi and Ren Hui. Wah, more people, more fun!

We then went to Scotts for a very very late lunch. 4pm that is. I'm starving like crazy -- 10 hours of nothing! What the... Food tasted SO good then. =)

Played Truth or Dare... Everyone chosen Truth, because Mac is there... Except Clement, the heady guy, he then got on top of the table and turned one round. What the hell, in that damn food court...

Then, Kelvin -- that damn rich guy, kept lighting up his flash papers sheets by sheets. Damn rich.

Then, we chosen a spot in front of Orchard MRT's Popular for yet another jam. Justin is crazy over his Ogawa-like fan productions.

I did some flourishes, this session really helped to relieve alot of stress.

Suggested to Edwin that we could have a SMC Flourish Montage. This notion really appeal to me. =)

Time flies and I'm damn tired. I gotta get home soon, so I left.

Tired yet happy inside. =)
Wednesday, May 04, 2005
  Metal Music - The Only thing that has touched my Heart.
Comparing Metal Music and Magic or Flourishes, I would much prefer Metal Music. For Metal Music touched my soul and heart for real and they left an engraved impression on my memory.

Metal Music, it's not just heavy beats and crazy shoutings. It's beautifully crafted sounds that could transmit such heavy and intricate emotions across so efficiently that you would get influenced so easily, you wouldn't know it.

Metal Music, normally presumed as angry music, is utterly wrong. Wrong. They carry such melcanholy and eternal sadness that you couldn't believe it. An sub-genre, Love Metal, those songs would just force you to tears and pure sadness. They would sear the malevolent juices out of your heart and make believe that you are in the person's shoes in the song. The poetic lyrics would just be engraved in your mind, making you go insane with such ungodly thoughts. They are God's work.

Those melodies could make you go crazy, wild without any sort of constraints, they blend you into the melodies, fusing them with you for eternity. Fused as one.

Such grace! Such deranged and poetic sense in those lyrics! Such sonic-ridden tunes! Such sensual and erotic touch to them! How I wish I AM Metal Music, not merely a Listener to it.

They are indeed Cherubs howling and singing, gifted with God's hymns!

The tunes, the melodies, the lyrics, the haunting voices, the deep meanings to them, makes them impossible to resist. Impossible.
Woah! Today is a first time in like 1 whole year that I did not bring any cards to school! What a record!

But in the middle of the day, my hands started to itch for some flourishing action... Dang. Mind over body, I must. =)

Okay, I must create a new world record, not to touch cards for like at least 3 days. :p Yes, I can do it. :p

Today's chinese. During Paper 1, I blanked out for the composition part, stared at the paper blankly for like 15 mintues. What the ...

And the hall's air con is bloody cold! My hands got so stiff, the words written were like crap. Then, I psycho-ed myself that this is the re-enactment of David Blaine's Frozen In Time. Hehe. =)

Tomorrow is English! Hope things will go better then. I'll spurge out my prowess and let them feel my lyrical wrath. Beware me... Muahahaha! For I'm The Powerhouse! :p

Please don't believe what I have said just now, I'm merely psycho-ing myself. =)

Wah! Nearly 24 hours without cards! I think my cobra feeling has abandoned me...

And, I'm seriously addicted to the song, Babylon AD. A Nymph with eyes for me! I'll go insane by this insanely beautiful line!

And, I think having SMC study session is a cool thing. Work hard and Play Hard together, and fail together. =)

Countdown counter == 9 More days to partial freedom. 1 subject down, 7 more to fail. =)
Tuesday, May 03, 2005
  Endure a little...
Okay, the exams are here now.

Have to endure a little... Reduce time with cards...

Must be optimistic. =)

After exams, I'm gonna learn most of Generation X's stuff. =)

Adios for now!

Off mugging now!
Monday, May 02, 2005
  Babble babble the Eleventh...
Wow! I felt so energised today, never felt so good in days already. Maybe because I slept till 1 in the noon today.

Ok, yesterday (which is 1st May) was a long, exhaustive yet fun day. As today is just another crazy mugging day, I shant babble about today, I shall babble about yesterday.

So, yesterday was SMC last open outing, it was held at Kovan (finally, an outing near my house), in one cafe called Coconut Grove. So, I met Edwin, Mac, Justin and Ashraf first at the bus stop. It was so freaking hot, and Justin is wearing a damn jacket...

Ok, so the outing proceeded as usual, with people filling into the cafe. Lots of new faces...

As usual, there's performances. Aloy went first, he did a card to wallet effect on Wei Ping. (yeah, he came. Cool!) And, I was called on to be a volunteer for two times. Once it's Sherman's, one is Jason's. I think I'm being a potenially dangerous heckler for Jason, who kept faro-ing the cards. Hehe.

This outing is better than the last. Firstly, I don't need to fight with performance stress. Secondly, there's more time for interaction and free and easy chit chat time.

Then I was flourishing with Seng Hoe, Daren, and the Virts etc. Wow, I didn't know I can blend into their circle rather well. Hmm, yeah! Showed Daryl, Huron and Cai my so-called Vortex wannabe thing, they said it's rather nice! Huron even said he loved it... Wow!

Yeah, I can do cobras!!!!

Then, Ning intro-ed me to a friend of hers. Haha, I showed her some flourishes and tricks. I think she's baffled quite enough, and I can sense that she wants my hands... Whatever...

Then, it's time to leave that cafe.

Aloy, Ning, Edwin, Mac, Clement and others decided to go for dinner together.

Ning treated me to dinner, I don't know how to react...

Babble babble we chatted.

Clement and I made fun out of Mr. Mok's infamous line, What Rubbish! We really shouldn't use it often. Overrated stuff aren't good.

Then, I was chatting with Ning about Tarots and some dark stuff, and we mentioned Ouija Board. Some guys were interested... They tempted me to ''play'' ouija board... So, we ''played'' ouija board in Macdonalds.

After that, there's more chat and stuff...

I had my handwriting analysed by someone. Darn accurate! I'm a determined person, sort of 2 sided person. (This is very TRUE! I think I have 2 personalites. One -- Magic/Flourish/Lamer/Bo-liao person. Second one -- Dark/Emotional/Sensual/Scary/Cult-like/Metal-head/ New Age person.)

That guy owns at handwriting analysis.

Feeling rather uneasy and having quite enough of Macdonalds, I went home... To the same boredom of my family.... Hiaz.
The human destiny is forever limited by the idiocy of bureaucracy and the excesses of social expectations. - LingNemesis, 2007 C.E.

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